Bummis Pure AIO Cloth Diaper Review

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Bummis recently announced their all new Pure diaper, and it’s finally here! What’s Pure? This is the newest creation from the folks at Bummis and it’s sure to impress! Pure is Bummis’ new all-in-one cloth diaper and it’s proudly made in Canada! If you’re not familiar with Bummis, here’s what you need to know. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Bummis has been in the cloth diaper business for almost 30 years. Their goal is to reduce the ecological footprint of early childhood. They achieve this by producing their products locally, using top quality raw materials to ensure durability, and always innovating to create products that work, look great, and last. How does the Bummis Pure stack up? Here’s what you need to know!

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

The Details:

The Bummis is an all in one (AIO) cloth diaper. That means all the absorbency is sewn in and attached to the waterproof shell, so there’s no need to search through the piles of diaper laundry to find the right soakers to use with this diaper. The Bummis Pure is a one size diaper that fits babies from 10 lbs to 35 lbs. It accommodates this range of sizing with a 4 x 2 snap rise adjustment on the front of the diaper. There is a double row snap closure across the front of the diaper with the large sturdy snaps you’ve come to expect from Bummis. The outer shell of the Bummis Pure AIO is made with a waterproof PUL. Inside, the diaper is lined with my favourite inner material for a cloth diaper: athletic wicking jersey (AWJ). Not only is AWJ a material that provides a stay dry feel for baby, but it’s also super breathable. Inside the front of the Bummis Pure AIO there is a pocket generous pocket opening where additional absorbency can be added as needed.Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

The absorbency of the Bummis Pure AIO has two parts. First, there are three layers of 100% cotton terry sewn right inside the AWJ lining.  This cotton terry material absorbs moisture quickly to pull it away from baby’s skin right away. The second part of the Bummis Pure absorbency is the sewn in soaker. This soaker is made with three layers of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. It is attached to the inside of the Pure at the top of the pocket opening. This soaker can be laid on top of the AWJ lining if you prefer a natural material against baby’s skin. The soaker can also be stuffed into the pocket so the AWJ lining is against baby’s skin providing a stay dry feel. This soaker can even be folded before stuffing it into the pocket to increase the absorbency up front if that’s where your child needs it.

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

How It Works:

Petit Prince is hopefully on the cusp of potty training, but for now he’s still in cloth diapers full time. He’s two years and five months old, around 35-36″ tall, and roughly 25lbs give or take. His build is what I would call long and lean. He wears the Bummis Pure on the medium rise setting with the tabs one column of snaps away from centre on both sides. I prefer a stay dry feel against Petit Prince’s bum, so I stuff the bamboo/organic cotton soaker into the pocket. On the medium rise setting, the bamboo soaker extends all the way back to the back elastic of the diaper inside the pocket. If I needed the rise on the small setting, I would likely need to fold the soaker a little bit to get it to fit in the pocket. The elastics on the Pure are snug but soft against Petit Prince’s legs. The material that is wrapped around the elastics is really smooth so the elastics don’t irritate the skin. I find I don’t need to do the waist of the diaper up super tight to get the leg openings small enough to eliminate any leg gap. With Petit Prince’s slim legs, I do often find I have to go a little tighter around his tummy than I’d like with other diapers, but with the Bummis Pure, this is not an issue. Across the bum the Pure has excellent coverage. I always prefer when a diaper covers the whole bum as this makes poop containment much more effective. Up front the rise of the diaper stays properly folded up after hours of wear with no unsightly diaper protrusion happening. That kind of protrusion can be common in diapers with rise snaps that are only two across, and I’m thrilled that this isn’t happening with the Bummis Pure. The Pure isn’t what I would call a bulky diaper, but it’s not the trimmest AIO we’ve used. I do find it adequately trim that there’s no need for sizing up the pants. Considering the absorbency we get with the Pure, I don’t mind it not being the trimmest diaper in our stash.

