Babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in StyleThe very first baby item I purchased when I was pregnant with The Heir was a stroller. I remember feeling like it was such an important decision to make since I was going to be using it daily for years to come. I compared the features of so many strollers in those early weeks of pregnancy. Questions swirled in my head. What was the right wheel type and size? Should I go with a bassinet or skip it? Would there be an adapter for the car seat I wanted? How much storage space would be enough? Is it going to fit in my car and is it easy to fold? If you’re in the throes of stroller shopping while pregnant, I get you. I have been there and I have done that. There’s just one pretty important difference. Babyroues‘ strollers weren’t available in Canada when I was pregnant with The Heir, but they are now! I’ve had the pleasure of taking the Babyroues Letour Avant stroller for a thorough test drive, and let me be the first to tell you that this stroller has it all! So many features and all the luxury you want in a stroller, and it comes in at a great price! 

The Details:

Babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

Babyroues has been in the stroller business for over 30 years and everything is done with the needs of parents and babies in mind. That’s pretty obvious from the design of their Letour line of strollers. Babyroues has four strollers that are part of the Letour line up: Letour II, Letour Lux II, Letour Avant, and Letour Avant Luxe.

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

All the Babyroues Letour strollers have a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame available in either a silver finish or a black finish. That lightweight frame translates to a lightweight stroller coming in at just 20 lbs with the stroller seat attached. Every Babyroues Letour stroller comes with a stroller seat and a bassinet that can be used both on the stroller base or off the stroller base for safe sleeping at home. The Letour strollers have a nice compact fold that’s easy to do and the stroller can be folded with the stroller seat or the bassinet attached. The handle of the Letour stroller has three adjustable positions to accommodate parents and caregivers of varying heights. With a front and rear suspension system and larger rear wheels, the Babyroues Letour strollers offer a really smooth ride for your baby or toddler. The stroller seat can be positioned facing out or facing in on the frame, and has four recline positions. Car seat adapters are available for the Babyroues Letour strollers for all makes of car seats making it easy to turn this stroller into your very own travel system. 

BabyRoues Letour Avant Stroller

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

The stroller seat and the bassinet each come with their own frame, so there’s no switching the fabrics back and forth when you want to switch between the bassinet and the stroller seat. The Letour stroller has a large canopy that provides excellent shading for baby. The canopy zips open at the top to extend even further giving full coverage top to bottom over the stroller seat. The canopy zips open to a mesh panel that allows air flow without compromising on shade. Speaking of airflow, there are two mesh vents that can be opened up on either side of the bassinet to allow lots of fresh air to circulate around baby. Every Letour stroller includes a rain cover that fits over the stroller seat or the bassinet.

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

The Babyroues Letour line of strollers come equipped with excellent storage. There’s a large basket under the stroller to fit the diaper bag, groceries, the baby carrier, or whatever else you need to bring with you on the go. The back of the stroller seat is equipped with a storage pouch that’s divided into two compartments. These compartments are a great size for packing along some snacks, diapers & wipes, and your wallet and phone.

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

All the above features come equipped standard in the Babyroues Letour II stroller and the other three models. Next up is the Letour II Lux. As you might expect from the name, the Letour II Lux adds a little more luxury to the Letour II. This model comes with a leatherette wrapped handle bar and stroller bar (bumper), and the foot cover for the bassinet and the canopy is leatherette as well. Next up is the Babyroues Letour Avant stroller. This is the model that I have and the model that you’ll see in all the photos here. The Letour Avant comes with additional accessories and some extra luxury features. It includes full foamed wheels, an organizer bag that straps onto the handle bar, a cup holder, and a leatherette wrapped handle bar and stroller bar. Finally, the Letour Avant Luxe stroller includes all the additional accessories of the Letour Avant but with a leatherette foot cover for the bassinet and a leatherette canopy.

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

How It Works:

The Babyroues Letour Avant stroller has been really great. It is loaded with features and accessories that I wish I’d had since Petit Prince was a newborn! Straight out of the box, the Letour Avant does require assembly. I happen to love putting things together, so I actually enjoyed assembling the stroller. The instructions that came with the stroller were pretty straightforward with pictures and text to walk you through the process. It took me somewhere around 30 to 45 minutes to get it all set up with frequent interruptions from the curious toddler in my life. Once I had it set up, the very first thing I did was test out the fold. I feel like the fold of a stroller is pretty crucial. I love that I can fold the Letour Avant stroller with the stroller seat still attached AND still fit it into the trunk of my car without having to take the seat off. Sometimes these little things are big things in the mom world. The fold does require two hands as there are release buttons on both sides of the frame just below the handle bar, but it’s as simple as sliding those release buttons and pushing down and the whole thing folds up. Since the Babyroues Letour Avant weighs just 20 lbs with the seat attached, it’s easy enough to lift with one hand to bring it up the stairs and into the house. Although I don’t have a cute squishy newborn to transport in my Letour Avant, I do appreciate that the stroller can be folded with the bassinet attached too if you’re using it that way.

