Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review

Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review

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One of the great things about choosing cloth diapers is that it can be an enormous cost savings over disposable diapers. Let’s be honest. Babies are expensive. The good news is that your cloth diapers don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg and the kidney of your first born! In fact, there are some really affordable brands of cloth diapers out there that are making great quality diapers. Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers is one such brand! You may not have heard about Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers before now, but this brand should absolutely be on your radar. When my pals over at Cozy Bums asked me to review the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper, I was really keen to get this diaper in my hands! What I received exceeded my expectations for a diaper at this price point. Did I mention that the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper retails for $17.95? Yeah. Now that’s what I call an affordable cloth diaper. But does it fit well, does it function well, is it going to last? Yes, yes, and yes! Here’s what I think of the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper. 

The Details:

The Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper consists of three parts: the pocket shell, the large insert, and the small insert. The pocket shell is a waterproof PUL outer with a soft and stretchy microfleece inner. This microfleece inner has a stay dry effect, so it keeps baby feeling dry even when the inserts are wet. There are two pocket openings on the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper, one at the back, and one at the front. The back pocket opening is wide and generous making it super easy to stuff the inserts into this pocket diaper. The front pocket opening is narrower, but has just enough room to remove the insert from the front if you’re dealing with a particularly messy poop near that back opening. The front closure of the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper is a double row of snaps, and each tab of the diaper has four snaps to secure the diaper on baby. The left tab also has four cross over snaps that allow you to get a small waist opening for smaller babies. This pocket diaper fits babies from approximately 8lbs to 35lbs. It accommodates this range of sizing with 3 x 3 adjustable rise snaps.

Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review

The inserts that come with the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper are microfibre. The large insert is three layers of microfibre while the small insert is two layers of microfibre. The large insert can be snapped down to a small or medium length to fit properly when the pocket shell is snapped to the small or medium rise. Left unsnapped, the large insert fits the pocket shell when it is fully unsnapped. The large insert can be used on its own, or it can be used together with the small insert for increased absorbency.

Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review

How It Works:

Petit Prince has been wearing the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper on the medium rise setting. He is currently 22 months old, around 23-24lbs, and about 33-34″ tall. I use this pocket diaper with only the large microfibre insert stuffed into the pocket. I’m sure you’re all wondering how this diaper works with a toddler with only a microfibre insert, so I’ll start with talking about the absorbency. I’m going to admit something here that might make you wonder if I’m crazy. Ready? I actually like microfibre inserts. I’m serious! I know that microfibre can be prone to compression leaking, but it really can’t be beat in terms of speed of absorption. When you have a toddler that pees fast and furiously, you need something to absorb all that moisture up quickly. Microfibre does that. Around the house, I have had no issues with the absorbency of the large microfibre insert that came with the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper. Petit Prince gets a solid two to two and a half hours out of this diaper without needing a booster. When we are going out for longer periods of time, I simply add a small bamboo insert from my stash underneath the large microfibre, and Petit Prince is good to go!

Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review

How about that fit? I have to admit that the four snaps on each tab to close the diaper was a first for me. I’ve seen two snaps and I’ve seen three snaps, but four snaps was new. To be honest, it’s a lot of snapping. What I do appreciate is that these snaps are toddler proof. Look, Petit Prince can undo most diapers these days. The more snaps on those tabs, the less likely it is that he’ll be able to get it completely unsnapped at all or completely unsnapped before I see what’s happening. That, my friends, is a good thing. The cross over tabs are great! While I haven’t needed to use the tabs completely crossed over with all four snaps, I have used the tabs crossed over with just two of the snaps. I did this when I had both the large and small microfibre inserts stuffed into the pocket shell in order to make the leg openings more snug with the added bulk. Though the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper isn’t the most trim diaper I’ve ever tried, I didn’t find it especially bulky either. Overall, the fit is great and it can be adjusted nicely to fit even Petit Prince’s ever slimming thighs. I have no doubt that this pocket diaper will be fitting him right through potty training.

Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review

I love the generously sized pocket of the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper. There’s one thing I love about pocket diapers in general, and that’s the ability to stuff them with whatever inserts you want to meet whatever level of absorbency is right for your child. The best pocket diapers are the ones that can easily accommodate any one of my multitude of inserts from my collection. I like the versatility of being able to add a natural fibre insert to the Sweet Pea microfibre to get a longer lasting diaper for outings and babywearing. Need an overnight diaper? The Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper shell is great for that! I can fit any of my night time combinations in that pocket and Petit Prince wakes up with dry pyjamas after a solid twelve hours. The inner microfleece has a nice stay dry effect (I actually have to feel the insert when I unstuff the diaper to tell if it’s been peed in since the microfleece is so dry to the touch), and it’s quite resistant to staining. Not that I mind staining as there’s rarely anything a little sunning can’t take care of, but it’s nice to have an inner material that remains pretty stain free without any fuss.

Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review

For price point, the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper is very affordable. At just $17.95 each, this pocket diaper has a solid quality construction that feels like a much more expensive diaper.


  • Affordable
  • Quality construction
  • Back and front pocket openings
  • Stay dry microfleece inner
  • Snap closure
  • 3 x 3 adjustable snap rise
  • Fits babies from 8 to 35 lbs
  • Generous pocket fits many different inserts/boosters
  • Cross over tabs to fit small waisted babies
  • Four snaps on each tab make this closure toddler-proof
  • Designed in Canada


  • Inserts are microfibre (though I don’t mind microfibre and use it regularly in my own stash, I realize that it’s not a favourite for many other cloth diapering families)

Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I was quite impressed by the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper, especially in light of the affordable price. At that price point, I expected there to be compromises, but I didn’t find any. The pocket opening at the back is wide enough that even dad can stuff the inserts in easily, and the pocket space itself is generous enough for bulky overnight layers of inserts and boosters. The front pocket opening is great for avoiding a messy poop when unstuffing. The fit is really nice, and I don’t find the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper to be particularly bulky. These days Petit Prince has started tugging at and even opening some of his diapers. Though the four snaps on each tab might seem cumbersome for smaller babies, they are a lifesaver for toddlers! If you find the four snaps on each tab to be too many, you can easily just fasten the two outer snaps and be done!

The Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper is available to purchase from Cozy Bums using my affiliate link. There’s more great news! Cozy Bums has all Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers on SALE! The Sweet Pea Pocket Diapers are buy 6 get 1 free (that works out to $15.39 each), the AIO diaper is buy 6 get 1 white AIO free, and newborn diapers and pail liners are 15% off!

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Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review

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    • Nope! No rubbing/irritation on his legs from the rise snaps. Though to be fair, neither of my boys have had trouble with chafing/rubbing from exposed snaps.

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