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Speaking of absorbency, let’s talk about that, shall we? The two different types of absorbency in the Pure add up to a long lasting diaper. There are three layers of cotton terry sewn into the pocket (attached to the AWJ) and three layers of bamboo/organic cotton making up the soaker. These six layers of absorbency work out to over four hours leak free. Normally I don’t bother testing a diaper beyond four hours because you really should be changing diapers every three to four hours regardless. For the sake of experimentation, I left the Pure on Petit Prince during his heaviest wetting time of day (first thing in the morning) until I was sure the diaper would be leaking. To my surprise it did not leak even after more than four hours on the bum. The absorbency of the diaper was saturated for sure, but there was no leaking. Of course for more typical amounts of time on the bum, the Pure is plenty absorbent and I can’t see us needing a booster for day time use at all. I will say that the Pure requires a fair amount of prepping to reach its full absorbency. It needs a solid six washes with detergent before it goes on the bum if you’re expecting it to last three to four hours. Despite all the layers of absorbency in the Pure, it still dries quickly. Once it’s out of the wash, simply turn it inside out and toss it in the dryer. It will be dry after one full drying cycle on low heat.

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Bummis diapers are all handmade right here in Canada (in Montreal to be exact), and the quality of the Pure is second to none. The way the soaker is sewn into the AWJ lining is done with great care and attention. The edge that attaches to the AWJ is sewn into the AWJ on both sides so there’s no loose seam sticking out. The pocket opening is finished with the same trim that surrounds the elastics and outer edge of the diaper. This opening never curls up or rolls in/out, so it always sits perfectly flat. The pocket itself is a nice size making it easy to stuff the soaker in and roomy enough to add a booster should you need one. Each Bummis Pure print or solid has coordinating AWJ that complements the look of the diaper. I love this! Every print is adorable, and the solids are rich vibrant colours. The bright AWJ inside each one is such a nice attention to detail and something really unexpected!

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review


  • Made in Canada
  • Bamboo & Organic Cotton absorbency
  • One size fits from 10 to 35 lbs
  • Double row snap closure
  • AWJ inner lining (my favourite stay dry material!)
  • Cotton terry absorbs moisture quickly
  • Dries in just one run through the dryer on low (be sure to turn it inside out before drying)
  • Generously sized pocket allows absorbency to be added as needed
  • Bamboo/organic cotton soaker can go in the pocket or stay on top of the AWJ
  • Bamboo/organic cotton soaker can be folded to increase absorbency through the middle/front of the diaper
  • Very absorbent lasting for four hours easily for us
  • Each print/solid has a coordinating colour of AWJ inside! These prints and colours are really fun!
  • Excellent price point!


  • Does require a fair number of washes to reach full absorbency (at least six or more, though this isn’t unusual for natural fibre diapers)

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I’m really happy with the Bummis Pure AIO cloth diaper. I know first hand that this diaper was tested many many times (having tested a couple prototypes along the way myself), and Bummis wouldn’t release it until it was perfect. The end result of all that hard work and hours of testing is a high quality diaper with incredible absorbency, and a fit that provides great coverage without bulk. Perhaps the crowning achievement of the Bummis Pure is that is does all this at what I would consider an affordable price point. The Pure is handmade in Canada using locally sourced materials, has incredible absorbency with no booster needed, and it retails for $27.95 CAD ($23.95 USD). The Bummis Pure AIO diaper is a wonderful addition to the great line up of Canadian made cloth diapers available from Bummis. Bummis is celebrating the release of the Pure in a really BIG way! One lucky reader has the chance to WIN the entire Bummis Pure AIO line up. That’s a prize of TEN Bummis Pure diapers!

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

The Bummis Pure is available to order now direct from Bummis or from your favourite Bummis retailer. You can shop via my affiliate links in Canada at Calgary Cloth Diaper Cozy Bums Diapers, and Lagoon Baby, and in the USA at Nicki’s Diapers.

Here’s your chance to win! One lucky reader will win the entire new line up of Bummis Pure including one of each of the following prints and colours: Forest Friends, Orange, Tampa, Cactus, Red, Russian Dolls, Watermelon, Lumberjack, Jade, and Cherry. That’s a total retail value of $280 CAD! This giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents, 18+, and closes on December 19th, 2017. Bummis is responsible for prize fulfillment.

Enter the Bummis Pure Win Them All Giveaway:

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

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  20. I love that these are made in Canada. I can trust that the labor practices are fair.

  21. I have a few different Favorite thing’s about the BUMMIS Pure AIO Cloth-Diaper, firstly I love that it’s made in Canada (I Love supporting Canadian business’s)..I love how the AIO has four rise settings, it’s super absorbency and how it’s fast drying.I really Love how the attached soaker is Super absorbent (with the fabric being 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton blend)..

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