Lighthouse Diapers All In One Review

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

Lighthouse Diaper All In One ReviewIt took me a while in my cloth diapering career (it’s a career, right?) to warm up to all-in-one (AIO) diapers, but now that I have, I really can’t get enough of them. There’s something so incredibly convenient about not having to stuff a pocket diaper and not having to dig through a pile of 60+ diapers to find the right insert. Now this is a large stash problem for sure, but AIOs are just so handy for all cloth diapering families! If you’re not yet on board with AIOs, maybe the will convince you. If you haven’t heard about Lighthouse Diapers (made by Lighthouse Kids Company) I won’t be surprised. You see, even I hadn’t heard of them before a handful of months ago. When Jennifer of told me she was bringing these unique AIO diapers into her shop, I just had to try one out! Here’s what I think of the Lighthouse Diapers AIO. 

The Details:

The is a one size all-in-one cloth diaper. The diaper is just one piece where the absorbency is sewn into the waterproof shell of the diaper. That means there’s no need to sort through the laundry pile to match soakers/inserts to shells, and no need to stuff anything before going on baby’s bum. The Lighthouse Diapers AIO is a one size diaper that fits babies from 9 lbs to 32 lbs. It accommodates this range of sizing with a 4 x 2 snap rise adjustment on the front of the diaper (note that the latest colors/prints have a 4 x 3 snap rise adjustment. There is a double row snap closure with a hip snap on each of the diaper tabs to prevent wing droop. There’s also cross over snaps so the waist can get really tiny for small babies. The outer layer of the Lighthouse Diapers AIO is made with a waterproof lightweight TPU that’s soft and stretchy to allow free movement for baby. Inside, the diaper is lined with my favourite inner material for a cloth diaper: athletic wicking jersey (AWJ). Not only is AWJ a material that provides a stay dry feel for baby, but it’s also super breathable. At the front of the Lighthouse Diapers AIO there is a TPU tummy panel to prevent moisture from wicking up the front of the diaper.

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

The absorbency of the Lighthouse Diapers AIO is a two layer heavy knit bamboo soaker that’s sewn in at the back of the diaper only. This soaker is a bookfold diaper design that is folded in half (like a book) to provide four layers of absorbency. You can also fold the soaker down and then in half to create eight layers of absorbency. The bamboo knit soaker has a micro-fleece top layer and is sewn down the middle where you’d make the book fold. You can fold it so the micro-fleece is against baby’s skin, or you can fold it the opposite way so the bamboo is against baby’s skin. The micro-fleece provides a stay dry feel for baby while the bamboo against the skin allows baby to feel the moisture (great for those reaching the potty training stage with their little ones). The Lighthouse Diapers AIO comes with a 2 layer bamboo knit booster that can be placed on top or underneath the bookfold soaker to add additional absorbency as needed.

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

How It Works:

Petit Prince is nearing the end of his diapering days (hopefully), but for now he’s still in cloth diapers full time. He’s two years and four months old, around 35-36″ tall, and roughly 25lbs give or take. His build is what I would call long and lean. The Lighthouse Diapers AIO has quickly become a favourite diaper of mine. Seriously. It takes a lot for a diaper to steal my heart and make my top 5 list, but the Lighthouse Diaper AIO has done it. For starters, it’s the fit. This diaper is excellent for lean babies. Petit Prince wears it on the medium rise (last setting of the snap rise before being fully unsnapped) and it’s a really nice fit for him. The diaper provides great bum coverage without a whole lot of extra bulk or additional width leaving excess material flopping about. Through the legs, it has enough width to provide adequate surface area to stop liquid-y poops from reaching the leg elastics, but not so much that the soakers in the diaper get all squished up and shifted to the middle. The bookfold diaper soaker in the Lighthouse AIO is surprisingly trim and with the booster added, there’s no additional noticeable bulk. The front of the diaper is bulkier than the bum, but far from what I would consider “bulky” for a cloth diaper. There’s no need to size up with pants or jeans to fit them over the Lighthouse Diapers AIO.

