Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road CoatSafe & Warm with the Onekid Road Coat

There’s no denying that winter is just around the corner after the blizzard like conditions we had here just a couple weeks ago. Like it or not, the cold weather and the snow is on its way and it’s time to start thinking about how to manage the little ones through the winter this year. One of the biggest challenges parents in colder climates face is winter car seat safety. I’ve talked at length about keeping kids safe in the car in freezing weather, so I don’t feel the need to rehash all of that again here. Suffice it to say that children should not wear puffy coats, thick winter gear, snow pants, or snow suits in their car seats. (Not sure why? Read my post about winter car seat safety.) Now I know all too well that it gets very cold in the winter in many parts of North America. I also know that life carries on in very cold temperatures in many parts of North America. That means you really can’t just avoid going out when it’s bitterly cold. It has to happen, and if you’re traveling by car, it has to happen safely. The One Kid Road Coat has taken the most annoying part of winter with children in car seats and made it so much easier. With the Road Coat, gone are the days of taking the coat off before getting in the car and hustling to put it back on when getting out of the car. The One Kid Road Coat can stay on in the car, in the car seat, and under the harness. Crazy talk, right? Let me explain how it works! 

The Details:

One Kid is a children’s outerwear company that has been in the business since 1999. Their goal is to create children’s outerwear that is not only high quality, but also comfortable and functional. Their mission is “to keep your kids warm and safe no matter how cold it is”. Their Road Coat collection is designed to be car seat safe too, so you can truly keep your children warm and safe in the car! The original Road Coat is a down filled puffy winter coat that doesn’t really look like a car seat coat.

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

The exterior shell of the Road Coat is made with a high density polyester fabric that is both wind and water resistant. The fill of the coat is 80% down and 20% feather, and it’s rated to -30 C or -25 F. There are two pockets on the front of the Road Coat that are lined with fleece on the inside half of the pocket interior. The front closure of the coat is a heavy duty oversized zipper (easy for little hands to use), and the zipper sits in a “zipper garage” at the top to keep the zipper from catching the chin.

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

When you open the front of the Road Coat, you’ll find a thin jacket panel inside. This inner panel inside the Road Coat is shorter than the outer puffy exterior of the coat, and it has another heavy duty oversized zipper closure with a zipper garage at the top. The inner panel is very thin with just a small amount of insulation inside. Near the top of this panel is a non slip surface designed to help prevent the chest clip of the car seat harness from slipping down the smooth jacket shell material. There’s also a red marker stitched on either side of the zipper to indicate the location where the chest clip should be positioned on the child.

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

The Road Coat has an attached hood that extends up from that inner jacket panel. The hood is filled with the same 80% down and 20% feathers just like the exterior body of the Road Coat. The collar of the Road coat wraps around the back of the hood and has a split collar construction. When you turn the Road Coat around, you’ll see that the collar is split in two locations at the back. There’s a soft hook & loop closure there that allows you to easily open the collar. With the collar open, the harness of the car seat can pass through the collar without sitting on top of a thick layer of the puffy collar.

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

The Road Coat comes with a carrying bag and can be folded down to fit into this bag if you need to pack it around this way. The Road Coat is machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle, and can be tumbled dry on low heat.

How It Works:

I’ve been using the down Road Coat with both The Heir and Petit Prince for the last couple of weeks, and I have to admit that I’m kind of loving it. Before I get into how the Road Coat works in the car seat both rear and forward facing, let me first talk about how it works as a regular coat. One thing I love about the Road Coat is that it looks like a regular winter coat. Unlike other car seat coats I’ve tried over the years, this one isn’t screaming its status as a car seat coat to anyone who glances at it. From the outside, it doesn’t appear to have any extra zippers or panels, it doesn’t have a strange shape or cut that looks like it might double as a poncho. Instead, it looks like a puffy winter coat. The sleeves of the Road Coat don’t have any sort of cuff at the wrist, and I wish they did. It gets pretty windy here, and anything that helps keep that wind out is a plus for my kids. I do like the pockets on the Road Coat and love the extra stitching at the pocket opening. It’s a really nicely finished look. Inside the pocket, it’s only half lined with fleece along the side of the pocket closest to the child’s body. If I could change anything, I’d like the pockets to be fully lined inside just for those days where The Heir forgets to grab his gloves. The hood of the Road Coat is sewn onto the body of the coat and it is not detachable. This is fine for The Heir because at his age, he doesn’t make much of a fuss over a hood that he doesn’t need to use. Toddlers, on the other hand, are not always so tolerant. Last winter, detachable hoods were a must for Petit Prince, but so far this year he’s okay with it. It would be nice if One Kid could find a way to make the hood detachable for those who like to have the option of taking it off completely when it’s not needed.

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

In terms of the Road Coat being warm enough, the weather hasn’t dipped into super freezing temperatures yet so it’s hard to say if it will be warm enough down to -30 C. What I can say is that it definitely has a lot more down fill than the lighter down jackets I have for my kids that are really only warm enough to -5 C. With a sweater underneath and a single layer fleece if it’s super cold, I do think the Road Coat will be warm enough when it’s -30. Of course we won’t be spending excessive amounts of time playing outside when it’s -30, but we have been know to spend around 30 to 45 minutes playing in the snow when it’s -20 to -25. With the right layering, I think the Road Coat will be warm enough for that type of winter outdoor play.

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

Now let’s get right into how it works in the car seats! I’ll start with Petit Prince. He’s 2 years old (almost 28 months if we’re still counting), weighs around 25-26lbs, and is at least 35″ tall. He is currently riding rear facing in his car seat. Petit Prince wears size 2 in shirts, sweaters, and jackets, so I got the One Kid Road Coat for him in size 2. It is a perfect fit for him. I did refer to the One Kid size chart, and although he’s below the weight recommendation for the size 2 coat, he is within the recommended height range, and it’s definitely the right size for him. The Road Coat is true to size. Yes, there’s a little room to grow in Road Coat, but it’s not so large that he’s swimming in it. It will definitely last him through the next eight months of winter we have coming. Because it’s so true to size, I don’t anticipate it fitting him for a second winter, but stranger things have happened!

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

The One Kid Road Coat comes with instructions for how to use the coat properly in the car seat. These instructions are on the tags that come with the coat. The Road Coat is super easy to use! Start by putting the Road Coat on the child and zipping up only the inner jacket panel leaving the outer puffy layer unzipped. Place your child in their car seat, and open the hook & loop closures of the split collar. The car seat harness will sit right in that split collar. With the puffy outer layer of the Road Coat held open (it actually stays open surprisingly well all on its own), buckle up your child’s car seat as normal and tighten the harness. Once the harness is snug and passes the pinch test at the child’s collar bone, slide the chest clip up to armpit level. The red marker stitched on the front of the inner jacket panel will help you determine where your child’s armpit level is. This red marker should be visible below the bottom edge of the chest clip. You can leave the outer puffy layer of the coat unzipped and open, or you can zip the outer puffy layer up over the harness to keep your child extra warm in the car.

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

Petit Prince loved the Road Coat right from his very first car ride with it on. I left the hood up over his head, and he was quite content that way. The split collar makes it really easy to properly position the harness over his shoulders, and all the extra bulk of the collar is out of the way. With that split collar, I can see that the harness is coming from below Petit Prince’s shoulders as it needs to be for rear facing. The inner front jacket panel of the Road Coat is super thin, thinner than even a single layer of fleece, so it doesn’t prevent the harness from getting nice and snug. In fact, it was no more effort to tighten the harness to pass the pinch test than it is when he’s in just a t-shirt or light sweater. With the red marker on the jacket panel below the bottom edge of the chest clip, the chest clip was exactly where it should be at armpit level. It’s great that the Road Coat has this feature as it really does take all the guess work out of finding the child’s armpits when they’re covered by a jacket. The outer puffy layer of the Road Coat easily zips up over the harness, so I can trap in more warmth for him while we wait for the car to warm up and the heat to kick in.

