Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

All-In-Two (AI2) cloth diapers are one of those diaper styles that has always appealed to me. The ability to swap out just the absorbency and reuse the waterproof shell right away is a great idea. Not only does this mean you can get away with fewer waterproof shells cutting down on the initial investment for a cloth diaper stash, but you can also use a variety of soakers to meet your baby’s needs. It’s brilliant, really. Omaïki has redesigned their AI2 diaper and come out with the Cabriö. It’s a relatively new cloth diaper shell with a lot of great features and it happens to be made right here in Canada. Paired with the Ëvo insert, it offers the complete AI2 package. 

If you’re not familiar with the Omaïki brand, let me give you a brief introduction. Omaïki is an all Canadian company run by two best friends in Quebec. Their products are designed and made in Canada, and they strive to make the best reusable items for babies, toddlers, and moms.

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

The Details:

The Omaïki Cabriö is a cloth diaper shell designed to be used as the waterproof part of an AI2 cloth diaper system. An AI2 system is a two part cloth diaper consisting of a waterproof outer shell and an absorbent insert. The idea is that when it’s time to change baby’s diaper, you can simply remove the absorbent insert and replace it with a clean insert without needing to also wash the shell. The Cabriö shell is a one size waterproof diaper shell. It fits babies from 8 to 35lbs, and it accommodates that range of sizing with a 2×4 adjustable snap rise. The Cabriö has a PUL outer and a polyester suede cloth inner. The closure is a double row snap closure with cross over snaps on the tabs to allow a snug fit around the waist for smaller babies. Inside the Cabriö near the back of the diaper shell is a pair of snaps, and at the front of the diaper is a wide flap of PUL. This wide flap of PUL prevents moisture from wicking up the front of the diaper when the insert is tucked into that flap. The Cabriö is made entirely in Canada from the fabric used right to the final production.

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

The Cabriö itself is just the waterproof diaper shell, so it does require the Omaïki Evö insert to be a complete diaper system. The Evö insert is sold separately. The Evö insert is a long one size insert that can be folded in half to fit the Cabriö at the largest rise or in thirds to fit the Cabriö at the smallest rise. You can also fold the Evö insert to increase the layers of absorbency where your baby needs it most. The Evö insert consists of four layers of soft and absorbent bamboo and has a layer athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) on side. You can fold the Evö insert so that the AWJ is touching baby’s skin for a stay dry feel, or you can fold it so the bamboo is touching baby’s skin if you prefer a natural fibre against the skin. When folded in half, there will be eight layers of absorbency and when folded in thirds, there will be twelve layers of absorbency. The Evö insert is also made in Canada from Canadian materials.

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

How It Works:

Petit Prince is well into toddlerhood now at over two years old, he weighs approximately 25lbs, and is around 35″ tall. His build is what I would call long and lean. He has been using the Omaïki Cabriö on the medium rise setting (that is, one up from the smallest rise). I fold the Evö insert so that it is folded in half at the back and folded in thirds at the front where he wets most heavily. Over the last couple of months, Petit Prince has moved into heavy wetter territory. I’ve found myself needing to add more and more absorbency to his diapers for day time use to get them to last three hours. I’m happy to report that the Omaïki Cabriö with Evö insert easily lasts Petit Prince a solid three hours of wear during the day. Even when I put it on him for his first diaper of the day (when he wets most heavily), I can still reliably get three hours of this diaper. I’m definitely impressed with the absorbency of that Evö insert! I prefer to keep the AWJ side against Petit Prince’s skin for that stay dry feel. The bamboo that Omaïki uses is really soft and floppy, and it doesn’t stiffen up when wet. That’s a great feature as staying soft also makes it less prone to bunching between the legs with an active toddler.

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

In terms of fit, the Omaïki Cabriö is an okay fit for Petit Prince. It’s not the trimmest diaper in my stash, but it’s also far from the bulkiest diaper I have. I don’t need to size up Petit Prince’s pants to fit over the Omaïki Cabriö with Evö insert. My biggest complaint about the fit is that after 30 to 45 minutes of wear with an active toddler, the rise fold starts to pop out and protrude. This can happen with some diapers that use two rise snaps across instead of three. With the Omaïki Cabriö, it’s almost as though the two across rise snaps are just a little too far apart and that rise fold starts to unfold and fall outward over a short time when it’s on the bum. By the time Petit Prince is ready for a change, the protrusion at the rise is, well, unsightly. This doesn’t affect the function of the diaper in any way, but it’s certainly not a look I want Petit Prince to have if we’re going out of the house. This would be resolved easily with a three across rise snap adjustment instead of the two across one that the Cabriö has.

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

The Omaïki Cabriö shell that I have has a pair of snaps inside the diaper near the  back. The Evö insert that is designed to be paired with the Cabriö has no snaps on it at all. There didn’t seem to be a purpose for these snaps that I could see, so I contacted Omaïki to ask what the snaps were for. They let me know that subsequent production runs of the Cabriö would not include these snaps. I believe Omaïki sells a booster that can snap into those snaps, but since it’s not really part of the Cabriö system, those snaps won’t be on the Cabriö shells much longer.