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

With a diaper this trim the first thing that I think when I see it is will it be absorbent enough? I have to admit that on first glance I assumed it would not be absorbent enough. Well, you know what my mother says about assumptions… (or maybe you don’t?) Anyways! This diaper is REALLY absorbent. I mean really really absorbent. Surprisingly so given how thin it is. As a cloth diaper blogger, my goal is to break a diaper. I literally try to get a diaper to leak. I want to push a diaper to its absolute limit of absorbency so I can tell you how long you should expect it to last before it needs to be changed. I can’t break the Lighthouse Diapers AIO. It has not been possible. Now, I use the bookfold diaper soaker folded in half, micro-fleece up against Petit Prince’s skin, 2 layer bamboo booster in between the book folded soaker. It lasts 4 hours with ease. It just won’t leak. Petit Prince has taken to flooding his diapers lately too and the Lighthouse Diapers AIO has no trouble containing it and keeping moisture inside the diaper where it belongs. I have not tried this diaper overnight because Petit Prince is now a super soaker overnight and that’s just not fair to any diaper that isn’t a fitted. BUT, if your little one is a moderate overnight wetter, do give the Lighthouse Diapers AIO a try overnight and see how it fares. It would not surprise me if it lasted 12 hours for moderate overnight wetters. In terms of prep, the Lighthouse Diapers AIO requires just one wash and it’s ready to go. This was absolutely true for Petit Prince. (Worth noting is that the Lighthouse Diapers AIO is advertised on their website as having four layers of bamboo when the soaker is completely unfolded, but I could not feel more than two layers of bamboo. I confirmed this with Lighthouse Kids Company, and they explained that although it is a three layer soaker having a fleece layer and two bamboo layers, the bamboo is a heavier knit that is equivalent to four layers of bamboo.)

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

I wanted to be sure to talk a little about the unique bookfold diaper style soaker that is in the Lighthouse Diapers AIO. I’ll admit that when I first saw it, it looked different. It is unlike any other cloth diaper I’ve used before. I expected it to be a little confusing to use at first, but figured I’d get the hang of it quickly. Once I had it in my hands, it was so obvious how to use it! It’s really so simple and a really neat way to do an AIO insert while still keeping it quick to dry (which it is). There’s a sewn line down the centre of the bookfold diaper soaker and this is where you’ll fold it. You can fold it under so the micro-fleece layer is against baby’s skin, or you can fold it over so the bamboo is against baby’s skin. When the diaper is a on a smaller rise, you’ll want to fold the soaker back as well to shorten it. To do this, you fold the soaker along the sewn line first (either over or under), then you fold the top of the soaker under to shorten it or to double up the absorbency up front. Because the absorbency is bamboo and there’s a layer of micro-fleece on top, the soaker does sort of shrink up a little wavy. This is simply because the bamboo shrinks and the fleece doesn’t. The shrinking is pretty minimal and doesn’t affect the function of the diaper at all, so don’t be alarmed if this happens to your Lighthouse Diapers AIO.

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

The Lighthouse Diapers AIO is not a huge diaper. I find that their size recommendation of 9 to 32 lbs to be accurate. I wouldn’t expect it to fit a chunky 35 lb toddler, but they aren’t advertising that it will. I think it would fit an average sized child until potty training if you’re expecting them to be in diapers until roughly 2.5 yrs of age (or older if your child is lean like Petit Prince). On its smallest rise with the waist tabs crossed over, the Lighthouse Diapers AIO gets quite small, and I think it would absolutely fit a 9 lb baby.

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review


  • One size fits from 9 to 32 lbs
  • All In One requires no stuffing! The absorbency is attached.
  • Bookfold diaper soaker can be folded with micro-fleece up for a stay dry feel or with bamboo up.
  • TPU tummy panel prevents wicking.
  • Hip snaps on the tabs prevent wing droop.
  • Double row snap closure.
  • Snap adjustable rise with four settings.
  • Trim fit even with the booster added.
  • Booster is included for additional absorbency as needed.
  • Very absorbent, even for a toddler!
  • TPU is soft and stretchy for a great fit and easy movement for baby.
  • Requires no prep washes. Wash once and it can go on the bum.
  • Dries quickly!


  • Probably won’t fit larger toddlers, but it also doesn’t claim to fit children over 32 lbs.

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

Final Thoughts:

I’m really happy with the . I’m so happy with it that I wish I hadn’t discovered it only when my last baby was over two years old! If I’d found this diaper sooner, I know there would be more of them in my stash. It’s super absorbent (surprisingly so), and really trim. The bookfold diaper soaker is something I’ve never encountered in a cloth diaper before, but I love how it allows you to customize the material that’s against baby’s skin and the absorbency. I love it when a diaper comes with everything you need to use it even with a heavy wetting toddler. The additional booster than comes with the Lighthouse Diapers AIO is super thin, but is quite absorbent! The Lighthouse Diapers AIO incorporates many of my favourite elements of a cloth diaper (AWJ inner, bamboo absorbency, stay dry feel, adjustable rise, double row snap closure, hip snaps…) and it does all that in a super absorbent and trim package that Petit Prince loves to wear! This diaper has absolutely made it onto my top five list!

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

These fab diapers start at $26.50 each making them a high quality diaper that comes at an affordable price!

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Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

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    Thank you; great review!

  14. I wish I had heard of this brand when my daughter was born, she was always on the smaller side and her skinny legs were always allowing the diaper to leak out the sides.

  15. I have one lighthouse diaper but it isn’t love. I’ve found that the insert curls in a funky way once it is dried. I wish I had a big enough stash where I could air dry all of my diapers – but at this point, I can’t. 🙁

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