AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

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AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen the saga that was potty training Petit Prince. Being absolutely nothing like his older brother, I was pretty skeptical that the same potty training method would work for him. Much to my surprise, it really did work, and he’s now successfully using the toilet all the time! Yay! When we potty trained The Heir, he went straight into regular underwear 24/7 and we skipped the trainers altogether. For the actual potty training of Petit Prince, we did the same thing, but realistically we knew he might need a little back up here and there. Between The Heir’s school drop offs/pick ups and karate classes, and our upcoming family vacation, Petit Prince was going to be on the go a lot more than The Heir had been immediately after potty training. Enter the AppleCheeks Learning Pants from Baby Footprint! 

The Details:

AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

The best way to describe AppleCheeks Learning Pants is to say they’re like reusable “Pull-Ups”, but so so much better. Like other AppleCheeks products, the Learning Pants are made in Canada. The outside of the Learning Pant is made with a poly-cotton blend that’s really soft and has some stretch to it. This material surrounds the elastic waist band, lines the inside of the Learning Pant, and surrounds the leg openings. This material is what gives AppleCheeks Learning Pants the feel of real underwear. On the outside of the Learning Pant is a panel of PUL in the wet zone to keep little leaks from seeping through to the child’s clothing. In between the soft underwear-like inner lining and the outer layer of PUL are four layers of absorbent viscose made from bamboo/organic terry in the wet zone.

AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

AppleCheeks Learning Pants are available in three sizes. Size small is a size 2/3 that fits from 18-25lbs, size medium is a size 4/5 that fits from 25-35lbs, and size large is a size 5/6 that fits from 30-45+lbs.

AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

How It Works:

Since Plan A for potty training Petit Prince actually worked, we didn’t end up using the AppleCheeks Learning Pants during the potty learning process. Instead, we used them as back up after Petit Prince was already using the toilet consistently. Every family and every child is different, so you might find that the Learning Pants are a big part of your child’s learning process. Remember that there’s no right or wrong way to include AppleCheeks Learning Pants into your child’s potty learning experience! For Petit Prince, the Learning Pants were used for longer car rides or longer outings where I wasn’t sure if a toilet would be close at hand. We had a family vacation to Hawaii planned for early March, and with Petit Prince fairly recently potty trained, we used the AppleCheeks Learning Pants for the flights to and from Hawaii. Since he was riding in his car seat on the plane, the last thing I wanted to be doing while on vacation was cleaning pee out of a car seat! I also keep one Learning Pant in Petit Prince’s “potty bag”. That’s his on the go bag for outings which contains an AppleCheeks MiniZip, a pair of underwear, a pair of pants, a pair of socks, and one Learning Pant. I love having a Learning Pant on hand just in case he’s had an accident and we’re not heading straight home (so that spare pair of pants needs to last).

AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

Now that you know when we use the AppleCheeks Learning Pants, let’s talk about the fit! I’m going to be honest here. I had NO CLUE how to choose the right size Learning Pants for Petit Prince. I hadn’t used them with The Heir, so I had zero Learning Pants experience. What I did know was that despite being 26-27lbs, Petit Prince still fit into size 1 AppleCheeks covers (and size 2 covers were still too large on him). With that information at hand, I asked the expert! Natasha of Baby Footprint had all the insight into AppleCheeks Learning Pants that I needed! I explained my dilemma over sizing (I was torn between small and medium), told her how size 1 covers fit and which rise setting he was on for the AppleCheeks One Size covers. With her guidance, I settled on size small Learning Pants. They fit perfectly! One of my concerns was that when Petit Prince sat down, the leg openings would gape and pee would just run right out those legs. The size small had leg openings that stayed close to his body even when he was sitting down! Despite the size small being a snug fit on Petit Prince, he was still able to pull them down by himself. He’s fiercely independent, so being able to at least get them down on his own was a big deal for him. I found that the poly-cotton material had enough stretch and smoothness to it that they easily go up and down without too much effort. I love that the elastic waistband is fully covered with this soft material so there’s no risk of the elastic irritating his sensitive skin. Best of all, I don’t think Petit Prince really noticed that the AppleCheeks Learning Pants weren’t just regular underwear. Everything that touched his skin was that soft jersey-like material just like his underwear!

AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

About the absorbency… we had just one little problem… Petit Prince has yet to have an accident in his Learning Pants. Try as I might, he just doesn’t pee in them. This is both a great thing and a terrible thing. It’s great because he’s making it to the toilet and getting the Learning Pants down with time to spare. Awesome! It’s terrible because I’m a blogger who wants to review these Learning Pants and it’s hard to do that when my kid won’t even dribble in them. Humph. Here’s what I can tell you. These are not designed to hold a full toddler pee. If you’re anywhere near potty training time with your little one, you’ll know that toddlers can hold their pee for a long time and then flood their diaper. The AppleCheeks Learning Pant isn’t going to hold a full bladder of pee and then keep on trucking. What it’s designed to do is to catch the accidental dribble and keep that moisture near the surface so your little one can feel that they’re a bit wet.  This gives the child a physical sign that it’s time to make a trip to the toilet to go pee. The layer of PUL on the outside of the AppleCheeks Learning Pant gives an extra layer of protection to keep any dribbles from wetting the child’s clothing.

AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review


  • Made in Canada
  • Soft poly-cotton blend material feels just like real underwear
  • PUL outer layer in the wet zone keeps little accidents from wetting clothing
  • Four layers of viscose bamboo/organic terry to catch dribbles
  • Elastic at the waist is covered with soft poly-cotton as are the leg openings for ultimate comfort
  • Available in three sizes to fit potty training children in a large range of age groups
  • Inner material allows the child to feel when they’re wet so they get a physical reminder to head to the toilet
  • Washable and reusable!


  • Not designed to hold a full toddler pee, so I wouldn’t go using these for overnight if your child isn’t already waking to use the toilet. (I don’t fault AppleCheeks for this as I wouldn’t expect a cloth learning pant to have the absorbency of a diaper!)

Final Thoughts:

AppleCheeks Learning Pants offer a trim fit with the feel of real underwear. They are ideal for use as added protection for children that are potty training or are recently potty trained. Toddlers can pull these down and up on their own (with a little practice and guidance from mom or dad) giving them some extra independence while they take on the new skill of using the potty. With enough absorbency to catch little accidents and dribbles, but an inner material that allows moisture to be felt against the skin, AppleCheeks Learning Pants are the perfect way to transition from cloth diapers to regular underwear. Not sure on sizing? Natasha at Baby Footprint can help you choose the right size for your child! Plus, she has one of my favourite Charity Exclusive colours: “Imprint”. Imprint is designed to bring awareness to Pregnancy & Infant Loss with the proceeds of sales of AppleCheeks Imprint products going to the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. The Lois Hole Hospital for Women runs the Perinatal Bereavement Program and the Reproductive Mental Health Program. These programs assist women and families who are experiencing infertility, pregnancy and infant loss. As Petit Prince is my rainbow baby, these Imprint AppleCheeks Learning Pants mean a great deal to me!

AppleCheeks Learning Pants retail for $21.95 CAD and are available to purchase at Baby Footprint via my affiliate link. Click HERE to shop for AppleCheeks Learning Pants.

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AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

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46 Comments on “AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

  1. These trainers really sound like they are worth searching out. My oldest was very hard to train, I’m hoping these make the job easier!! 🙂

  2. I use these trainers and cannot say enough good things about them! Adorable and the perfect absorbency!

  3. I already have some trainer from baby footprint that I didn’t end up using with my first kid but I feel like I will with my second that we will be training soon, similar situation to monarch mommy. I would use my t.v. towards some new natural deodorant I’ve been eyeing up!

  4. I totally agree! I am an AC addict and I have to say, these are the best Learning Pants I have purchased. All the prints and solids are beautiful to look at. I love the new bamboo feature in the newer models. But both the fleece and bamboo are both absorbent.

  5. I would buy a cloth diaper, can always use more of those.

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  12. Would love to give these a shot when it’s time to potty learn the wee one!! I LOVED applecheeks covers and inserts for the CD days!!! Great product, great people behind the brand and great community!

  13. I love these 🙂 comfy and fun designs and colours
    Just like undies but more absorbent

  14. I might have to try these for my little one. I love the idea that the trainers feel like real underwear and that they are easy for little ones to pull down by themselves! I’m definitely going to be looking into these!

  15. I would love to try a pair of these on my daughter who is potty training.

  16. We are just about to embark on a toilet training journey! Your insights were helpful and we will have to give these a try!

  17. This post is so spot on with what I’ve been needing! My toddler is completely potty trained at home but out in public forgets to say anything until he is peeing. I’m thinking maybe a training pant will help catch those small accidents and remind him to tell me before he needs to go. It’s a frustrating stage of this a d rhe training pants may help with that! Thank you!

  18. Great review! We use Applecheeks diapers right now and love them. Will definitely be using the learning pants when it comes time to potty train!

  19. If I won I’d buy the AppleCheeks Charity Exclusive ‘Imprint’ in a size 2.

  20. I would spend it on an AppleCheeks diaper or inserts 🙂

  21. I would get one of the totes, because you can use them for many things and I am not sure what my granddaughter needs yet.

  22. These looks and sound amazing ! Love that they come in three sizes ! We are just starting to potty train my granddaughter and just might need a few pairs 🙂

  23. We are an applecheeks house here! We never got to try learning pants but I’m sure we will this time around with little man. That’s funny he won’t pee in them though! Looks like they’re doing the job

  24. I am potty training my 2 year old and have heard such great reviews on these. I am trying to get my hands on a pair to try them out!

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  28. I love that these let them feel wet but still have PUL to protect somewhat. I am definitely going to lol into these when it’s our time to pt

  29. Love that these are made in Canada. My LO is still young but hoping to eventually get some trainers.

  30. These sound like a great learning pant. We are collecting highly recommended brands to use when LO goes to daycare once he begins potty learning. I like how they feel like underwear!

  31. Just bought 3 pairs in preparation for my toddlers journey. Really hoping that they do the trick!!

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