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

One of the key features that I look for in an AI2 diaper system is the ability to reuse the shell. Since the Omaïki Cabriö has a polyester suede cloth inner lining, I didn’t find it possible to reuse the shell. That inner material was at least damp every time I changed Petit Prince. This was the case even after Petit Prince had an unexpected poop in the diaper after just one pee. The moisture had soaked into all the layers of the Evö insert up front and the polyester suede cloth lining of the Cabriö shell was damp. When the diaper was on for a full three hours or more, the suede cloth lining was really wet even though the Cabriö didn’t leak at all. Now, if you’re comfortable hanging the Cabriö shell to dry and reusing it, it’s certainly something that you can do. Personally, I would not reuse a diaper shell with a fabric lining if that fabric lining has become wet with pee. In my experience, it’s not going to smell great after having pee on it and drying out. If the shell of an AI2 system is PUL only inside, then it’s possible to wipe it out with a damp cloth or a wipe, hang it to dry, and reuse it at the next diaper change. With a fabric inner lining, wiping is just not possible. Although the Cabriö shell can’t always be reused for each change, it is still super absorbent with the Evö insert. It has been working so well for Petit Prince despite his heavy wetting during the day time. That I can’t reuse the shell is not a deal breaker for me because it performs so well without any leaks.

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review


  • Made in Canada
  • Fits from 8 to 35lbs
  • Double row snap closure
  • Cross-over tabs for a snug fit at the waist for smaller babies
  • Waterproof PUL outer
  • Polyester suede cloth inner lining offers a stay dry feel
  • Evö insert is very absorbent
  • Evö insert can be folded to maximize absorbency where your baby needs it most
  • Bamboo absorbency is very soft and doesn’t stiffen up when wet
  • AWJ layer on Evö insert provides a stay dry feel with the option of the bamboo against baby’s skin instead
  • Cabriö shell can be reused after hanging to dry if desired


  • Cabriö shell cannot be wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • Rise fold tends to protrude over the wear due to there only being two across rise snaps

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I’m quite happy with the Omaïki Cabriö with Evö insert. Though I wouldn’t use it as a true AI2 due to the inner lining of the shell getting damp with normal wear, it still functions really well as an absorbent diaper for heavy wetters. I love that it’s made right here in Canada, and it’s clear that a lot of care and attention has gone into the Cabriö’s design. The fit is good, though not especially trim, and the rise adjustment allows it to fit right through to potty training. Petit Prince is close to potty training now and there are still two rise adjustments he hasn’t yet grown into. The double row snap closure is my favourite snap closure style. The Evö insert doesn’t shift around in the Cabriö shell, and tucks in under the PUL flap at the front. I never experienced a single leak with this diaper combo despite leaving it on for 3+ hours during Petit Prince’s heaviest wetting time of day. For a Canadian made cloth diaper system with a soft customizable bamboo absorbency, it’s a great option!

Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

The Omaïki Cabriö shell can be purchased directly through Omaïki for $19 for a solid colour and $23 for a print. The Evö insert is sold separately for $10.50 for one or $25 for a 3 pack.

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Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

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Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

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36 Comments on “Omaïki Cabriö All in Two Cloth Diaper Review

  1. I would probably choose the Boreal print, & I like that it has a tummy panel flap to prevent wicking onto clothes. Don’t think i would reuses a we cover so the idea of changing out inserts is useless IMO.

  2. I like the Origami Pattern best. My favorite color is blue, so that may be part of it;)
    Und my favorite Feature is the fact that it has 4 rise settings instead of 3, that makes it an ehen better fit.

  3. If I was the lucky winner I’d choose the AIÖ² Diaper – Pink Flamingos for my latest granddaughter. 🙂 I love the fact that it has perfect adjustment for all ages and sizes and so will last a long time. A huge plus for me is the fact that they’re made in Canada with 100% Canadian fabrics.

  4. My favorite feature of this diaper is how trim it is! I love slim fitting diapers! If I would win I would probably choose cactus!

  5. I like that the insert is reversible with either AWJ or bamboo.
    I would choose the Origami print!

  6. I would choose the Big Island print. I like that it has a newer newborn fit feature.

  7. I love that the Cabrio has an awesome fit and is really good at containing leaks!! Sounds fabulous! I love the Origami print!

  8. I really like that it’s so versatile and I would choose the steel gray color.

  9. I like that it is super absorbent and fits from 8-35 lbs. I’d pick the Origami pattern!

  10. I love the double row snap feature. If I won I would choose arrows. It’s so cute!

  11. I love the reversible bamboo! I would choose origami I’m loving all things blue!

  12. I’ve never used AWJ, but it sounds like a great addition to the bamboo! It sounds great to try. I’d try out “smash the cake” if I won!

  13. I like that the insert comes out so you don’t have to wash the shell each time. I would get the apple green colour.

  14. This is a wonderful diaper and I am glad that it holds in the wetness so well.

  15. I would get the origami print. I love origami and LO’s nickname is “Little Bird” so the cranes are perfect. We actually have 3 bird print diapers right now, but I’m always on the look out for more!

  16. I actually prefer diapers that only use two snaps for the rise. My favourite feature would be the suedecloth and I would choose steel grey.

  17. I love that it’s made in Canada! It would be hard to pick a favourite between Milky Way and Boreal.

  18. My favorite is the AIÖ² Diaper – Emerald! The color is rich and stylish.

  19. I love that the diaper is One-size (fitting from 8-35lbs). I like the Milky Way print

  20. I like that they have cross over snaps. Not all one-size diapers can get small enough around the waist.

  21. I really LOVE that this Diaper is soooo versatile, it’s absolutely Amazing..

  22. It’s nice to have the customizable absorbency and I love that they’re made in Canada.

  23. I think I will pick one of these up for my daughter who is expecting to try out, thank you for the review.

  24. Great blog explaining this adorable print on this cloth diaper. So understandable for a mom who never cloth diaper before but want to try with my third baby due in a couple of weeks.

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