Funky Fluff’s NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review

Funky Fluff's NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review

I received this item in my capacity as Funky Fluff’s Laundry Guru. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Have you been following all the excitement over at Funky Fluff this past week? They just released six beautiful new colours, and there was one more surprise up their sleeves. I was let in on the secret and have been dying to share it with all of you! Now that it has been officially announced, I can tell you all about it! What is it? Funky Fluff has added a new inner material option to their LUX shells! Introducing Funky Fluff LUX WICKING JERSEY shells! I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly excited I am about this change! There are SO MANY REASONS why this is a huge change for the better for Funky Fluff, and I’m going to tell you why I LOVE it!

The Details:

What exactly is Lux Wicking Jersey?  Lux Wicking Jersey is a polyester athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) and is a stay dry material. It is known for being exceptionally quick at wicking moisture away from the skin, and it keeps the skin cooler than other stay dry inner material options (like suede cloth or microfleece). One of the key features of AWJ is that it is stretchy. I’m not talking a little bit of give here. I mean STRETCHY. Since AWJ started out as a material for athletic wear, it has lots of stretch, is designed to wick moisture away from the skin, and it keeps the body cooler, all of which are features that make it perfect for use as a cloth diaper inner lining.

Funky Fluff's NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review

Funky Fluff’s LUX Wicking Jersey inner is done in a lovely white AWJ. If you’re concerned about the stain factor, don’t be! AWJ is one of the most stain resistant cloth diaper materials I’ve ever encountered. The AWJ inner still forms the same dual pocket openings that you’ve come to expect from Funky Fluff cloth diapers. There’s the opening at the back of the diaper, the opening at the front of the diaper, and snaps at both the back and front if you want to snap your inserts in.

Funky Fluff's NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review

How It Works:

If I were to describe the new Funky Fluff LUX Wicking Jersey shell in one word, that word would be EXCEPTIONAL. I already love pocket diapers, and I already love Funky Fluff LUX. However, I have always preferred using my Funky Fluff LUX as an AI2 system. Why? Because I found the pocket of the Stay Dry shell to be quite difficult to stuff. Now I’ve been stuffing pocket diapers for the better part of four years, but for whatever reason stuffing a Funky Fluff Stay Dry shell took me a long time and I rarely got the insert totally flat. That was especially true at the smallest rise setting of the shell. What’s different about it now is that the Funky Fluff LUX Wicking Jersey shell is super easy to stuff. When I say super easy I mean RIDICULOUSLY EASY. The stretch of the AWJ makes stuffing a breeze! Now it takes me maybe three seconds to stuff a small or large LUX bamboo insert into a LUX Wicking Jersey shell. Not only that, there’s no fussing with the insert. It is flat, perfectly flat, every time. Because I was curious, I decided to see just how much I could stuff in the new LUX Wicking Jersey shell without breaking a sweat. Together, the small and large LUX bamboo inserts fit easily, even when the large is folded down so it fits at the smaller rise settings. I even stuffed with the small and large LUX bamboo inserts AND one Funky Fluff hemp booster all together, and it was quick and easy!

Funky Fluff's NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review

Does the AWJ inner affect fit? Yes, but it is all for the better. Until now, Funky Fluff LUX shells have been available with a bamboo inner or a suede cloth stay dry inner. One of the biggest differences between the two has been the stretchiness of the bamboo shell. Funky Fluff bamboo shell users rave about the fit of the bamboo shell on account of that stretch. Now you don’t have to compromise on a stay dry inner for baby to get that superior fit! The tabs of the Funky Fluff LUX Wicking Jersey shell are as stretchy, no more stretchy, than even the bamboo LUX shell. Yes, that’s right. MORE STRETCH. I have always been on “team stay dry” for my Funky Fluff diapers, but wished that I could get a bit of stretch when Petit Prince is growing and in between snap settings. The Funky Fluff LUX Wicking Jersey shell gives me just that! Now Petit Prince’s bum will enjoy the fast moisture wicking of a stay dry inner with the luxury of stretch for an improved fit.

Funky Fluff's NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review
When pulled at the same level of tension, the LUX Wicking Jersey tabs have the most stretch.

What about drying time? If you’re hanging your Funky Fluff shells to dry, the LUX Wicking Jersey shell is going to have the shortest drying time. AWJ dries faster than suede cloth, and much faster than bamboo. You know what that means? Less waiting, more diapering.

Funky Fluff's NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review

Funky Fluff LUX Wicking Jersey shells will be available in Maritime, Kryptonite, and Sweet Coraline. Bamboo and suede cloth stay dry shells will still be available in all the NEW solid colours and current prints.

Funky Fluff's NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review

There you have it! Funky Fluff has done it again! An incredible change for an already fabulous cloth diaper. Funky Fluff LUX Wicking Jersey shells (along with all the NEW Funky Fluff LUX colours) will be available to purchase from Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company in Canada and from Nicki’s Diapers in the USA at noon EST on Monday, February 22nd!

Funky Fluff's NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review
Petit Prince approves of Funky Fluff’s NEW LUX Wicking Jersey shells!

Can’t wait? How would you like to WIN one Funky Fluff LUX Wicking Jersey shell in your choice of colour? Lindsay of Maman Loup’s Den and I are each giving away one of the NEW Funky Fluff LUX Wicking Jersey shells! Enter for your chance to win one of TWO Funky Fluff LUX Wicking Jersey shells! That’s right! We’re picking TWO WINNERS! This giveaway is open to residents of the USA & Canada, 18+.

