Achieving My Clean House Goal with ONE Simple Step #DysonClean

Achieving My Clean House Goal with ONE Simple Step #DysonClean

Achieving my House Goals with ONE Simple Step2018 is finally here, and I am beyond THRILLED to be leaving 2017. I’m not one for major New Year’s resolutions, but I do try to take a moment to think about something I’d like to try to accomplish over the coming year. This year I have a little house goal. Now that The Heir and Petit Prince are getting older, I’d like to try to stay on top of the tidiness of my home. Bear with me here! I’m not saying that I expect to keep a spotless house with a kindergartener and a toddler running around day after day. Far from it! For the most part, I do embrace the insanity that is the state of my home. But you see, it’s 2018 and I want to do just ONE thing for my house this year. It’s one of those chores that I used to loathe. That’s not entirely true… As a child I LOVED this chore, but as an adult it’s been less than pleasant. All that is changing for 2018 thanks to one mighty tool that I’ve had the pleasure of using in my home. What is it? My Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum of course! The ONE thing I’m focusing on to reach my 2018 house goal is vacuuming!

Now you might be asking yourself why on earth I would choose vacuuming as my 2018 house goal. Surely there are more exciting tasks I could focus on this year. Maybe a fresh coat of paint? New storage for the kids’ rooms? More art for the walls? I’m hoping that by setting myself a goal of a slightly tidier home from the floors up that it will inspire me to take an extra moment when I have one to do a little bit more. Maybe that laundry pile will make its way from the dryer to the drawers without taking a three day layover on my sofa? Maybe. With two active kids at home, sometimes the big things have to start with baby steps. The truth is that my Dyson Ball Animal 2 has made vacuuming SO EASY that I find myself doing it way more often than I’d ever imagined. Before Dyson I would pull out the broom and dust pan to clean up after Petit Prince’s crumb infused lunch experience. After Dyson I’m just grabbing that easy to maneuver vacuum and doing a super quick run of the kitchen floor. It takes the same amount of time as sweeping under the table, except I can cover the whole kitchen and get a way better clean.

Achieving My Clean House Goal with ONE Simple Step #DysonClean

I’ve gone so far as to make space in my front closet to store my Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum so that it’s always on the main floor and at the ready. With this vacuum, I don’t need to change tools or vacuum heads to go from the tile entryway to the hardwood floors to the wool area rug in my living room. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has active base plates that adjust all on their own as I go from the hardwood up over an area rug or down over tile. Thanks to Dyson’s powerful suction, I can vacuum my entire main floor and collect more dirt than I even thought could be on my floors in about five to seven minutes. That’s it. Yes, I’ve been doing this pretty much daily. Because… house goal 2018!

Achieving My Clean House Goal with ONE Simple Step #DysonClean

House goal 2018 involves whole home vacuuming too, but I’m limiting that extravaganza to every other weekend. With all the tools at my disposal that came with the Dyson Ball Animal 2, I can get my whole home Dyson clean. My quick run of the vacuum over the main floor doesn’t include under the sofas and lounge chairs in my living room. That’s saved for my Dyson weekends. The articulating hard floor tool lets me get all the way under my sofa and chairs so I can tackle those dust bunnies and that light layer of dust that always settles on my dark wood floors. On Dyson weekends, I’ll be tackling the stairs and that special corner where my cat likes to take up residence. The stair tool is small but mighty and easily lifts cat hair right out of my high pile carpet. Even the cat’s favourite chair gets special treatment on Dyson weekends! The tangle-free turbine tool is hands down the BEST for that job!

Achieving My Clean House Goal with ONE Simple Step #DysonClean

Do you have a goal for your home this year? If you’re like me and you just want to take one step towards maintaining a little more sanity in the state of your home, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum is a must! It really makes the chore of vacuuming a breeze and it comes with everything you could possibly need to keep a home full of kids and pets Dyson clean!

