Omaïki Oriön Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Have you ever opened a package of fluff mail and been overwhelmed with the softness of a cloth diaper? I have. When Omaïki sent me their Oriön Nighttime Fitted to try with Petit Prince, the very first thing I wanted to do was rub that lusciously soft bamboo sherpa all over my face. And I did. It was glorious. Fitted diapers are a style of cloth diaper that I think every family should try, but I can also understand that they seem a little intimidating at first. What is a fitted diaper? This style of diaper is absorbent material inside and out. It’s not waterproof on its own, so it does require a cover of some kind (PUL or wool). Once you have a fitted in your stash, you just end up reaching for it more and more often. At the moment, fitted diapers are my absolute favourite style of diaper for overnight use with Petit Prince. In fact, with the amount he’s been wetting overnight, they’ve become a necessity in my stash. I was really keen to give Omaïki’s Oriön Nighttime Fitted a try because (as you surely know by now) I love Canadian made diapers! Here’s what you need to know. 

The Details:

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

The Omaïki Oriön Nighttime Fitted diaper is a one size fitted cloth diaper designed for overnight use. It fits babies from 8 to 35 lbs and it accommodates that range of sizing with a 4 x 2 rise snap adjustment on the front of the diaper. It has a single row snap closure across the front with two closure snaps on each tab. The tabs are also equipped with cross over snaps to accommodate babies with smaller waists. The edges of the Omaïki Oriön are serged with a lovely blue thread giving the leg openings and back of the diaper a ruffled appearance. The outside of the diaper is made with a super soft bamboo sherpa material. Inside, the Oriön is lined with athletic wicking jersey (AWJ). AWJ is a stretchy stay dry material that wicks moisture away from baby’s skin quickly. The shell of the diaper has two layers of bamboo/organic cotton (56% bamboo, 24% organic cotton, 20% poly) sewn into the wet zone.

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

The Omaïki Oriön comes with a long soaker made with two layers of bamboo/organic cotton and topped with a layer of AWJ on one side. This soaker can be folded in half with either the bamboo/organic cotton or the AWJ side against baby’s skin. It can also be folded any way you choose to increase absorbency where it is needed the most for your child.

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

As the Omaïki Oriön isn’t waterproof on its own, it does need to be used with a cover. The Omaïki PUL cover with the aplix closure is a nice fit over the Oriön. With double gussets and a generously cut one size fit, it fits easily over the Omaïki Oriön and should fit nicely over some of the larger fitteds available.

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

How It Works:

Petit Prince has been using the Omaïki Oriön overnight at least twice a week for the last handful of weeks now. He is over two years old (29 months old), around 36″ tall, and approximately 26-27 lbs. His build is what I would describe as long and lean. He wears the Oriön on the large rise setting, that is on the last set of rise snaps before being fully unsnapped. The fit of the diaper is quite nice on him. It’s a very lightweight diaper and has a really soft feel. One thing I tend to dislike in an overnight fitted is how stiff the bamboo/cotton can be, especially if the edges are serged. It often seems like this type of material stiffens up further when it’s wet. The Omaïki Oriön is absolutely not this way. It’s super soft right out to the serged edges, and it stays that way even when it’s sopping wet. With other overnight fitteds, Petit Prince will wake up with red marks from the serged edges pressing into his thighs, but this literally never happens with the Oriön.

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

In terms of the absorbency of the Omaïki Oriön, I have to say that it took some time for me to reach a point where the Oriön was able to hold up overnight for Petit Prince. Let me preface this by saying that Petit Prince has become a ridiculous super soaker overnight since the late summer. I thought that once he was weaned he would be less of a super soaker, but it’s been over a month and so far it hasn’t really slowed down at all. With that in mind, at first he was saturating the Oriön overnight, though it wasn’t always leaking through the Omaïki PUL cover. I had initially started using this fitted after prep washing it about five times. It turns out the Oriön needs a whole lot of prepping to reach its maximum absorbency. After a couple of leaking incidents, I washed this diaper until I was sure it had been through a full ten wash cycles with detergent (and had been through the dryer at least four or five times since I received it). After that the Oriön became much more absorbent. I had success overnight with this nighttime fitted by folding the soaker into a square (folded over three times so there were four layers of the insert stacked together). I placed this square folded soaker near the front of the shell since Petit Prince wets heaviest up front and is a tummy sleeper. This put a total of 11 layers of bamboo/organic cotton in the wet zone (including the two layers that are sewn into the shell and the outer layer of bamboo sherpa). Placing the folded soaker exactly where Petit Prince needed it was key to our success with this diaper. I have found that the front of the Oriön will feel quite wet in the morning, but with the Omaïki PUL cover overtop, Petit Prince wakes up with dry pyjamas and dry sheets!

