Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

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have been on my radar for a really long time. It’s one of those brands that I hear so many great things about, but just hadn’t been able to get my hands on until recently. Finding Lalabye Baby in Canada has been challenging, and with the Canadian dollar where it is, buying from the USA is just too expensive. I have great news for Canadian cloth diapering families that have been hoping to try Lalabye Baby diapers without having to budget for the exchange rate! ! is a Canadian retailer based out of Ontario that carries all the best cloth diaper and babywearing brands. When Jennifer of Lollypop Kids decided to bring Lalabye Baby in, I was beyond thrilled! Do Lalabye Baby cloth diapers live up to their hype? Are they as trim and absorbent as people say? I’ve put Lalabye Baby to the test on Petit Prince, and I have a whole lot to say about them!

The Details:

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

The is a one size 2 in 1 diapering system. As a 2 in 1 system, the diaper can be used as a pocket style diaper with the inserts tucked into the pocket or as an all-in-two (AI2) system with the inserts snapped in on top of the shell. The outer layer of the Lalabye Baby diaper is a waterproof TPU and the inner layer is a polyester micro-suede material. Micro-suede is a stay dry material, so when used as a pocket diaper, the Lalabye Baby diaper provides a dry feel for baby when the inserts are wet. The diaper is a one size diaper that fits from approximately 8lbs to 35+ lbs. It accommodates this range of sizing with a 2 x 4 adjustable snap rise on the front of the diaper. There’s a double row snap closure across the front of the diaper, and the tabs have a hip snap to prevent wing droop, and cross over snaps for a snug fit on those smaller babies. The double row snap closure is done with a rainbow of snaps. This makes it easy to find the right setting for your baby, and helps other caregivers (like the grandparents) know where to set that closure.

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

Inside the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper there are pocket openings at the front and back of the shell. The front of the diaper has a wide strip of TPU to prevent moisture from wicking up in the front. Under that TPU strip is the front pocket opening. Both pocket openings are a good size making it easy to fit your hand in for stuffing and laying the inserts flat. Inside both pocket openings is a snap where the inserts can be snapped into place. All the snaps are reinforced with a second inner layer of TPU.

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

The Lalabye Baby cloth diaper comes with a pair of bamboo inserts. The large bamboo insert is made of four layers of absorbent bamboo, but still has a very thin feel. The small bamboo insert also has four layers of bamboo, but is cut shorter than the large insert. The large bamboo insert has snaps at both ends for snapping it into the shell. It also has a second snap at one end where the small bamboo insert can be attached. When used alone, the small bamboo insert can be snapped into the shell either at the front or at the back. The small bamboo insert is recommended for use with a newborn, and the large insert is recommended for use with older babies. Both inserts can be used together for heavy wetters or toddlers.

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review
Top left to right: x-small rise, small rise
Bottom left to right: medium rise, large rise

How It Works:

I’ve been using the on Petit Prince for a few weeks, and overall I really do like it. I’m going to start by talking about the fit. Petit Prince is 2 years old (25 months if we’re still counting), 24lbs 4oz, and 34″ tall. He is what I would describe as long and lean. He wears the Lalabye Baby diaper on the medium rise setting (snapped to the last of the rise snaps). For the most part, I use the Lalabye Baby as a pocket diaper for Petit Prince because I prefer that he has that stay dry feel against his skin. I stuff the pocket with both inserts for day time use. The hip snaps go on the yellow snap, and the snaps at the end of the tabs go on the blue snaps. The fit of the Lalabye Baby diaper is very trim over the bum on Petit Prince. In fact, I was surprised at how trim it was considering that the shell isn’t the narrowest looking shell I’ve seen. This trimness is in large part due to how thin the bamboo inserts are. Even with both inserts being used, there’s really no added bulk happening there. I was able to get a really nice fit by closing the hip snaps first, and then doing up the snaps at the end of the tabs. I will admit that I usually prefer a hip snap to attach to the lower row of a double row snap closure, but the Lalabye Baby upper row hip snap works incredibly well. If Petit Prince had a larger tummy, I could do the tab snaps up right beside the hip snap even though it would result in a bit of bunching in the tabs. Because he’s long and lean, I was able to do the tab snaps up one column of snaps away from the hip snap (as the diaper is really intended to be used). I was expecting to have one minor issue with the fit, and this is one that I find fairly common with diapers that only have a 2 across rise snap adjustment. It’s the dreaded puffing out/flipping out of the rise fold in between the 2 rise snaps. I’m happy to report that this did not happen with the Lalabye Baby diaper! The rise snaps are set close enough together that the unsightly rise fold flip out does not happen.

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

The fit is fantastic and trim, but are those thin four layer bamboo inserts absorbent? Surprisingly, yes! When I first received the Lalabye Baby diaper and I felt those inserts, I was concerned. They were very light and felt very thin. I was certain they just wouldn’t be absorbent enough for a toddler at peak pee time (which is the first diaper of the day for Petit Prince). Naturally, the first time the Lalabye Baby went on the bum, I put it on as the first diaper of the day. No leaks! The ultra trim bamboo that Lalabye Baby is using is very absorbent. When both inserts were used, this diaper passes my usual four hour test. Petit Prince definitely needs to use both Lalabye Baby inserts together for day time use, but if your child is a light wetter during the day, you could probably get away with using just the large bamboo insert on its own. I do expect that the large insert that a pocket diaper comes with should be absorbent enough on its own for average wetters, but because the Lalabye Baby inserts are so trim, I don’t mind that I have to use both to get the absorbency Petit Prince needs.