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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Dyson and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

72 Comments on “Achieving My Clean House Goal with ONE Simple Step #DysonClean

  1. Wonderful review,I would love to give my house a good cleaning with this vacuum

  2. If cleaning is easy we will do it more often so we win in the long run. I do love Dyson.

  3. I got a Dyson cordless over a year ago and it is the best vacuum I have ever had.

  4. I would love to have one of these but they are a bit pricey for me. They would be great for cleaning up the pet fur.

  5. I’m in the market for a good vacuum cleaner. We don’t have rugs or carpeted areas, so we’ve been getting by with just a small handheld. When we’re ready to upgrade to a “real” vacuum, I’ll be keeping this one in mind!

  6. A great review of the Dyson! I will have one someday! Once you try one you are hooked.

  7. I love everything I hear about this awesome vacuum cleaner and hoping to get one too someday soon.It would be fantastic to help with the pet hair.

  8. YES!! We have this vacuum but an older model and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I will definitely get a ball version next time around though! Ours is pretty darn heavy to push around!!

  9. I like that you find it easy to push around. I have arthritis and can’t handle heavy vacuums.

  10. If i didn’t already have Dyson I would be getting one. I have the Cordless Dyson and I think it is better than anything i have ever had. As a senior I hated to vacuum because i had to find a plug, then worry about the cord tripping me. I mounted this on the kitchen wall takes me 30 seconds to be ready to use. And as you said about yours it just pulls dirt out of the carpet ever time I use it………… love love

  11. I also use the same vacuum and really like its performance. However, I want to purchase the latest version as the one I use is old now. Your insightful review is so useful to understand newer features.

  12. With a very big & hairy Golden Retriever that sheds & tracks in dirt all day cleaning the floors is on my hate to do it list. If I had one of these vacuumes it would definitely make a difference!

  13. What do you think weight/storage wise? does the ball shape make it harder to steer?

    • I find the ball makes steering super easy. It just takes a slight wrist movement to get it turning! It’s lightweight enough that I can carry it up/down the stairs easily, and it’s quite compact for an upright vacuum.

  14. We really need a great vacuums that can handle toddler messes. My 9 year old lubelives to stream mop or hard wood floors but we have yet to find a vaccum that can handle the crumby messes my toddler dishes out. I’ve heard great things about dyson. We’ll have to give this one a try.

  15. Great review. I am in the market for a new Vacuum and I am researching on various models. This looks to be awesome.

  16. Love this blog I need a better method in cleaning kids are always messing the place up and I definitely need a new vacuum.

  17. Love this blog I need a better method in cleaning kids are always messing the place up and I definitely need a new vacuum. This vacuum looks wonderful I’d love to own one.

  18. This sounds awesome!!! It sounds so powerful…. that’s a must have! Thanks for the review!

  19. This sounds like a dream! My current vacuums suction is soooo bad.

  20. Great review and I think it’s the perfect new years resolution! I’ve been trying to keep up with the cleaning for the new years too. I find I’m a much happier person and better mom when I don’t feel like the house is a cluttered or dirty mess!

  21. I have the older Animal Dyson and we will never buy anything but! We love it!

  22. I love the review and the idea of focusing on 1 thing at a time to improve and simplify cleaning.

    • This vacuum looks amazing ! Thevaccum I currently have needs to emptied 6 times during the course if vacuuming our bungalow

  23. I just actually purchased a new vacuum but my cousin told me to not buy the dyson. I purchased a shark with all the same attachments but for about $100 cheaper. It also picks up so much dirt I was disgusted the first day! It is definitely a good goal to vacuum daily though! I have 3 70+ pound dogs that shed so I try to but sometimes it ends up being every other day.

  24. I have a Dyson that I love!! It seems to pick up everything and with 2 kids & a hubby, I need a vacuum that works well. The one I have is pretty heavy though. I wish I had a smaller option for the stairs!

  25. Oh after reading this review im really wanting a dyson the Hoover we have just doesnt cut it on our wood floors nor does it get the rugs really clean and its heavy. So id love a vacuum that i enjoy using.

