Bummis Liniment for Cloth Diaper Bums

Bummis Liniment for Cloth Diaper Bums

Bummis Liniment for Cloth Diaper Bums
Liniment has become a must have product for cloth diapering families, so when Bummis came out with their very own liniment I had to try it! If you haven’t heard about liniment yet, I’m about to rock your cloth diapered bum changing world right here. Liniment is a cleansing product designed to clean baby bums. Think of it as a cleansing milk of sorts. Liniment has all kinds of benefits beyond simply providing baby with a nice clean bum. Let me introduce you to Bummis’ all new Liniment and explain what makes it so great. 

Bummis Liniment is a lotion designed to be used to cleanse a baby’s bum during a diaper change. In terms of its consistency, it reminds be of a rich body lotion. Totally unscented and fragrance free, Bummis Liniment is cloth diaper safe, helps to prevent diaper rash, and hydrates and protects baby’s skin. What does Bummis Liniment feel like on the skin? It’s a smooth lotion that rubs onto the skin easily and wipes off well with a cloth wipe or wash cloth. Once the liniment has bee wiped off the skin, you’re left with skin that feels really soft and not greasy. The beeswax in the Bummis Liniment leaves behind a protective layer that you can feel on the skin, though it doesn’t feel sticky. You can tell that there’s something there providing a gentle barrier from liquid, but your skin still feels soft and smooth to the touch. It’s that protective beeswax barrier that helps to prevent diaper rash.

Bummis Liniment for Cloth Diaper Bums

How exactly are you supposed to use Bummis Liniment? There are two different ways to use this liniment to clean baby during a diaper change. Your first option is to pump some liniment onto a dry cloth wipe. This is how I usually use it. The second option is to pump the liniment directly onto baby’s skin. For a pee diaper, I use one or two pumps of liniment on a folded cloth wipe. Then I swipe the wipe across the bum, and swipe it across the front leaving a streak of liniment on baby’s skin. Then I wipe as I normally would with the cloth wipe. This spreads the liniment around and lifts it back up onto the wipe. I especially love using Bummis Liniment for changing Petit Prince out of his overnight diaper. My overnight diapers don’t stink, but they do smell like stale pee (not to be mistaken with ammonia, that’s different). Using liniment leaves Petit Prince’s skin really fresh and it lifts away any stale pee smell that might be sticking to his skin.

Bummis Liniment for Cloth Diaper Bums

Bummis Liniment isn’t just for pee diaper changes though! Oh no! You can absolutely use it to clean up a poopy bum, I kid you not. For a poop diaper change, I’ll start with two pumps of liniment on a folded cloth wipe. I take it straight to the bum to do the initial clean up. Then I either fold the wipe over or grab a new one, add one more pump of Bummis Liniment to the wipe, and do a final sweep to make sure that bum is totally clean. You might expect liniment to just spread poop around the area, but it does actually lift it right off the skin! Since we’re on the topic of poopy diapers, I’ll add that it works for cleaning all consistencies of baby/toddler poop that you might encounter.

Bummis Liniment for Cloth Diaper Bums

Petit Prince has particularly sensitive skin, and I have to be really careful about what products I use on him. He needs natural mineral based sunscreens or he gets a rash. Most baby lotions give him a rash and cause his eczema to flare up. I was thrilled that the Bummis Liniment caused no skin irritation for him. I’ve been able to use it for Petit Prince’s diaper changes without any issues. I love that the beeswax in the Bummis Liniment provides a really light protective barrier that also hydrates his skin. He needs that as his eczema gets worse as the winter weather settles in, and there’s nothing worse that itchy eczema patches in the diaper area.

Bummis Liniment for Cloth Diaper Bums

Bummis Liniment is cloth diaper safe. What that means is that it will not build up or leave a residue on your cloth diapers. No build up and no residue means it will not cause repelling. You can rest assured that your cloth diapers will perform as well as they always have while using Bummis Liniment on your baby’s bum! I haven’t seen any staining on either the diapers or the cloth wipes that I’ve be using with Bummis Liniment. Everything still looks perfect!

Bummis Liniment is sold in a 500ml pump bottle for $19.95 and is available to purchase directly through Bummis or at your favourite Bummis retailer.

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Bummis Liniment for Cloth Diaper Bums

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44 Comments on “Bummis Liniment for Cloth Diaper Bums

  1. I have used liniment before, but not the bummis one. I love the smell and that it’s so easy. There’s so many other uses!

  2. Of my 7 kids 4 have children and only one uses cloth diapers much to my disappointment and she lives in Europe.

  3. I’ve never tried or heard of bummies liniment before, but I am excited to try it!
    What are the ingredients? This product reminds me of La Petite Creme and I’m wondering if the ingredients are equally as natural.

  4. I have tried liniment myself but not on my babies and not the Bummis kind. Will be interesting to try!

  5. I haven’t tried the liniment, this is the first time I have actually heard about it! Thank you for the review and for the giveaway!

  6. I have not tried the Bummis liniment yet. I had not even been aware they made it until now. It sounds like it would work for my grandson who has sensitive skin & eczema too. Thank you for the great review & chance to win some!

  7. I’ve never tried liniment before. We do use cloth diaper safe rash cream, but only after there’s an issue. It’s interesting to think there could be a preventative!

  8. My favorite feature of Bummis linimnet is that the beeswax in the Bummis Liniment leaves behind a protective layer that you can feel on the skin, though it doesn’t feel sticky.

  9. I haven’t tried liniment before. It looks like the French diaper creme I’ve seen advertised but also haven’t used.

  10. Bummis Liniment sounds like a really good one for baby’s sensitive skin.

  11. I have never tried liniment before, nor have I heard of it before today. I can see the appeal though. I would use coconut oil to help moisturize and it made a big difference – having something in a pump bottle like this would be much easier though!

  12. No I have never tried it or heard of it before, but I would love to try it.

  13. Never heard of or tried the liniment before this would love to try it though

  14. I haven’t had the chance to try the liniment before, but after reading up on it, I gotta admit it that I would definitely LOVE to give it a try.

  15. I haven’t tried Bummis Liniment yet. I like their old style Newborn diaper covers.

  16. I haven’t tried liniment but would love to have something for those small occasional rashes!

  17. I’ve actually not heard of this before but it sounds like a great product.

  18. After reading your Review of the Bummis Liniment, I can officially say that I would Love to try this and shall be adding this to my Christmas wist list. 🙂 Thanks for posting/sharing a very informative review (even if it was for giveaway purposes lol)..I thought your review was very thorough.

  19. I have been wondering if there was a cloth diaper safe barrier cream! Beeswax, who knew? This sounds like great stuff!

  20. My children have all had eczema, so this is something I’d really like to try!

  21. I love that it has beeswax in it, it really is a great barrier for the skin.

  22. I love everything I read about this bum lotion. Always best to keep baby’s bum healthy. I got to get one for my new baby boy due in a couple of weeks.

  23. I’ve never heard of this before! I’m so happy to read this review. I’m gonna buy some of this and see if it helps my son with his redness after overnight diapers. We usually have to do an hour of naked time after he wakes up so his skin can calm down.

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