Goose Down Babywearing Winter Coat Review: Winter Babies Are Coming!

Goose Down Babywearing Winter Coat Review: Winter Babies Are Coming!

I received this item at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. 

You’re probably wondering why I’m reviewing a winter babywearing coat in the middle of May! It’s not as crazy as you think! For starters, the weather in Calgary is notoriously unpredictable (it did snow just two weeks ago after all), BUT more importantly, this isn’t just a babywearing coat. Listen up mamas to be! This coat is a pregnancy coat AND a babywearing coat. Maybe you’re trying to conceive right now, or maybe you recently saw two little pink lines pop up on that at home pregnancy test! This review is for YOU! If you’re going to be pregnant next winter, and/or babywearing next winter, this Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat from Baby Travel Inc. is for you! Trust me when I say you don’t want to wait until the cold weather hits before looking into winter gear for your bump and baby. Having those much needed winter items in advance means you can get right to bundling up that bump and keeping you and baby toasty the moment the temperature slips below freezing!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Baby Travel Inc., I really think you should! This is a new online shop for the best baby and mom gear for families on the go! Founded by Echo & Samantha, they saw the need for a place where parents could find products that are absolutely safe for babies, trusted by parents, and make getting out with your little ones so much easier. Whether you’re planning an intercontinental holiday with your whole family or just planning a stroll through town, you’ll find products at Baby Travel Inc. to help make any outing (big or small) fun, easy, and convenient! Plus, every item they bring in has been independently tested for compliance with US CPSC guidelines and everything is 100% safe for mamas and babies. I LOVE that!

The Details:

The Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat is a three in one coat that takes you through pregnancy, babywearing, and beyond. This winter coat is desgined by GoFuture with Love and is made in Europe. The exterior of the Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat is made with a breathable waterproof polyester. The coat is filled with 90% goose down and 10% goose feather making it warm and toasty even in the coldest of freezing temperatures. There are two side pockets that each close with a zipper to keep the contents secure. The cuffs are knit and long enough to cover your hands with convenient thumb holes. The inside of the coat has a smooth blue lining, and there’s one pocket inside the left chest of the coat. There are also two toggles inside the coat at the waist which you can use to adjust the fit of the coat to bring the waist in or out to your liking. The attached hood is trimmed with a ribbed knit, and has a strap on the back to adjust the depth of the hood. This keeps the hood in position around your face so it won’t drop down over your eyes. The front zipper can be opened from the top or the bottom allowing you to loosen the coat around your hips and legs when you’re bending or sitting down.

Goose Down Babywearing Winter Coat Review: Winter Babies Are Coming!

Included with the Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat are two zip in panels. The first of these zip in panels is the pregnancy panel. The pregnancy panel allows this winter coat to fit comfortably over a growing bump. The panel runs the entire length of the coat so there’s no gap in warmth over the chest and neck or over the legs. The second zip in panel is the babywearing panel. The babywearing panel is not a baby carrier and you must wear baby in a wrap or carrier underneath this coat. The babywearing panel has a built in attached hood for baby with a knit ribbed trim. The babywearing panel runs the entire length of the coat to provide full coverage for mom and baby. Baby’s head slips through an opening in the babywearing panel, and the zip in panel continues to zip right up over mom’s chest and neck locking in the warmth. If you choose not to zip the panel all the way up over your neck, there’s a convenient pouch built into the babywearing panel with a velcro opening for tucking the top of the panel down if needed. There’s a toggle located at the base of the attached hood that allows you to tighten or loosen the babywearing panel around your baby to block out the wind and customize the fit. The babywearing panel can be used for babies from birth to around age 2.5 depending on the size of your toddler.

Goose Down Babywearing Winter Coat Review: Winter Babies Are Coming!

The Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat can also be worn on its own without either zip in panel in place. With all that down fill, this coat is ideal for winter wear even when you’re on the go without baby or simply not babywearing. The babywearing panel can be folded up and compressed to fit in the stroller basket or even in the diaper bag, so you never have to be without it when baby decides they want to go up!

Goose Down Babywearing Winter Coat Review: Winter Babies Are Coming!

How It Works:

Let me put it this way: I find myself wishing for winter weather so I can get even more use out of this Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat! Lucky for me I’m almost always cold, so I’ve actually been able to use this coat a fair amount since I received it. This is the coat you’re going to want for winter. It’s actually very warm. With just a light sweater underneath, it’s downright balmy under this coat when the temperature is hovering just above freezing. When the temperature dips below freezing, this coat shines! I love that I don’t need to add extra babywearing friendly layers under this coat even on those super cold days.

Goose Down Babywearing Winter Coat Review: Winter Babies Are Coming!