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

Despite being on a lightweight aluminum frame, the Letour Avant feels quite sturdy. It handles the sidewalks with all their cracks and dips really well, and it pushes just fine in the grass too. We haven’t had enough snow stick to the ground yet here, so I haven’t been able to push it around in the snow just yet. What I can say about all-weather stroller use is that a stroller like the Letour Avant with four single wheels (rather than those double wheels super close together) tends to handle a light amount of snow or slush quite well. The brake is really easy to engage and release. It’s a bar that runs between the two rear wheels and I can tap it up or down with my foot.

Babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

The option of using the Letour Avant with the stroller seat facing in or facing out is a great feature. When babies are young and just out of the bassinet stage, it’s nice to be able to see them when you’re on the go. Once that baby becomes a toddler they become so interested in the world around them that facing out is a lot of fun! The stroller seat can be used from 6 months (or sooner if baby has excellent head control) and can be used up to 55 lbs. Petit Prince is around 35-36″ tall and has lots of room to grow in the Letour Avant seat. With the high weight limit for the seat and the tall seat frame, it should accommodate children to age three and beyond. The stroller seat can be reclined to all four positions regardless of which direction the seat is facing. That means I can recline it all the way back almost flat if Petit Prince needs to take a nap, and pull that canopy over to give him a distraction free sleep zone. Speaking of that canopy, this canopy is HUGE. I love a good canopy and Babyroues has nailed it. This canopy can cover the entire stroller seat when it’s extended all the way down. It’s amazing. Petit Prince absolutely hates the sun getting in his eyes, but with the Letour canopy I can shield him from the sun no matter how low it is!

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

The bassinet for the Babyroues Letour Avant stroller is really nice. The foot cover is a great feature, and the mattress inside the bassinet is really top notch. The mattress cover is removable so it can be properly washed as needed. The bassinet and stroller seat share the same canopy, so you do have to move the canopy off the stroller seat and onto the bassinet. The good news is that this takes me roughly 45 second to complete, so it’s really not a big deal. There are air vents on either side of the bassinet that can be kept closed or rolled up and secured with a toggle. These vents are such a great idea! Newborns really can’t regulate their own body temperature, so being able to add some extra air flow in the spring or summer time is a wonderful feature to have. The Letour bassinet can be used off the stroller base as a regular bassinet at home (or away from home). It has little feet underneath the bassinet so it sits level on the floor. I love that the included bassinet means you don’t have to purchase a separate one for using around the house. The bassinet on the Letour Avant stroller base can be used right from birth up to 6 months of age.

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like I’m packing enough for a weekend away every time I’ve leaving the house. The Babyroues Letour Avant stroller has so much storage that I can actually leave the diaper bag and my purse at home. I’m serious! I can fit a couple cloth diapers, wipes, and a wet bag in the larger compartment of the stroller seat pouch, and my wallet fits nicely in the smaller compartment of the stroller seat pouch. My water bottle, Petit Prince’s water bottle, toddler snacks, my phone, and my keys all fit in the organizer bag that comes with the Letour Avant. I can tuck my toddler carrier in the stroller basket and still have room for shopping bags, library books, or groceries! I can pack everything I could possibly need (and then some) with all the storage and organization packed into the Babyroues Letour Avant. It’s the best!

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

Overall, I’m really happy with the Babyroues Letour Avant stroller. It has all the features I want in a stroller, and it has a nice high end feel. The leatherette wrapped handle bar is a really nice touch and it makes the stroller feel luxurious. Although the Letour Avant is a single stroller and cannot be converted to a double, this is not something I find to be a problem. Despite having two kids, I have never owned a double stroller and have never felt like I needed one. I much prefer wearing one child when necessary and having a single stroller that’s lightweight and doesn’t take up my entire trunk! The Letour Avant includes all the accessories I could want for a stroller, so I don’t need to purchase any extras! All Babyroues Letour strollers come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects, and free spare parts are included for the life of the stroller.

Babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

Right now all Babyroues Letour strollers are on RollBack at Walmart and they’re all on for UNDER $500! This special pricing is only on through November 8th. The regular retail price for the Babyroues Letour II is $629, the Letour II Lux is $699, the Letour Avant is $699, and the Letour Avant Luxe is $749.


How would you like a chance to WIN your choice of Babyroues Letour stroller? One lucky Canadian reader will win one Babyroues Letour stroller in their choice of model and colour. Choose from the Letour II, Letour II Lux, Letour Avant, and the Letour Avant Luxxe. Don’t want to miss the Walmart RollBack pricing that ends November 8th, but still want a chance to win? If your name is drawn for the giveaway and you bought a Babyroues Letour stroller from before November 17th 2017, you’ll be fully reimbursed for the cost of the stroller! This giveaway is open to Canadian residents 18+, and closes on November 17th, 2017. Babyroues is responsible for prize fulfillment.

Enter the Babyroues Letour Giveaway:

Babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

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