Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

By now I’m sure you all know that I have a soft spot for work at home mom (WAHM) made cloth diapers. There’s nothing I like more than being able to support small businesses with my hard earned dollars, especially when that business is owned and operated by a fellow mom. When Sam of Bella Luna Inspirations reached out to me about trying her cloth diapers, I was so excited! If you don’t know Bella Luna Inspirations, let me introduce you! Sam, the mom behind Bella Luna Inspirations, makes beautiful cloth diapers and has what I can only describe as a cult following in the cloth diaper community. After getting my hands on one of her cloth diapers, I can see why. These Canadian made diapers are beautiful works of art combining great prints and colours with a high level of workmanship. I’ve got the low down on how these beautiful Canadian creations perform. 

The Details:

The Bella Luna Pocket Diaper is a one size pocket diaper shell. It has a waterproof PUL outer layer, and an athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) inner lining. AWJ is a stay dry material with a nice amount of stretch. This material helps to keep baby feeling dry in the diaper, and the stretch allows for a really nice snug fit on baby. The pocket diaper has a double row snap closure across the front, and squared tabs with two closure snaps on each tab. The Bella Luna pocket diaper fits from 15 to 35 lbs, and it accommodates that range of sizing with a 2 x 3 adjustable snap rise. The elastics used around the leg openings and the back of the diaper are a nice wide elastic which keeps them from digging into baby’s delicate skin. Inside the Bella Luna pocket diaper, the AWJ lining has a back pocket opening. This pocket opening is constructed to have a full overlapping flap, so there’s no chance inserts or soakers will stick out or be exposed to baby’s skin.

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

Bella Luna pocket diapers do not come with any inserts, but they are available to purchase separately. The insert is a one size insert. The one size insert is made to fit the one size Bella Luna pocket diaper. It is a long contour shape insert that is folded and snapped down to size to fit the Bella Luna pocket diaper at all three rise settings. The Bella Luna one size insert has three layers of heavy weight bamboo that folds down to provide six layers of absorbency in the wet zone. There is also a hidden layer of zorb in the middle of the insert in the wet zone. Bella Luna describes zorb as “a great addition to the bamboo as it increases the speed of wetness absorption, absorbing 10x its weight in half a second, works to evenly distribute wetness throughout the booster, and dramatically decreases compression wicking.” The narrow end of the insert goes into the pocket opening first and sits at the front of the Bella Luna pocket diaper, and the flared end of the insert sits at the back of the diaper. Bella Luna also has boosters for use in the pocket diapers. The one size booster is made of two layers of heavy weight bamboo with one hidden layer of zorb. The one size insert and booster can be purchased separately or together as a combo, and can be purchased as singles or in two and four packs. Though these inserts can be used right away as they are sold having been washed one time, they will continue to increase in absorbency for up to 8-10 washes.

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

How It Works:

Let’s jump right into it! Petit Prince wears the Bella Luna pocket diaper on the medium rise setting. He’s 2 years old (27 months if we’re still counting), weighs approximately 25 lbs, and is 35″ tall. I would describe his body type as long and lean. I had no trouble getting the Bella Luna pocket diaper to fit well on Petit Prince. I will say that I had to do the closure up on the smallest setting in order to avoid leg gaps with the rise at the medium setting. The smallest rise was just too low of a rise for Petit Prince, though I would be able to set the waist closure out more on the smallest rise without getting gaps around the legs. There was excellent bum coverage with the Bella Luna pocket diaper, and the fit through the crotch was trim and narrow. As I’ve experienced with some other diapers with a rise adjustment of only two snaps across, the folded PUL in between the two rise snaps does tend to puff outwards after a while. It always starts out nice and flat, but after some running, jumping, and climbing as toddlers do, that rise fold tends to protrude outward. It doesn’t seem to affect the function of the diaper, but it’s just not the prettiest sight if your little one is running around without pants over the diaper.

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

Although the Bella Luna pocket diaper does not come with inserts, I did receive an insert and booster combo to use for my review. This insert and booster is super soft. I’d describe the bamboo as buttery and floppy, and it’s the kind of bamboo you’ll want to rub all over your face when you get it in the mail. After washing and drying, the insert and booster held their shape with no “baconing” of the edges. That means they stayed nice and flat which made stuffing them into the pocket diaper and getting them to lay flat easy to do. Petit Prince has become a very heavy wetter lately, so I used the Bella Luna one size insert and the one size booster together every time. The first couple of times I had Petit Prince in the Bella Luna pocket diaper, he ever so conveniently pooped in it within 30 minutes. The good news is that this meant the insert and booster got an extra four wash cycles before they were really put to the test (that brought them up to a total of six wash cycles as I tossed them in for a full wash routine before using them in the diaper). When I finally timed it just right, Petit Prince was able to really put the Bella Luna pocket diaper with the insert and booster to the test. Petit Prince was in the diaper for an hour and a half when he completely saturated both the insert and booster. We did have some leaking around the legs, but those inserts were completely saturated. I do expect that a diaper with an insert and a booster will last longer than just an hour and a half, but Petit Prince had also peed a lot during that short amount of time. I’ve experienced this type of leaking before where the moisture from saturated inserts seems to press out of the PUL cover around the legs. My go to remedy for this is to try drying the pocket shell in the dryer on high heat for 25 minutes after the next wash. That’s exactly what I did with the Bella Luna pocket diaper. The next time I used it with the insert and booster together on Petit Prince, it did not leak. It lasted two and half hours without any leaking. The next time I washed it, I put the Bella Luna pocket diaper in the dryer on high for 25 minutes again. After that, Petit Prince lasted three hours in the diaper stuffed with the insert and the booster before I was able to feel any dampness starting to soak through. All in all, the absorbency was adequate for a heavy wetting toddler and the pocket diaper was able to keep that moisture inside the diaper after being run through the dryer on high heat for a short time.

