Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

I received this item at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

There’s nothing I love more than supporting a small business, and when that small business is a local work at home mom (WAHM) making some of the most fabulous cloth diapers I’ve ever seen, my heart just swells. If you haven’t heard of Just 4 You Baby Designs yet, you need to check her out! Jocelyn makes absolutely beautiful diapers that not only look fantastic, but fit like a dream and are super absorbent. I’ve reviewed her pocket diaper before and loved it! Now I’ve had the pleasure of trying out her All-In-One (AIO) cloth diaper and I’m in love! There are so many things that set Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO apart from the rest. I’m going to walk you through this diaper and show you just how incredible it really is.

The Details:

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

The Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO cloth diaper is a one piece diaper where the absorbency is sewn into the waterproof shell of the diaper. That means there’s no need to sort through the laundry pile to match soakers/inserts to shells, and no need to stuff anything before going on baby’s bum. The Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO is a one size diaper that fits babies from 8lbs to 35lbs. It accommodates this range of sizing with a 4 x 3 snap rise adjustment on the front of the diaper. The outer layer of the Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO is made with a super stretchy PUL. Inside, the diaper is lined with my favourite inner material for a cloth diaper: athletic wicking jersey (AWJ). Not only is AWJ a material that provides a stay dry feel for baby, but it’s also super breathable, resistant to staining, and solid food poop comes off of it so easily. At the front of the AIO there is a strip of PUL to prevent moisture from wicking up the front of the diaper. There are two pocket openings, one at the front and one at the back.

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

The absorbency of the Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO is made of one 100% organic cotton layer and one bamboo/organic cotton layer. These two layers are sewn right into the shell, and there are two additional double layer soakers sewn it at just the front and just the back respectively. The 100% organic cotton layer is on top (closest to baby) for faster absorbency, and the bamboo/organic cotton layer is underneath. The Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO also comes with a  booster made of two layers of bamboo/organic cotton that can be added for additional absorbency as needed. There are two different ways to use this AIO. First, you can simply lay the two soakers on top of the AWJ inner. Second, you can stuff the two soakers into the front and back openings to take advantage of the stay dry feel of the AWJ inner. When you want to add the booster, it can be snapped to the end of the front soaker or the back soaker to place the absorbency where your baby needs it most.

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

The Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO has a wide elastic at the back of the diaper and wide elastics around the leg openings. These elastics are very stretchy and quite soft so as not to irritate baby’s skin. The front closure of the diaper is a double row of snaps with female snaps along the top row and male snaps along the bottom row. The tabs of the diaper have two closure snaps and one hip snap to ensure a great custom fit. The tabs can also be crossed over to accommodate a newborn or small baby. Since the bottom row of snaps along the front of the diaper are male, the hip snap is a female snap. The advantage to this is that when the diaper is used on larger children where the hip snap can’t be used, that hip snap on the tab is a female snap which is more comfortable than a male snap against baby’s skin.

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

The quality of Jocelyn’s workmanship on her Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO is easy to see. There’s not a wobble in any of the stitching, nothing is unraveling or coming apart even after multiple washes, and the snaps are all perfectly lined up. It’s obvious that she takes great care and pride in her work, and her diapers are of the highest quality and made to last.

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

How It Works:

I’ve been using the Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO on Petit Prince for a while now and I have to say that I absolutely adore it. Seriously. I’ll start with the fit because it’s fab. Petit Prince is 23 months old, weighs around 23-24lbs, and is 33-34″ tall. He wears this AIO diaper on the medium rise setting (the last of the rise snaps before unsnapping fully). He had plenty of room to grow at this setting, and I don’t anticipate him needing the diaper fully unsnapped for a very long time. If the Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO is anything it is TRIM. Really really trim. Even with six layers of absorbency (without the use of the booster) it add no bulk to Petit Prince’s bum. The stretchy PUL is great for getting a really snug yet comfortable fit. This diaper is not cut especially large, but it’s definitely roomy enough for children at the upper weight ranges. It’s trim through the crotch, but wide enough that newborn and EBF baby poops aren’t going to slide right out of it. I find the bum coverage to be more than adequate for Petit Prince. I like to stuff both the front and back soakers into the pockets of this AIO in order to take advantage of that stay dry feel of the AWJ inner. It’s fairly easy to get those soakers in flat as the pocket openings are quite generously sized. If I’m going to use the booster, I snap it onto the soaker that’s sewn in at the back. This places the soaker farthest forward to increase the absorbency up front for a boy. If you snap the booster onto the soaker that’s sewn in up front, it will add more absorbency to the back and middle of the diaper which is ideal for a girl.

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

What about that absorbency? It may not sound like a lot of absorbency, but the Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO is mega absorbent. I’ve never needed to use the booster for day time use, and I easily get four hours in this diaper on Petit Prince. Now he’s not the heaviest wetter out there, but he can flood a diaper in the morning. The Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO can handle it and then some. With six layers of built in absorbency this diaper will surprise you with how absorbent it can be while still being oh so trim. With that booster? I decided to give this diaper a go for overnight use with the booster snapped in. It lasted all night long! That’s 12+ hours! Consider me impressed.