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

The Omaïki Oriön has room for a booster to be added if the absorbency isn’t quite enough for your little super soaker. I love that it’s cut wide enough and roomy enough that you can boost it if need be for your toddler. This fitted diaper gets quite small when snapped to the smallest rise and the waist tabs are crossed over. I think it’s reasonable to expect that it will fit an 8 lb baby, and it’s so soft and squishy that even if it’s a bulky fit it won’t be spreading baby’s limbs into an unnatural position. Petit Prince will likely not need to use the Omaïki Oriön fully unsnapped, and he’s over 25 lbs now. It’s a generous enough cut with really soft stretchy elastics that it should have no trouble fitting a 35 lb toddler.

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Though the Omaïki PUL Cover is a large generous cut, I was able to get a great fit over the Oriön with this cover on Petit Prince. The inner gusset of the double gusset fit nice and snug into Petit Prince’s “underwear lines”. He wore the cover on the last rise snap setting before being fully unsnapped. Though I’m normally not all that keen on aplix closures, this one works quite well. I needed to bring the aplix tabs right to the middle and cross them over, but the entire Oriön was easily covered and we never experienced any leg gaps with this cover. I had to make sure Petit Prince was wearing a full sleeper when the Omaïki PUL cover was on because he can (and will) rip it open and remove it himself. Regardless, the aplix did hold quite well as long as Petit Prince could keep his toddler hands off of it.

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review


    • Made in Canada
    • Bamboo sherpa and bamboo/organic cotton absorbency
    • One size fits babies from 8 to 35 lbs
    • 4 x 2 rise snap adjustment
    • Cross over tabs allow the waist to be quite small
    • AWJ lining provides a stay dry feel for baby
    • Soaker gives the option of being folded with AWJ against baby or the bamboo/organic cotton against baby
    • Soaker can be folded however it is needed to increase absorbency in your child’s wet zone
    • Entire diaper is made with absorbent materials
    • This fitted is super soft
    • Roomy enough to add a booster if one is needed
    • Good price point for an overnight fitted


  • Requires a solid ten wash cycles to reach overnight absorbency levels for very heavy wetters
  • May need a booster for the heaviest wetting toddlers

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Final Thoughts:

The Omaïki Oriön Nighttime Fitted is a well made, high quality, and absorbent fitted diaper. It absolutely has more than enough absorbency for day time use, and it’s not so bulky that I’d be opposed to using it during the day under Petit Prince’s normal clothing. For overnight use, the Oriön has enough absorbency for heavy wetters once it has been completely prepped (ten washes with detergent for us), and the soaker is folded to maximize absorbency in the wet zone. Super soaking toddlers may need to add a booster, but if your little one is a moderate overnight wetter, the Oriön will be more than enough to last the night. If I could change just one thing about this fitted diaper, I’d add one more layer of bamboo/organic cotton to the soaker. That being said, the Oriön is a high quality, well made, Canadian cloth diaper that comes in at the reasonable price point of $29.95. For an overnight fitted, that kind of pricing is generally unheard of, so it’s great to see such a nice, soft, Canadian made fitted at that price!

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

The Omaïki Oriön Nighttime Fitted Diaper is available to purchase directly from Omaïki and retails for $29.95 CAD. The Omaïki PUL Cover is available to purchase directly from Omaïki and retails for $22.95.

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Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

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  2. I love that it’s composed mainly of bamboo which means its super soft!!

  3. I like that it’s one-size and that they’re made in Canada with Canadian fabrics.

  4. I love bamboo cotton fitteds for overnight use! What I really like about this one is that the entire inside is lined with athletic wicking fabric for an overall stay dry feel. I have not seen that feature in any other fitted.

  5. I like that the bamboo sherpa stays soft, it looks like a very comfortable diaper.

  6. I love that it has snaps! This is a must for my boy who loooves to take off his Velcro diapers!

  7. My favorite feature is the fabric choice. When something is against my baby’s skin for an 11 hour stretch, I would prefer it to be an organic fabric. It looks very soft.

  8. I’ve tried sooooo many night time diapers and combinations with my heavy wetters, with no luck. I’m excited to try this one on baby #3 (arriving in Dec) because of a number of features – bamboo, extra space for adding more absorbency, etc.

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  13. I usually have to put my babies in disposables for night, so I would love to find a cloth option that works.

  14. My favourite feature of this diaper is the fact that it will fit 8-35 lbs.

  15. I’m really interested in getting a few of the Oriön Nighttime Fitted diapers. They just appear to be a must!! 🙂

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  20. I appreciate that they are completely Canadian made with Canadian fabrics.

  21. I like that it’s a combination of stay dry and natural fabrics in one fitteds! I love this option for my lil one because It gives me room to customize it to the needs of my child and change it up anytime I want without any extra liners!!!

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