Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

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Over my many years of cloth diapering, I find myself going to through phases. Sometimes I’m reaching for my pocket diapers first, sometimes I’m leaning towards prefolds, and these days I’m really into all-in-one (AIO) diapers. When I find myself staring at a pile of 40 (or more) clean cloth diapers all needing to be stuffed and put away, I have to admit that fishing out the AIOs and getting them on the bum with no fussing is pretty gratifying. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been giving a new AIO cloth diaper a try with Petit Prince, and I have to say it’s been pretty great! The Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers Bamboo All-in-One has a lot of features I love, plus the fit and absorbency is pretty top notch. What makes this AIO cloth diaper special? So many things! 

The Details:

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

The Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO is a one size all-in-one cloth diaper. As an AIO diaper, the absorbency is attached to the diaper shell, so there’s no stuffing or pairing of soakers to shells required. The Bamboo AIO comes with a snap in booster that can be used for additional absorbency as needed. The Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO has a waterproof PUL outer and a bamboo/cotton inner. The soaker is sewn in at the front of the diaper and consists of two layer of bamboo/cotton and one layer of bamboo velour. The bamboo velour is the top layer of the soaker, and is super soft for baby’s comfort. The inner layer of the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO is one layer of bamboo/cotton. There is a pair of snaps at the back of the diaper where the snap in soaker can be attached for additional absorbency. The snap in soaker is made of two layers of bamboo/cotton with one layer of microfibre sandwiched in the middle.

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

The front closure of the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO is a double row of snaps, and each tab of the diaper has four snaps to secure the diaper on baby. The left tab also has four cross over snaps that allow you to get a small waist opening for smaller babies. This bamboo AIO diaper fits babies from approximately 8lbs to 35lbs. It accommodates this range of sizing with 3 x 3 adjustable rise snaps.

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

How It Works:

Petit Prince has been wearing the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO on the medium rise setting. He is currently 22 months old, around 23-24lbs, and about 33-34″ tall. Because he’s a toddler and a moderate wetter during the day, I have been using this diaper with the snap in soaker every time. Let’s talk about the fit of the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO! This AIO has a nice generous cut. I have no doubt that it will fit in the upper weight ranges (the 30-35lb range) and it should fit most children through potty training. I like a cloth diaper with sufficient coverage through the crotch and across the bum, and the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO has that. When used with the snap in soaker, it can be a bit bulky up front on the medium rise setting. The snap in and sewn in soakers are long enough to provide full front to back absorbency when the rise of the diaper is fully unsnapped. That means I do have to fold the snap in soaker at the front and the sewn in soaker at the back to get it to fit on the medium rise without bunching up. This results in a little more bulk up front, but it’s far from the bulkiest diaper in my stash, so I don’t mind a little extra fluff in bum. I do find the bum of the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO to be a bit droopy. The soakers are pretty trim overall, so it’s almost like the PUL just isn’t as filled out. Not a deal breaker and Petit Prince’s normal size pants still fit easily over the diaper. The four snaps at the closure are the same as the closure on the Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper. As I said in my pocket diaper review, it is a lot of snapping to do, but it’s great for toddler-proofing the diaper!

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

How about that absorbency? I find the absorbency of the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO to be great for day time use. Petit Prince can easily go 3 to 4 hours in this diaper with the snap in soaker attached. This wouldn’t be enough absorbency for him to use overnight, but the diaper is sized generously enough that a booster could be added between the snap in soaker and the sewn in soaker for overnight use. I have to admit that I’m not sure why there’s a layer of microfibre sandwiched between the two outer layers of bamboo/cotton in the snap in soaker. Microfibre absorbs very quickly, but is prone to compression leaking. Sandwiched between bamboo, compression should be a non-issue, but since the microfibre sits beneath four layers of bamboo/cotton, it’s not really close enough to baby for the quick absorbency to be effective there. I think a layer of bamboo/cotton in the middle of the snap in soaker would make it a little more absorbent and wouldn’t affect overall function at all. But that’s just me!

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

I’m a sucker for bamboo and cotton, and the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO diaper does not disappoint! Bamboo is an excellent combination of absorbency and softness, especially bamboo velour. The bamboo velour top layer of the sewn in soaker is divine. I’m talking soft as a cloud against a soft baby bum. The bamboo/cotton inner is smooth as butter and a material I’m happy to have touching Petit Prince’s skin. After multiple runs through the washing machine and dryer, the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO and its sewn in soaker is showing no signs of wear. The sewn in soaker is still perfectly straight with no strange shrinkage or twisted edges. The snap in soaker, on the other hand, has suffered some bacon-ing after a few rounds in the dryer. This is when the serged edges of a soaker curl up resulting in a soaker that doesn’t really stay flat. The added absorbency of the snap in soaker has been a must for Petit Prince, and the bacon-ing edges haven’t affected the function of the diaper overall. Since the snap in soaker sits underneath the sewn in soaker, those curled edges are tucked underneath anyways.

