Funky Fluff’s All New Clutch

Funky Fluff's All New Clutch!

I received this item in my capacity as Funky Fluff’s Laundry Guru. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

If you’re a loyal Funky Fluffian, you probably just heard that Funky Fluff announced a new product in their line up! For those of you that don’t follow along in the Funky Fluff Chat group on Facebook, today is release day! That means that Funky Fluff just announced not one, but TWO new additions to their line up! The first item is the new print “Katniss”, which I love, and the second item is the all new Funky Fluff Clutch! Since it’s brand spanking new, I thought you might like to know what the Funky Fluff Clutch is, how it compares to the Funky Fluff Double Pocket Wet Bag, and why you’d want one (or three). So without further ado, meet the Funky Fluff Clutch! 

The Details:

The Funky Fluff Clutch is a mini version of the Funky Fluff Double Pocket Wet Bag. The clutch is 8″ tall and 9″ wide making it a lot smaller than the double pocket wet bag (15″ tall and 12″ wide). Like its larger counterpart, the Funky Fluff Clutch has two pockets. Both pockets are waterproof, but the front pocket is 2″ shorter than the back pocket. The front pocket also has special pleats sewn into it so the storage space is expandable. Both pockets zip closed with a nice sturdy zipper. The clutch also has a snap handle, so you can open it up and snap the bag onto your diaper bag, stroller, baby carrier, towel bar, wherever you need it to hang!

Funky Fluff's All New Clutch!

How it works:

What can you use a little clutch style wet bag for? SO MANY THINGS! The Funky Fluff Clutch is the perfect size for one cloth diaper, a couple of cloth wipes, and a travel size bottle of liniment. In other words, it holds everything you need for a complete diaper change. With the Funky Fluff Clutch, you can just grab it and go! Just doing a quick trip to the grocery store and don’t feel like hauling the whole diaper bag? Funky Fluff Clutch! Taking an older sibling to swimming lessons and don’t want to have to carry the swim bag and the diaper bag for baby? Funky Fluff Clutch! Tired of digging through endless pockets in your diaper bag to find all the things you need for a diaper change? Funky Fluff Clutch! Going for a stroll with baby in the carrier and don’t want to bring all the things with you? Funky Fluff Clutch! In a nutshell, it’s awesome.

Funky Fluff's All New Clutch!

The best part of this clutch is that it’s waterproof and functions just like a wet bag. When you change baby’s diaper, you take the fresh clean diaper out to put on baby, and the soiled diaper goes right into the large back pocket. Just as you’ve come to expect from Funky Fluff’s Double Pocket Wet Bag, the Funky Fluff Clutch is waterproof and contains stink really well.

Funky Fluff's All New Clutch!

The Funky Fluff Clutch isn’t just for diapers. Do you use cloth menstrual pads? The clutch is perfect for those too. Keep your clean pads in the front pocket, and the used pads in the large back pocket until wash day. Looking for a convenient makeup bag? The clutch can do that too! Keep your makeup in the large back pocket, and your brushes in the front pocket! Do a lot of traveling? The clutch is great for transporting toiletries. Plus, if your bottle of shampoo springs a leak in your suitcase, you can be sure the spill will be contained to the clutch so you won’t arrive at your destination with shampoo all over your vacation attire. Maybe your kids are moving out of the diaper stage and you’re tackling potty training. The clutch is perfect for an on the go “potty bag”. Keep a change of pants and underwear in the front pocket, and use the large back pocket for the clothing that fell victim to an accident. Prefer to use reusable cloth wipes for snotty noses, sticky fingers, and food covered faces? You can use the clutch for those too! The clutch can even be used to hold a change of clothes for the kids, because, well, kids are messy!

Funky Fluff's All New Clutch!

If you have a thing for organizing, then the Funky Fluff Clutch is the perfect addition to your diaper bag. Instead of stuffing everything into the endless black hole that is the diaper bag, you can use clutches to keep things organized. One for snacks, one for a diaper change, and one for a change of clothes! You can even colour code your organization! Mint To Be for snacks, Razzleberry for the diaper change, and Sweet Coraline for clothing!

Funky Fluff's All New Clutch!

The Funky Fluff Clutch retails for $14.95 and is available in Razzleberry, Mint to Be, Sweet Coraline, Maritime, and the newest print Katniss! The Funky Fluff Clutch is available to purchase NOW from your favourite Funky Fluff retailers like Lagoon Baby in Canada and Nicki’s Diapers in the USA.

Funky Fluff's All New Clutch!
The Funky Fluff Clutch with the Funky Fluff Double Pocket Wet Bag.

How would you like the chance to WIN a Funky Fluff Clutch of your very own? One lucky reader will win one Funky Fluff Clutch in their choice of in stock colour! Just scroll down to the giveaway and get your entries in for a chance to win. This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents, 18+, and closes on May 6th, 2016 at 2pm MST. Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment.

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55 Comments on “Funky Fluff’s All New Clutch

  1. Seeing as I’m such a big fan of The Hunger Games, I say Katmiss all the way! 🙂

  2. I would choose mint to be! Love that color and I still don’t have any wetbags! This is the perfect size, I hate having to carry out a solid diaper from the restroom while out and about!

  3. Mint to Be (but only because I BOUGHT it in Katniss right after the release, lol).

  4. I would choose Mint to be. I love the idea of it being able to snap onto my baby carrier. It would match wonderfully with my Mint Lace Reverse Lenny Lamb!!! Sometimes all you need is one diaper and a few other essentials. I really like the new funky fluff Clutch!

  5. I would chose Katniss or Mint to be I think. I love them all though so it’s hard to chose!

  6. That would be a tough choice since I don’t have any of the new colours. I would be tempted by Katniss though, because who doesn’t love a new print?

  7. Love Katniss, Maritime and the grey. Would love to let my daughter choose.

  8. I love using wet bags for a million things both for my babes and around the house. This seems like such a great addition!

  9. katniss clutch, or chantilly to match my favorite diaper in my stash !

  10. Mint to be or that beautiful royal blue color that I can never remember the name of!

  11. I’ll choose the blue one with print. I don’t see names anywhere.

  12. i don’t even have to think about it – mint to be all the way

  13. I like the Grey clutch or the blue print. I didn’t see any names for the prints.

  14. I would have to say that I would probably pick the Maritime or Katniss clutch!

  15. I would pick maritime. I really like katniss too but I think I like Maritime better.

  16. I have the regular werbag, and hanging diaper bag from FF, and I really like the quality. (And I have 3 of their diapers as well.) The clutch would be great for out and about.

    They have nice, classic colors.

  17. I would choose Sweet Coraline. I love that color! I would love to win the clutch to store used family cloth till wash day. I have a couple small wet bags already for that purpose but could use one more in my rotation. Thanks!

  18. I love my Funky Fluff wet bag; it’s really silky and soft! The double pocket feature is amazing. I would love the clutch for those “one diaper outings”, because it looks like it would fit in my mom purse perfectly!

  19. I love the Maritime print! And I’ve already got the wet bag and the shell so it’d just be wrong not to have the clutch as well. 😉

  20. Ooh! I just received my first wet bag (the Funky Fluff Double Pocket) from Lagoon Baby, but I’d sure welcome the clutch — in any colour — to my growing stash. 🙂

  21. I would choose Maritime or Katniss, were I to win. 🙂

  22. I just ordered my first Funky Fluff diapers as you seem to love them so much. 🙂

  23. I like how versatile the clutch can be for grab and go situations. wallet in front pocket & supplies for a single diaper in the back. Very nice!

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