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

Despite the Bella Luna pocket diaper having a relatively narrow width through the crotch, I did not have any trouble stuffing it. The AWJ inner lining is nice and stretchy and this makes fitting a hand in there with an insert and a booster easy to accomplish. That AWJ inner is great for easy poop removal too. Solid food poop just shakes right off the AWJ, and it’s incredibly resistant to staining. AWJ is my absolutely favourite inner material for a pocket diaper shell, so I love that about Bella Luna’s pocket diapers.

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

What about the cost? A traditional Bella Luna one size pocket diaper starts at $28, and goes up to $38 (though exclusive prints can go up to $42). The Waves traditional one size pocket diaper that I have retails for $30. A traditional Bella Luna pocket diaper is one with a print design on the PUL. Inserts or boosters are sold separately, but can be ordered together as a combo. One insert and one booster together costs $12.75. The total cost for a traditional Bella Luna one size pocket diaper with an insert and booster combo is going to start at just over $40. Keep in mind that Bella Luna pocket diapers are a Canadian made cloth diaper with a high level of workmanship. Many of the PUL prints available through Bella Luna are exclusive, so you’re not going to see these prints anywhere else. Though the cost may be on the higher end, these are really special hand crafted creations of the highest quality. Bella Luna also makes a more affordable custom line of one size pocket diapers called Ella’ssentials that start at $22.50. These pocket diapers are made to order and you get to choose the solid PUL colour, the AWJ colour, the snap colour, and you can add fun embellishments if you want. Bella Luna offers unique embellishments for their diapers including snap on ruffles, snap on dino tails, and snap on mermaid tails (perfect for that first birthday cake smash photo or Halloween party). Plus, you can even order coordinating bibs to go with your favourite traditional Bella Luna pocket diaper print. (Stay tuned for my review of the Bella Luna Boutique and Bandana bibs!).

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review


  • Made in Canada
  • Beautiful designs and flawless workmanship
  • One size diaper fits from 15 to 35 lbs
  • AWJ inner offers a stay dry feel
  • Double row snap closure
  • Snap rise adjustment
  • Back pocket opening
  • Wide elastics around the legs and back don’t dig into baby
  • Insert and booster does not go “bacon-y” after washing and drying
  • Insert and booster made with heavy weight bamboo and zorb
  • Coordinating accessories available including bibs, Bella Bum pants (grow with me pants), and Luna Ts
  • Unique embellishments available including ruffles, dino tails, and mermaid tails


  • Inserts are not included and must be purchased separately
  • Insert and booster together may not be absorbent enough for the heaviest wetters
  • Pocket diaper needed to be run through the dryer on high to stop moisture from pressing through at the leg seams, BUT once this was done twice there was no more leaking through the leg seams.
  • Cost. Bella Luna pocket diapers are pricey. Keep in mind that they are a high quality Canadian made WAHM diaper.

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

There’s no denying that the Bella Luna pocket diaper is a really beautiful creation. The Waves print that I received is one of the prettiest diaper prints I’ve ever had in my stash. I love that Bella Luna Inspirations is a Canadian owned and operated company with a WAHM at the helm. What makes these diapers really special is that many of them are designed with exclusive PUL prints that you just won’t see anywhere else. Couple that with the range of coordinating accessories (bibs, Bella Bum pants, and Luna Ts), and the unique embellishments (ruffles, dino tails, and mermaid tails), and Bella Luna Inspirations has everything you could want to create the perfect first birthday photo shoot, Halloween party outfit, or special occasion diaper set. Bella Luna pocket diapers aren’t just for special occasions! They’re definitely worth the splurge if you’re looking for a high quality WAHM cloth diaper.

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

Bella Luna pocket diapers and inserts/boosters are available to purchase online through the Bella Luna website. You’ll find a variety of “in stock” items as well as custom and “design your own” options. If you want to keep up with the latest stockings of Bella Luna products, you can follow the Bella Luna Facebook page.

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Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

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