How about wearing it over Petit Prince and I? It’s great! The babywearing panel is made with the same materials as the coat itself, so it’s absolutely keeping baby warm and toasty no matter the weather. I love that the babywearing panel actually zips right up to my chin around Petit Prince. This way we can both be super toasty and I don’t need to find a scarf to wrap around my chest to keep that space in front of Petit Prince’s head from getting cold. I do find that this coat zips up really high on me, but I have no problem unzipping both sides of the babywearing panel up top and tucking the panel into the velcro pouch if I don’t need my entire neck and chin to be enveloped in warmth (but let’s be honest, in the dead of winter there will be times that I absolutely do want my chin tucked into my coat). There’s a panel within the babywearing panel that sits between me and Petit Prince that does two things. First, it keeps the wind from hitting Petit Prince if I’ve unzipped and tucked the top of the babywearing panel to cool off a bit. Second, it protects me and my clothing from baby drool and nose dribbles that are oh so common in cold weather.

Goose Down Babywearing Winter Coat Review: Winter Babies Are Coming!

Now I’m not pregnant, so I can’t really use the Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat as a pregnancy coat. The good news is that I have a very pregnant friend! She tried this coat on for me when she was 37 weeks pregnant. The verdict? It was love! It fit easily over her full term bump, and it looked pretty great to boot! This coat with the pregnancy panel will be perfect for those moms with due dates in the winter months.

Goose Down Babywearing Winter Coat Review: Winter Babies Are Coming!

As a winter coat for me to wear when I’m not babywearing, the Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat is awesome! I’ve been in desperate need of replacing my regular winter coat for quite some time, and this coat is so great. I love that I can adjust the toggles inside the coat to give a little more definition to my waist, and I find the coat stylish and warm. I usually end up sacrificing style for warmth in the deep freeze of winter, but with the Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat from Baby Travel Inc. I can truly have it all. I love a zipper that zips from the top and the bottom because I like to be able to open my coat up over my hips/legs when I need to squat down to help The Heir with his boots or when I want to be able to sit down comfortably. The attached hood with the adjustment strap on the back means I’m not constantly pushing the hood up off my eyes (this happens to me all the time in other coats), and it does an excellent job of protecting my hair from the elements! Can we talk about the cuffs and thumb holes for a second? I love cuffs with thumb holes. I have no idea why this isn’t a “thing” on all outerwear. Not only can I keep my hands warm and toasty, but I can still make use of my phone without removing gloves. Win-win! The other benefit to these long ribbed cuffs is that those of use with longer arms don’t have to suffer with coat arms that are too short or ride up our arms when we reach for things. Gotta keep those wrists warm and toasty, right?

Goose Down Babywearing Winter Coat Review: Winter Babies Are Coming!


  • Made in Europe
  • Three in one: pregnancy coat, babywearing coat, regular winter coat
  • Pregnancy & babywearing panels are both included
  • Goose down & feather filled for the ultimate warmth
  • Built in hoods for mom and baby
  • Fit is adjustable for mom and baby with toggles
  • Deep pockets that zip closed so nothing gets lost
  • Long cuffs with built in thumb holes
  • Two way zippers on coat and all panels
  • Babywearing panel zips right up to your chin to keep your chest warm
  • Fits true to size
  • Compliant with US CPSC guidelines


  • No option for a babywearing panel for back carries
  • Not possible to breastfeed without removing the coat
  • Hoods are not detachable

Final Thoughts:

There’s so many things to love about the Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat fromBaby Travel Inc. I love that this coat is ethically made in Europe to the highest standards. It has a quality construction that will last through multiple pregnancies, years of babywearing, and years of wear once your littles no longer want to be worn. If you’re pregnant and expecting a late fall or winter baby, this is the coat for you. If you’re planning on wearing your baby or toddler through the next few winters, this is the coat for you. This coat is so incredibly warm that it will get you up and out the door to babywear no matter how crazy cold it is outside. Baby it’s cold outside? Bring it on!

I’ve had two summer babies, so I’ve never needed a winter coat to cover my bump, but I have plenty of friends who have had winter babies over the years. I’ve seen them try so many things to keep themselves (and the bump) warm as their pregnancies progressed. From piling on the scarves over an open winter coat to just wearing their partners’ oversized coats, nothing comes close to the style and convenience of the Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat. Is it really worth the investment? Oh absolutely! I know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this coat next winter both with and without Petit Prince on board. Plus, I love it so much that it’s going to replace my well worn winter coat.

Although I do wish the hoods on the Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat and the babywearing panel were detachable, I expect to want the hoods on far more often than I would want them off. If this is the coat I’m picking for an outing, it’s probably darned cold outside and I’ll want all the wind and snow protection the hoods on this coat have to offer. I won’t need to add a ton of extra babywearing friendly layers under the Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat because it’s just so warm all on its own. In other words, if you’re wearing your baby next winter, this is the only babywearing coat/winter babywearing accessory you’ll need. This coat is going to keep you and baby (or bump) warm enough even when the temperature dips to -20 C (that’s -4 F).

The Goose Down Three Way Winter Coat is available to purchase from Baby Travel Inc. for $280 USD. Remember that this winter coat is going to last you through years of pregnancy (or pregnancies), babywearing, and beyond making it well worth the investment.

Baby Travel Inc. has so many great babywearing and breastfeeding apparel styles coming to their store in the coming months, so be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know when new products are available!

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