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

Of course as a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), I had to check for myself that the Road Coat was not adding any additional bulk between Petit Prince and the harness. This is the biggest concern with a winter coat worn under the harness. Any additional bulk means the potential for slack in the harness in the event of a collision. The forces of a collision will compress any bulk in a winter coat leaving a previously snug harness loose over the child. This can then result in injury to the child or partial or even full ejection from their seat. In order to check to see if the Road Coat leaves any slack under the harness, I did a quick check. I buckled Petit Prince into his Road Coat and checked that the harness passed the pinch test at the collar bone. Then, without loosening the harness, I unbuckled the harness, removed the Road Coat, and buckled up the harness again. I checked the harness at his collar bone and it still passed the pinch test. The Road Coat added no additional bulk between Petit Prince and his harness.

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

The Road Coat works great for a child riding in a rear facing car seat, but what about a forward facing child? The Heir is five years old, approximately 38lbs, 43″ tall, and rides forward facing in his car seat. The Heir wears size 5 t-shirt, sweaters, and jackets, though he can still fit into jackets that are labeled size 4-5. His Road Coat is a size 5. He is below the recommended weight range for size 5 according to the One Kid size chart, but he is within the recommended height range. The size 5 Road Coat is a perfect fit for him. It has a little extra length in the sleeves for him to continue growing over the next eight months of winter, but it’s definitely not too big for him to wear now. One Kid says their coats are really true to size, and for my two children I absolutely agree. As with Petit Prince’s size 2 Road Coat, I don’t anticipate the size 5 Road Coat lasting The Heir through two winters, but I’ll be sure to try it on him next October just in case!

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

The Heir loves his Road Coat both in and out of the car. I love that he can just jump right into the car, climb into his car seat, and start getting his harness on without having to do anything to the Road Coat. The Heir can easily unzip the puffy outer layer himself, or he can leave that layer unzipped when we leave the house. The hook & loop closure on the split collar is really quick and easy to open. I don’t have to fuss with it to get it open and line the harness up over The Heir’s shoulders. That split collar makes it easy to see that the harness is coming out from above The Heir’s shoulders as it should be when forward facing. Once the harness is buckled and snug/passing the pinch test over the inner jacket layer, I slide the chest clip so it’s above the red marker and he’s good to go. The Heir is old enough now to unbuckle his own harness when we arrive at our destination, so with the Road Coat, he just unbuckles and hops out. I’ll be honest, that first day of super cold temperatures and snow made the morning school drop off unpleasant. I had to help The Heir get his regular winter coat on after getting out of the car and then I had to help him get his gloves on after putting his coat on (they go over the coat sleeves). After the Road Coat arrived, it became so much easier. Now The Heir can wear his gloves in the car over the Road Coat sleeves, keep the Road Coat on, and just hop out and go when we get to school. It’s shaved a few minutes off our morning drop off sidewalk routine, and when it’s -20, those minutes will really count!

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

I did check to see if the Road Coat added any bulk under The Heir’s harness when the Road Coat was removed without loosening the harness. It passed the pinch test at the collar bone with the Road Coat on, and it passed the pinch test when I took the Road Coat off The Heir without adjusting the harness.


