Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

Splash In The Sun with Bummis

No, you’re not seeing things! Funky Fluff just recently launched their very own swim diaper, and Funky Fluffians the world over are rejoicing! There’s something just so great about the fit of a Funky Fluff LUX diaper, and fans have been begging the brand to make a swim diaper for years. Well, 2017 is the year that Funky Fluff has released a swim diaper! This is a very big deal. There’s so much to love about Funky Fluff. From the Canadian roots to the second to none fit, to know a Funky Fluff diaper is to love a Funky Fluff diaper. The good news is that their swim diaper has all the things you’ve come to know and love about their LUX cloth diapers plus some additional must have features for any swim diaper. My local retailer, Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot, was kind enough to send me one of the beauties to review! Are you ready to learn all about it?

The Details:

Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

The Funky Fluff Swim Diaper is a one size swim diaper designed to fit from 7 to 35+ lbs with a very similar cut and fit to a Funky Fluff LUX cloth diaper shell. It accommodates that range of sizing with a 2 x 4 adjustable snap rise on the front of the diaper. The closure is a double row of snaps with a hip snaps and crossover snaps on the tabs. The outer layer of the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper is made with PUL, and the inner lining is athletic wicking jersey (AWJ). Inside the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper you’ll find double gussets. These double gussets have a soft feel casing along the edge to make them comfortable for baby. Double gussets in a swim diaper are there to provide added protection should your little one make a poop while they’re swimming. Though a swim diaper must be changed right away if your child poops, that double gusset provides extra containment power to get you to the change room without wearing that mess. As with all swim diapers (whether they are reusable or disposable), the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper is designed to hold poop only and pee will seep through. One of the features of a Funky Fluff LUX shell that has been carried over to the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper is the wider elastics at the legs and back of the diaper. These wider elastics provide a more comfortable fit for baby around the legs and their lower back, and are much less likely to dig in sharply.

Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

How It Works:

Petit Prince is 2 years old, 24 lbs, and 34″. He wears his Funky Fluff LUX on the medium rise setting (that’s the second to largest rise) and he wears his Funky Fluff Swim Diaper on the small rise setting (that’s the second smallest rise). The reason for this difference in the fit is that the swim diaper fits a little larger because it doesn’t have the added bulk of any inserts. Overall, the fit of the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper is excellent. I love that I can use the hip snaps to really customize the fit around the legs and waist. The wide elastics don’t roll under/in around the legs, so they really stay right where they need to be without any gaps developing around the legs after lots of running around and playing. In terms of trimness, it’s really reminiscent of a Funky Fluff LUX. I did notice that the bum can get a bit saggy after a while, but it doesn’t affect the way the diaper fits around the legs and waist, and it doesn’t affect the function.

Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

When it comes to a swim diaper there is one very important detail that must not be missed. Poop has to be easy to remove! When a swim diaper’s sole function is to contain poop, I expect it to excel in the poop removal department. Thanks to that AWJ inner lining, the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper gets an A+ for ease of poop removal. Poop really does just fall right off of AWJ, and it’s particularly resistant to staining.

Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

I did notice that after a longer wear, the front of the swim diaper puffed out a little bit in between the two rise snaps. Now this could have been the result of not taking enough care to tuck the rise up instead of down when I put the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper on Petit Prince. He is, shall we say, a challenge to wrangle for diaper changes in general these days, so this may have been my own doing. However, although Funky Fluff LUX cloth diapers are immune to this puffing-out-between-two-rise-snaps phenomena, many other diapers that use a two across rise snap adjustment do have this issue. In other words, this could just be the nature of the diaper. Is it a problem? No. Do I love the way it looks when it does this? No. Am I going to stop using this swim diaper because of it? Absolutely not. 

Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

I really do love this Funky Fluff Swim Diaper. The AWJ is the absolute best inner material for a swim diaper, the double gussets are awesome, the fit is divine, the cross-over tabs for fitting small babies is fab, and they available prints are totally adorable. Shown here in my review is the Maritime print swim diaper. Maritime is a much loved print that used to be available in a Funky Fluff LUX cloth diaper, but has since been retired. It’s wonderful to see it make a reappearance as one of Funky Fluff’s first swim diapers. Also available are Tango, a gorgeous flamingo print, and La Vida Loca, a beautiful beach scene print. Tango and La Vida Loca are what I call “perfect placement” swim diapers. In other words, every Tango and La Vida Loca swim diaper has the identical bum placement where the entire scene on the print is fully visible.

Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

You can order your brand new Funky Fluff Swim Diaper from Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot for $19.95. Shipping from Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot is always free with no minimum order required!

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Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

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Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

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43 Comments on “Funky Fluff Swim Diaper Review

  1. My favourite feature of the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper is i love that they are Stretchy & soft around legs and waist,comfort for my baby is important.

  2. My favourite feature on the funky fluff swim diaper is that it is one size and will grow with babe. We use AppleCheeks swims while they are great they have not made them in one size as of yet

  3. My favorite feature of the Funky Fluff swim diaper is that it has 4 rise settings, which means you’re going to get a better fit.

  4. I love the cross over tabs for fitting small babies! Looks like a great swim diaper!

  5. I love that it is accepted in a majority of pools and swimming lessons. i also like the cross over tabs. Thanks!

  6. My favourite feature of the swim diaper is the signature two size system fit.

  7. I like that they will grow with your child. Saves money. I also like the cross over tabs. I would love to try Funky Fluffs swim diaper.

  8. This is what I like the most “No need to add anything under or over this swim diaper, it is accepted in a majority of pools and swimming lessons.”

  9. I have never tried funky fluff but like that this diaper has wide elastic. I hate it when the elastic on diapers rubs in.

  10. I love that it’s one size so I can use it throughout the years!

  11. I love the one size but also with the ability to customize it!

  12. Fav feature is that is one size and will grow with my little one!

  13. I’m so glad Funky Fluff went with double gussets for the swim diaper! Making sure nothing escapes 🙂

  14. I love the double gussets for extra protection! You never know what can happen 😉

  15. My favorite feature is the inner gussets. This is something I love on diapers and is awesome to add to a swim diaper!

  16. My favourite feature of the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper is that the Colorful prints which will STAY bright and beautiful even after many uses, thanks to our unique laminated lycra fabric.

  17. I love the the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper has both hip snaps and cross over snaps.

  18. I like that it’s an adjustable swim diaper. Many of the others I’ve seen are not.

  19. My favourite feature of the Funky Fluff Swim Diaper is the double gussets, a little extra protection is always good!

  20. My favorite feature of the funky fluff swim diaper is that it can be used on it’s own without need for another diaper, etc

  21. I like that their swim diaper adjusts for rise. Most swim diapes don’t cover multiple sizes like that.

  22. I really like the trim fit and the color choices of Funky Fluff!

    PS – Made a few mistakes on the entry form. Entered the secret word as “monard” for Friday (I know, right??). And pasted a URL to a blog post I had just read instead of my Instagram handle. My apologies!!

  23. I like the double gusset feature. My worry with babies in water is always keeping messes contained. Double gussets are reassuring.

  24. I’m honestly just excited it’s reusable. I just moved next to a swimming pool and I plan on going a lot with my daughter.

  25. Already love Funky Fluff. Really like the double gusset feature for a swim!

  26. I really love those gussets, and the fact that Maritime is back!

  27. our signature two-size system with snaps at the waist and separately adjustable snaps at the thigh means your little one is guaranteed a comfortable, long-last fit. this is my favorite feature.

  28. Maritime is one of my all time favourite funky fluff prints so I was Stoked to see it return! Especially in a swim diaper! The two new prints are also adorable! Can’t wait to try one out!

  29. I love the diapers that one can buy these days, so pretty and easy to use. The fact that there are also swim diapers is simply a genius, what an invention.

  30. Going back 40 years there weren’t swim diapers at all, more’s the pity. Not only that we didn’t have pretty diapers and today’s are really beautiful with gorgeous designs.

  31. Such a sweet design – I wish all babies wore these to the rec centre pool!

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