Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle Review


Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle Review

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

About a year ago, The Heir went through a whole phase (months long I might add) where he would say “Easy peasy lemon squeezy!” and then laugh maniacally over and over and over again. I’d actually managed to forget about that phase until King Dad brought it up just the other day. It’s funny how things that seem impossible to forget at the time can slip away as new memories are made with our little ones. What’s that got to do with cloth diapers? Well, I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out an Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle from Cozybums, and although I don’t laugh maniacally every time I say the name, I can tell you that it’s a diaper I won’t soon forget. Canadian made, a nice narrow fit, and a supremely soft bamboo trifold insert are rolled into one lovely cloth diapering system from Easy Peasies. It’s just arriving in store at Cozybums for the very first time, and it’s one diaper that I think is worthy of your attention. Cozybums is a wonderful cloth diaper retailer in my home province (British Columbia), and they take Canadian made products seriously! You’ll find an excellent selection of cloth diapers at Cozybums, and if Canadian made is a priority for you, they make it easier than ever to shop with a whole section of the online store dedicated to products that are made in Canada. So without further ado, let me tell you what I think of the Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle, and why I think you’re going to love it! 


Easy Peasies is a Canadian cloth diaper company based out of New Brunswick (that’s on the East coast for those of you that aren’t familiar with Canadian geography). What started out as a brand that offered just three cloth diaper models, now has ten items to choose from with more products on the way. Easy Peasies cloth diapers are manufactured right here in Canada, so you know you’re getting a quality product that’s made ethically.

Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle Review

The Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle is a one size pocket diaper that comes with the diaper shell and a bamboo trifold insert. The pocket diaper shell is made of waterproof PUL, and the inside of the diaper is made of a stay dry feel microfleece. The Easy Peasies pocket diaper shell fits from 6 to 40lbs. It accommodates that range of sizing with a 3×4 rise snap adjustment. The x-small rise fits babies from 6 to 10lbs, the small rise fits babies from 8 to 15lbs, the medium rise fits babies from 15 to 20lbs, and the large rise (fully unsnapped) fits babies from 20 to 40lbs. The front closure of the diaper consists of a double row of snaps. The tabs of the diaper can be crossed over to get a smaller fit as needed, and there is a hip snap on each tab to help prevent wing droop.

Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle Review

Inside the Easy Peasies pocket diaper shell you’ll find a microfleece inner. Microfleece is a stay dry material, so it will help to keep baby feeling less damp in their diaper. The pocket opening is located at the back of the diaper (my favourite spot), and is generously sized to allow for easy stuffing. You’ll also find double gussets inside the diaper to provide further protection from leg leaks when those mega poops happen. The edges of the diaper are serged which leave the leg openings and back elastic with a ruffled finish.

Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle Review

The Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle comes with a trifold bamboo insert. This  insert is made with two layers of bamboo fleece. This bamboo fleece is exceptionally soft. It can be folded in thirds to provide up the 6 layers of absorbency. At the x-small and small rise settings, you’ll also want to fold the insert down a bit to shorten it to fit in the shell. In doing so, you will increase the layers of absorbency to 12 in those folded zones. You’d put the folded part in the front for a boy and at the back for a girl. The bamboo trifold insert can be stuffed into the Easy Peasies one size pocket shell, or it can be laid on top of the pocket shell if you want to use it as an all in two diapering system.

Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle Review

How it works:

I had the Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle diaper on Petit Prince when he was 19lbs 2oz. The first thing that stood out to me with this diaper was the fit. Easy Peasies diapers are nice and narrow, especially through the legs. This is a wonderful thing! I’m quite particular about making sure the leg elastics sit in baby’s underwear lines with all the thigh meat out of the diaper, and achieving that was totally easy peasy with the Easy Peasies diaper (see what I did there?). Because the crotch of the diaper is so narrow, there’s no risk of bunching up the insert while getting it placed correctly on baby. That’s a great thing because a bunched up insert can often lead to leaking. Not a problem with Easy Peasies! Petit Prince is just over 19lbs, and this diaper still fits at the small rise setting. I did try him at the medium rise setting (the one recommended for his weight), and it does work for him there too. He’s just at that in between stage at the moment where he’s starting to slim down a little bit, but the Easy Peasies diaper fits him well at the small rise for now. He will definitely need the medium rise in just a few short weeks, I’m sure. I do find that the overall rise of the Easy Peasies diaper is on the short side. I don’t have a 35 – 40lb child to try these on (The Heir is potty trained, but still only 30 -31 lbs), so I can’t be sure how well they’d fit a larger toddler or a preschooler. They would be large enough at the waist, but I can’t be sure that they’d be tall enough over the bum unless your child is particularly lean.

Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle Review
Petit Prince at the small rise setting.

How about the absorbency? I find the bamboo fleece trifold to be quite absorbent all on its own. I use it folded into thirds and then folded at the front to fit well into the shell. Petit Prince can last a solid three hours with the bamboo trifold insert, even in the morning when he tends to wet more heavily. He’s even worn the Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle through a nap that went longer than expected and had no leaks. The bamboo trifold insert that comes with the Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle isn’t enough absorbency for overnight use. This isn’t the least bit surprising to me and I would say that the vast majority of cloth diaper bundles won’t last a full night without the addition of a booster.

Is it easy to use? I’m already a fan of pocket diapers (they happen to be my favourite style), so I don’t find stuffing pockets to be an arduous task to begin with. The Easy Peasies pocket diaper has a generously sized pocket opening, so stuffing is a breeze. Even though the diaper is narrow through the crotch, I didn’t find this to be a hinderance to quick and easy stuffing. The back flap of the pocket opening is a bit short, so I found that it flipped up a bit. This isn’t a big deal, but you’ll want to be sure to tuck it down and check that it’s tucked inside the diaper once it’s on baby. The hip snaps are a really nice feature to assist not only with preventing wing droop, but also with achieving a great fit. You can always do the hip snap up right beside the tab snaps if you find you need the waist to fit smaller. It’s always nice to have that option for a tighter fit when it’s needed. Because the Easy Peasies shell has a double row of snaps at the front closure, you can stagger the top and bottom snaps to accommodate thicker thighs or a bigger tummy as needed. The cross over snaps on the tabs, although not needed to fit Petit Prince, make the diaper especially teeny at the smallest rise setting, and that means it really will fit a newborn right from birth. There’s not a lot of one size diapers that can actually fit a newborn, but it sure looks to me like Easy Peasies most definitely will.

Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle Review
Petit Prince at the medium rise setting.

What about those double gussets? You know, double gussets aren’t really a big deal for me. I’ve never had issues with poop leaks in cloth diapers, so I’ve never found the addition of a double gusset to be an absolute necessity for me. That being said, I know a lot of moms that LOVE double gussets on a diaper. Consider it an insurance policy on your diaper. You may never actually need them, but if there comes a time when you do, you’ll be glad they’re there! (Especially when baby’s wearing your favourite white outfit, am I right?).


  • Made in Canada!
  • Narrow/trim fit
  • Can be used as a pocket diaper or an AI2
  • Bamboo trifold insert is SOFT and absorbent
  • Generous pocket opening
  • Cross over tabs for a teeny fit when needed
  • Hip snaps prevent wing droop
  • Double gussets just in case you need them
  • Four rise settings
  • Smallest rise will fit a newborn


  • Top pocket flap flips up
  • Largest rise may not be tall enough for larger toddlers/preschoolers
  • Booster required for overnight use

Final Thoughts:

I really do like the Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle. I find the trim and narrow fit to be wonderful, and the super soft bamboo trifold insert is great. I keep saying how soft it is, but seriously, it’s REALLY SOFT. It’s the kind of soft you want to rub all over your face. This Easy Peasies diaper is great for a day time diaper and gives us a solid three hours between diaper changes without experiencing any leaks. I like that there are four rise adjustments, so you’ll never find your baby at an awkward in between rise phase. Most of all, I LOVE that Easy Peasies are MADE IN CANADA. I love a North American made diaper, and I love a Canadian made one even more!

You can order an Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle now from Cozybums RIGHT HERE.

The Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash GIVEAWAY is underway! You could win over $150 in prizes including one Easy Peasies Bamboo Bundle cloth diaper from Cozybums! The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents, 18+ and closes on August 2nd at 11:59pm MST. Enter the Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash Giveaway. 


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