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

The way the soakers are sewn into the Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO allows for a quicker drying time. Because they are only attached on one end, you will be waiting less time whether you’re hanging to dry or drying in the dryer. I prefer to toss mine into the dryer on low and it is dry with just one of my regular cloth diaper dryer cycles.

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

How about the cost? I expect that with a high quality WAHM diaper I’m going to be paying a premium for a diaper. It makes sense to me. I’m paying for the high quality materials, the workmanship, and the WAHM’s time. The Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO starts at $34.99. Other big brand AIOs have comparable and higher retail prices and aren’t as trim or as absorbent. The cost of the Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO varies depending on the colour/print/finishing that you want for your diaper. You can go with a solid PUL colour (like what I have), or you can choose from one of Just 4 You Baby Designs’ many PUL print options, go with a cotton knit wrap around print across the top/back of the diaper, or even opt for some embroidery on the bum. The possibilities are endless and if you can dream it, Jocelyn can make it!

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review


  • WAHM made in Canada
  • Organic cotton & bamboo/organic cotton absorbency
  • Very trim fitting
  • Includes a booster that snaps onto either the front or back soaker
  • One size rise adjustment fits a wide range of sizes (8-35lbs)
  • AIO style is very easy to use
  • Dries quickly after washing
  • Can be used two ways: soakers stuffed with AWJ lining on top or soakers laid on top
  • Can be made completely customized to your liking
  • High quality workmanship that will last
  • Good starting price point


  • None! I adore this AIO!

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

Final Thoughts:

There’s always something really special about a quality WAHM made cloth diaper. Jocelyn is easily one of the best cloth diaper makers out there and I consider myself so lucky to have her local to me. Not only does she take great care in the work she does, but I know that she strives to create only the absolute best diapers. The AIO diaper that she has created is easily my favourite AIO cloth diaper at the moment. There is none more trim with this level of absorbency with this perfect of a fit. I love that you can choose how you use this AIO. Love the absorbency of a natural fibre (like cotton and bamboo), but your baby needs the stay dry feel of AWJ? You can do that with the Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO. Prefer to have those natural fibres against baby’s skin? You can do that too! Though six layers of built in absorbency may not sound like a lot, take my word for it that it is more than adequate. We have yet to experience a leak of any kind with this AIO diaper. With the included booster, this AIO will handle a moderately heavy overnight wetter with ease. Got a super soaking heavy overnight wetter? There’s room in the pocket opening to add more absorbency if your child needs it to last through the night.

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO cloth diapers are available through the Just 4 You Baby Designs Facebook page. They start at $34.99 and the price varies depending on the colour/print and finishes that you choose. You can stay on top of all the latest news and special offers from Just 4 You Baby Designs by joining their Facebook Chat and B/S/T group!

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Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

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Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

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32 Comments on “Just 4 You Baby Designs AIO Cloth Diaper Review

  1. I like that this diaper is so trim fitting. I have several AIO diapers and they are very bulky.

  2. I really like that it has two options for stuffing and wearing!

  3. I love J4Y diapers! I have two night hybrids and 1 Sleeptight. I love that they fit my baby perfectly, such amazing quality!

  4. I really like this new diaper decorating..I have a niece and a nephew who both have newborns…this will make an excellent early Christmas gift

  5. This diaper sounds perfect! My favorite feature is the female hip snap on the tabs…duh, why have none of the mainstream diaper companies thought of that? I also love the snap in natural fiber inserts & booster, tummy panel, athletic wicking liner, trimness, & tummy panel. Normally, I would never consider paying this much for one diaper but this one sounds awesome!

  6. I love that even though it is trim fitting, there is room for additional boosters!

  7. I love that this diaper is super absorbent and super trim. My little lady is petite and its hard to find a diaper thats bulky. I also love thats aio. Im not fond of these pockets i have right now

  8. The best feature is one size mainly and also very absorbent so it dries quickly.

  9. I like how you can switch between having the natural fibers on top or the wicking jersey; it’s so flexible!

  10. I like that it’s super trim. It’s nice for when he wears jeans 🙂

  11. I like how there is the option of adding more absorbency into the pocket. That’s how I like AIOs!

  12. I like that it features a one size rise adjustment to be able to fit 8-35lbs

  13. I like the flexibility… inserts in or out, folded or unfolded, booster or not.

  14. my favorite feature is that it is organic, with organic cotton/ bamboo!

  15. I tried every style of cloth diaper with my youngest and found I loved AIOs the most. That’s what catches my eye with this diaper. No extras to be lost.

  16. One of the features that I like the most in these cloth diapers is the ability to adjust the fit to ensure it’s snugness.

  17. Beautiful diapers and so absorbent, marvellous. Wish diapers like these had been around 40 yrs ago!

  18. I do like the fact that there’s a quicker drying time than with most diapers. Such a simple idea but worth it’s weight in gold. 🙂

  19. I love cloth diapers that have fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo, great for the skin I find. And I love that this one doesn’t add bulk, it looks so streamlined on your son.

  20. Sounds like a super diaper made with extreme love and care, I love that it is trim fitting and not as bulky as many other diapers.

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