If you want to know what Maman Loup’s Den thinks of the new LUX Wicking Jersey inner, you can read her review right HERE. In case you missed my review of Funky Fluff’s LUX system, you can catch it HERE.


Funky Fluff's NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review

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59 Comments on “Funky Fluff’s NEW LUX Wicking Jersey Shell Review

  1. This seems like a dream!! I’ve loved the bamboo for the stretchiness and fit, and ease of stuffing, but i wasn’t a fan that the wet was against baby’s skin, so would often use it as an AI2. So this seems like the best of both worlds. Can’t wait to try it. Seems like it would make a good swim diaper too because of the inner material.

  2. Wow thats amazing! I hope my friend will LOVE them and they sound like a great improvement!

  3. I love all the choices from funky fluff. I’m excited to try the new wicking jersey inners.

  4. Would pick Maritime I love kryptonite but my son look bad in grey his skin tone can’t pull it off.

  5. I am excited to try the new AWJ! and i love the new colors! Especially kryptonite!

  6. Love the stay dry Lux but love the fit of the bamboo. Can’t wait to try this new diaper because it combines two things I love about funky fluff

  7. wow love the new AWJersey. Hopefully they expand it to cover the whole line. I definitely lover that it marries stay dry and stretch of bamboo…best of both worlds.

  8. Omg this is awesome! I love the trimness of FF and this makes it so much bwtter

  9. This is absolutely fabulous! I’ve always admired and drooled over the Funky Fluff colors, but have yet to add any to my stash. Perhaps if I win one! Also, love that the ladies at FF are always looking to make their product better and easier to use- just one of the reasons why the CD community is so great.

  10. I’m so excited for this stretchier fit, I often struggle with Mr. thunder thighs especially now as he is super wiggly!

  11. OH my gosh! I need one! If I don’t win, definitely gonna buy one 🙂

  12. I’ve had the privilege of trying this new diaper for the last week and it’s amazing! I’m in love with how stretchy it is and how breathable it seems. Total game changer 🙂

  13. I am so excited about this, I can’t wait to try one! The jersey material seems like it would be superior for keeping things dry.

  14. This review was great. I’m going to be Jane and say I never understood what awj was till I read your review….now I want to try one so bad!!

  15. Thanks for a great review! I’d heard of AWJ before as an inner for cloth dipes, but didn’t really understand how it stacked up against Suedecloth and Bamboo. This explains it so well. Cheers!

  16. I’ve been curious about funky fluff for a while – but now I have to try them!

  17. Thank you so much for the review. I am very interested in trying this diaper out especially knowing how stretchy it is.

  18. Love this change. Can’t wait to try it out. And the new colours are gorgeous!

  19. These look AMAZING! I love how stretchy they are, and it’s great to see a company with new, innovative ideas. Keeping baby bums dry and happy!

  20. Oh man, that stretch is drool-worthy. You and Lindsay both do great reviews but that one pic gives you the hands-down win for this round. (Sorry Lindsay. ^^)

  21. Interested in trying out AWJ. Thanks for the review, it put my mind at ease that this material is actually more stain resistant than other materials.

  22. I can’t wait to try them. I love Funky fluff on my son. And I love these colors!!

  23. What a great idea! Excited to try out the new material in all these gorgeous colours. 🙂

  24. Im loving their new colors! we’re really excited to try this brand one day!

  25. This looks so great! I haven’t tried any Funky Fluff , but i am really liking this Wicking Jersey one! and the colors are great!

  26. These diapers look like they are really comfy! I love the idea of AWJ for the inner. I would love to try one!

  27. I love how stretchy the material is! Looks awesome for little ones on the move! I think it would also make it easier for caregivers (not mom or dad) who make the snaps too tight… they are still able to move and breath with out being completely restricted.

  28. I love that these can function as a pocket or AI2. That’s awesome. The colors are cute, too, and it looks soft and like it wouldn’t irritate baby’s skin. I’m loving all that stretch!!

  29. I love that not only are the colors so cute, but that material looks so soft!

  30. What a neat concept! I love the AWJ idea and like that it wicks away moisture from baby. I also like that there is an opening at either end to make stuffing easier! We haven’t had the chance to try Funky Fluff diapers yet, but would love to try!

  31. I have never tried AWJ, but have a feeling I will love it! It’s the best of both worlds- stretchy and dries fast!!!

  32. I’d love to try one of these diapers out and I think it’s great that Funk Fluff is so innovative 🙂

  33. Theses look like great diapers! I would love to try them out when our little one gets here in a few weeks! 🙂 Thank you for the give away!

  34. Cloth diapers have some so far over the years. These are so stylish and look so well made!

  35. This sounds like a great diaper! I love all of the colors and I love how stretchy the material is. I also love that there is an option of either stuffing the diaper from the front or the back. : )

  36. I would love Maritime with AWJ. Such a great looking diaper.

  37. I’m new to cloth diapering!!! I just bought 2 of the gray ones and cant wait to get them in so I can play with them!!!!!

  38. This sounds like an amazing diaper! I’d be very interested in adding this to my stash. Now to convince my husband that we need more diapers…hmmm…lol 😛

  39. Are these shells easy to stuff with prefolds? I am looking for a daycare friendly option, but I don’t want or need to pay the full price for the inserts. I plan of stuffing with Nicki’s bamboo prefolds. Do you have leaks without the double gussets?

    • Yes! The AWJ shells are SUPER easy to stuff and would hold a prefold well. I don’t get leaks without double gussets, but never have in any brand that doesn’t have double gussets.

  40. I LOVE all the stretch and I love that it wicks moisture away from baby skin!! Great material to prevent yeast growth and sweat rashes!

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