  26. This is my dream vacuum! I have a picture of it on my vision board. Lol and with a new baby and a Siberian husky, a good vacuum is needed! I’ve put up with a cheap one of the past 3 years waiting to buy this one

  27. Vacuuming is a chore in itself when you have to clean the toys up first but I love a freshly vacuumed floor and a pet hair vacuum is a must! For our furry friends but also because I feel like it cleans better.

  28. ITS MY vacuum dream to own a cordless Dyson! Two level house and three pets with a soon to be toddler I need one

  29. I have to vacuum so much because my twins spill cheerios everywhere in the morning when I’m drinking coffee and trying to ignore them

  30. I have a Dyson and I love it ! Thinking about getting a second ! The Animal !

  31. I need one so bad. The one I have right now doesn’t pick up much.

  32. Vacuuming is my most hated chore, so it rarely gets done! Maybe I wouldn’t hate it so much with a really great vacuum like this though …

  33. I have that Dyson! My next vacuum, hopefully soon, is the Dyson V8 cordless. It must be fabulous for a quickie at the end of the day, or when ever I don’t want to drag out the big one.

  34. Love my dyson I use it in a pinch or for a quick clean up when I don’t want to take out my big electrolux! very handy!

  35. Definitely going to have to try these ideas! Thanks for the tips! Am going to recommend with all my friends 🙂

  36. We have a dyson animal that we LOVE! Definitely a favorite around here.

  37. The Dyson definitely sounds like an amazing vacuum! I love when the attachments included actually work! It makes it so much easier to clean the house. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  38. I should really do some deep cleaning in my house, and a new vacuum would really help!

  39. A good vacuum makes all the difference in the world! When we bought a good vacuum, my husband suddenly loved vacuuming, as he thought the engineering that went into the vacuum was awesome. 5 years later, he still loves using it. I should have done that a long time ago!

  40. Looks like this vacuum has all the tools to keep my house clean.

  41. I don’t have any carpet in my house, but this still sounds wonderful 🙂

  42. This needs to be my 2018 clean house goal! But I’d need a new vacuum as ours bit the dust recently. Pun Completely intended!

  43. I love my dyson. Literally cleans EVERYWHERE however they are heavy and really want the new cordless v10 for in between whole house vacuuming.

  44. We love our Dyson! We actually just bought one of the cordless ones to help us tackle our stairs and cars.

    When we first got our dyson, I swear were just spent the first few days cleaning everything with it because it was just so fun and easy! lol

  45. LOVE my Dyson!! We just got one for Christmas and it makes me Happy!! Haha

  46. With 2 big dogs and 3 cats this vaccuum would be a life saver!! If only my daughter wasnt terrified of the sound of them haha

  47. Thank you for this review! As a single mom of 3 with one on the way, house leaning- particularly all tile floors – can be overwhelming and challenging. So many vacuums are terrible at picking up off of hard flooring, but seeing that this one worked so hard for you has made me seriously consider looking into purchasing one!

  48. I do like that Dyson makes cleaning easier. It is a chore and Dyson seems to understand how to help that.

  49. I love my Dyson because I can practically use it for every area of my house!

  50. I’m very tempted to get a Dyson for my next vacuum purchase. My Dad has an Animal Dyson and loves it.

  51. I recently visited my daughter and she has a Dyson and I felt in love the first time I used it,I can’t believe how good it sucks up Cat hair

  52. I really love my corded Dyson that I’ve had for quite a few years but I also want a cordless smaller one for quick jobs around the house too.

  53. Thank you for the fantastic review of the Dyson. I have always wanted to get one and your review makes it easier to decide. It sounds wonderful and would be a big help with the deep cleaning.

  54. Great review! I’ve always heard good things about Dyson vacuums. I would love to try one someday.

  55. We are considering getting one of the these so thanks for the review. Very helpful

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