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review


  • Bamboo/Cotton absorbency
  • One size fits babies from 8-35lbs
  • Quality construction
  • Double row snap closure
  • Cross over tabs to fit small waisted babies
  • Four snaps on each tab make this closure toddler-proof
  • 3 x 3 adjustable snap rise
  • Generous cut for excellent bum coverage
  • Snap in soaker included
  • AIO diaper requires no stuffing
  • Bamboo velour top layer of sewn in soaker is exceptionally soft
  • Designed in Canada


  • Bum can be a bit droopy
  • Middle layer of the snap in soaker is microfibre

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

Final Thoughts:

The Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO cloth diaper combines a great customizable fit with a soft and absorbent inner. With the snap in soaker included with this AIO, it should work well for day time use for even heavy wetters. The toddler-proof four snap closure on each tab ensures this diaper will stay where it belongs: on baby’s bum! The generous cut of the shell leaves room for the addition of a booster for overnight use, and will provide excellent coverage even for those babies with substantial cheeks. That bamboo velour top layer of the sewn in soaker is one of the softest I’ve felt, and it rivals the luxe feel of exclusive WAHM made diapers. With a great selection of colours and prints, the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO is worth checking out if you’re looking to add the convenience of AIOs to your cloth diaper stash!

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

The Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO diaper retails for $25.49 and is available to purchase from Cozy Bums using my affiliate link. There’s more great news! Cozy Bums has all Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers on SALE! The Sweet Pea Bamboo AIOs are buy 6 get 1 white AIO free (that works out to $21.85 each), the pocket diaper is buy 6 get 1 free, and newborn diapers and pail liners are 15% off!

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Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review


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44 Comments on “Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO Review

  1. I would pick sapphire blue! The color looks stunning!

  2. I would choose either the Anchors and Sheep 2 sweet pea diapers, so adorable!

  3. I would choose either Winter or Fluff Mail! I love the Sweet Pea bamboo AIO so much, I only have one and it gets used so often!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  4. I absolutely love the Anchors print! It’s my favorite!

  5. Would live to win this for our daughter who is pregnant with her first.

  6. Very nice review. I agree with your assessment of the MF layer. It just does not make sense to have it so far away from baby’s bottom. It would make so much more sense to have a layer or two of hemp on the bottom instead. That being said, I still think this diaper would work well during the daytime for my heavy wetter grandson.

  7. I love the Raccoon print! I’m a FTM and just trying to ‘build up a stash’ for when baby comes – I have purchased a view diapers from this brand from a local baby shop, and the velor IS so lovely feeling! I would love to add another for when our little one comes. 🙂

  8. I’m not 100% sure which diaper I would choose if I won! I would have my husband help we select since there are so many cute ones!

  9. I would love to let my daughter choose her favourite. Personally loving the solid colours – maybe Sapphire Blue.

  10. I would choose sheep 1, but all the prints are so cute!

  11. I would definitely go with an AIO “Stamp”. I generally go for gender neutral prints so I can use them on multiple babies! It’s difficult because I only have a daughter at the moment, so girly prints like Racoon 1, c arch my eye too!

  12. I would love to try out a Sweet Pea diaper! I have tried only 3 or 4 brands and I’m still trying to find the best fit and absorbency for my three month old daughter.

  13. I would choose the blue chevron. thanks for the chance!

  14. I would choose Nordic! I love to ski so it’s the perfect print!!

  15. If it was in stock I’d pick the adorable Racoon print, but since it doesn’t look like it is I’d pick silver (I’m a neutrals gal!).

  16. Sheep 2 would definitely pick for an inside joke with bro-in-law!

  17. I would choose the Plumes pattern. It is so pretty!

  18. These sound so nice. They are cute also. I will have to check these out for my niece’s new baby girl. Thank you for sharing

  19. I would love to try sweet pea diapers. I want to get some aio’s in my stash, theyre just so pricey. The droopy butt is a turn off for me though and does make me reconsider this diaper. My little one has a few diapers that the insert bunches up (which is why i hate pockets) and the butt gets droopy and it drives me nuts lol.

  20. Trying to find a non giveaway post is really really tough here. I like these diapers, I am really enjoying how fun the patterns are and how nice they look. No more white saggy behinds!

  21. This sounds like a great diaper. I’m all for natural fibres, not as easy to get in clothing for adults here I find, far too much synthetic material.

  22. I simply adore the idea of AIO diapers, how I wish I’d had such wonderful diapers for my kids. 🙂

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