As a pocket diaper, the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper is great. The pocket openings are large enough that I have no trouble getting my hand in to stuff and flatten out the inserts. The pass through pocket openings (made possible by a pocket opening at the front and the back) is a great feature. In general, I prefer a back pocket opening, but sometimes an epic poop makes unstuffing from the back rather unpleasant. With the front pocket opening, I can easily remove the insert without getting poop on my hands no matter how many blueberries Petit Prince has been eating. The strip of TPU at the front is great for keeping moisture inside the diaper where it belongs. Petit Prince is a tummy sleeper, so having that extra protection from wicking up front means his shirt stays dry through his afternoon nap. When using the Lalabye Baby diaper as a pocket diaper, I still snap the inserts in. I like that snapping them in keeps them from shifting around no matter how much running around Petit Prince is doing. The Lalabye Baby diaper has a generously sized pocket. This provides lots of room for adding additional absorbency as needed. If your little one is a super soaker or you want to use the Lalabye Baby shell overnight, there’s plenty of room to add your favourite overnight absorbency combination.

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

As an AI2 diaper, the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper performs well. Snapping the inserts on top of the shell works really well for small babies when the force of their pee stream may not be enough to push the wetness through the stay dry lining. Having the bamboo directly against baby’s skin means they absorb that much more quickly. The downside is that the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper has a micro-suede lining. What I really want in an AI2 is a wipeable shell. When Petit Prince uses the Lalabye Baby diaper as an AI2, the micro-suede lining gets damp with pee. There’s really nothing stopping the moisture from soaking right through the bamboo inserts and hitting that micro-suede. In theory, you could simply hang the damp shell up to dry and use it again at the next change. In practice, that’s not something I’m going to do. Once the fabric inner lining of a diaper is wet with pee, it’s going straight to the wet bag to wait for laundry day. If there was ever a time where the micro-suede lining in the shell was still dry, then I would reuse it, but at this point for Petit Prince that really never happens.

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

One of my favourite features of the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper is the rainbow snap closure. It’s brilliant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to explain which snaps Petit Prince (or The Heir when he was in diapers) needs his diapers on. I usually describe it as X number of snaps away from centre, but sometimes it’s not blatantly obvious which snaps are the centre snaps. I’ve come home to find well meaning grandparents have one side done up across the centre line and the other side far too loose, but the right number of snap columns are showing. I totally get this. Sometimes the diaper is the same colour as the snaps so it’s hard to see them and sometimes it isn’t obvious where the centre of the diaper is. Even I’ve struggled to get the snaps of cloth diapers in the right spots when it’s dark in the middle of the night or I’m just sleep deprived (I can’t forget that newborn fog). The rainbow closure takes all the guess work and struggle out of closing up a snap closure. All you need to remember (or tell the caregiver) is which colour snaps to set the tabs to. That’s it. The rainbow snaps are a Lalabye Baby standard and are found on every diaper they produce. I’ve never seen another brand of diapers do a rainbow snap closure like this and have it on every single diaper regardless of colour or print. It’s such a great idea and I love that Lalabye Baby has done it.

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review


  • One size diaper fits from 8-35+ lbs
  • Hip snaps provide a great fit around the legs and prevent wing droop
  • Cross-over tabs allow a snug fit at the waist for small babies
  • Rainbow snap closure makes it easy for everyone to know where to set the closure (grandparents, dads, daycare providers, etc.)
  • 2 in 1 system can be used as a pocket diaper or an AI2
  • Micro-suede inner provides a stay dry feel
  • Pocket openings at the front and back make stuffing and unstuffing convenient
  • Strip of TPU inside the front of the diaper prevents wicking
  • Two inserts are included, both with four layers of bamboo
  • Bamboo inserts snap into the shell and onto each other
  • Bamboo inserts are very trim but still absorbent
  • Overall fit is trim
  • Pocket is roomy enough for additional absorbency or overnight insert combinations to be added


  • Micro-suede inner material gets damp when used as an AI2
  • Two bamboo inserts may not be enough absorbency for the heaviest wetters

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

Final Thoughts:

I really like the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper. The fit on Petit Prince is fantastic, and it’s roomy enough for babies and toddlers that are not so long and lean. I love a well placed hip snap, and the Lalabye Baby hip snap functions really well. I was surprised by how light and thin the bamboo inserts were, and equally surprised at how absorbent they were. It’s not often you get a diaper that can be so trim across the bum while still providing excellent absorbency. I love that you don’t have to sacrifice on a trim fit for absorbency with Lalabye Baby. Though using it as an AI2 wouldn’t be my first choice, as a pocket diaper, the Lalabye Baby is top notch. The micro-suede inner is great for a stay dry feel, and snapping the inserts in keeps them nicely in place inside the pocket. A pass through pocket/two pocket opening shell is the best of both worlds. It combines my favourite pocket opening position (at the back) with the option to pull inserts out from the front if necessary. Finally, that rainbow snap closure is really the best. It makes it so easy to explain how to put on a cloth diaper to the child’s caregiver!

retail for $25.95 CAD and are available to purchase from  using my affiliate link. Lalabye Baby just recently launched a new diaper cover. It’s a TPU cover that is wipeable, and is a great option if you’re looking for a true AI2 style diaper. The Lalabye Baby covers are also available to purchase from Lollypop Kids.

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Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

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Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

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