  • The Road Coat is safe to use under the car seat harness. Be sure to follow the included instructions for correctly placing the harness over the Road Coat.
  • Looks like a regular winter coat
  • Rated to -30 C / -25 F
  • Wind & water resistant shell
  • 80% down 20% feathers fill
  • No-slip surface on the inner jacket panel keeps the chest clip in place
  • Red marker indicates where the chest clip should be positioned
  • Pockets are partially fleece lined
  • Quick and easy to adjust for use in the car seat
  • Fits true to size
  • Well made with high quality construction
  • Can be packed down into the small accompanying carry bag
  • With the outer puffy layer zipped closed over the harness, children can’t push their chest clip down and out of position


  • Hood is not detachable
  • No cuffs at the end of the sleeves
  • Pockets are not fully fleece lined
  • Price

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

Final Thoughts:

The One Kid Road Coat is a warm coat that functions as a true winter coat and works well in the car seat under the harness. The way this coat is constructed, it’s clear that One Kid understands the struggle of getting through winter with children riding in car seats. Not only is the Road Coat really easy to use, it also looks great. You don’t have to compromise on style to get a coat that’s convenient to use in the car seat with the Road Coat. It’s important to keep in mind that with any coat that you’re going to be using in the car seat, it needs to fit your child properly. We’re often tempted to size up so our children’s winter gear lasts more than one season, but doing this (even with a Road Coat) could result in additional bulk between your child and the harness. The good news is that the Road Coat really does fit true to size, so check the size chart and choose the size that most accurately reflects your child’s measurements. I really appreciate that the Road Coat can be worn in the car seat with minimal adjustments before buckling up. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to just unzip the puffy outer layer before buckling in. The child doesn’t need to take anything off, not the whole coat, not the sleeves of the coat, not even their gloves! The Road Coat works equally well for my two year old and my five year old, and I’m thrilled that they both love to wear their Road Coats in and out of the car. With a single layer fleece underneath the Road Coat, I’m convinced that it can replace their winter parkas for outdoor play.

Although I’d love for the Road Coat to have a detachable hood or cuffs at the wrist, what I’d love even more is for it to be at a slightly lower price point. The down Road Coat retails for $109.99 USD plus shipping which starts at $9.99 USD. Don’t get me wrong, the Road Coat is an awesome coat. It’s safe to use in the car seat with minimal adjustment, and it’s definitely warm enough for cold winters. However, when you live somewhere that gets a fair amount of snow, you also need to purchase snow pants to get your child fully outfitted for the winter. Spending over $100 on just the coat doesn’t leave a whole lot of room in the budget for snow pants. One Kid does make a lower cost vegan version of the Road Coat that is rated to -25 C or -15 F. It has a polyester fill instead of the down/feathers, and a velcro closure for the puffy outer layer. The vegan Road Coat retails for $74.99 USD. All One Kid Road Coats comes with a 90 day exchange & return policy. Just keep the tags attached and the coat in new condition, and if it turns out it doesn’t fit when winter really hits, contact One Kid to discuss an exchange or return of the coat. The One kid Road Coat also comes with a warranty for the lifetime of the coat against manufacturing or workmanship defects.

The One Kid Road Coat is available to purchase online directly through One Kid. If you sign up for the One Kid newsletter on their website, you will receive a coupon code for 10% off your first order. To keep up with the latest information about new stock, pre-orders, and new products, you can follow One Kid on Facebook!

How would you like a chance to win a One Kid original down Road Coat? One lucky reader will win their choice of one down Road Coat from One Kid. This prize is valued at $110 USD. Just scroll down to the Road Coat giveaway and get your entries in for a chance to win. This giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents 18+, and closes on October 31st, 2017. Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment. Don’t forget to follow the Thanks a Latte Giveaway Hop and enter the other awesome giveaways linked up below!

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Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat

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    Have you been able to successfully wash these coats? My daughter has the fuchsia coat and a few weeks in, it’s a complete disaster (imo).

    Please advise.

    • I haven’t actually needed to wash either of them. There are washing instructions on the label inside the coat, so if you follow those instructions it should be just fine!

  77. What a great idea, a carseat jacket!! I must find a One Kid Road Coat!! 🙂

  78. Great to know there is a jacket for my child to wear while in car seat. I usually take off her jacket and have her in her long sleeve shirt.

  79. This an awesome jacket, I especially like the red marks for the chest clip.

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