HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

I received this item at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Over my years in the cloth diapering world I’ve noticed a common concern. Night time cloth diapering. Concern probably isn’t the right word for it… Fear might be a better way to put it. Many families end up in disposable diapers overnight not because they prefer to use them, but because they can’t find a cloth diaper solution for their heavy wetting child overnight. This is a legitimate concern! Finding an overnight cloth diaper solution for super soaking toddlers that will last all night (and I’m talking twelve plus hours here) can be two things: daunting and expensive. Every time you invest in a new overnight diaper option and it fails to keep your toddler dry all night, it can feel completing defeating. I’m here to tell you that there’s a foolproof overnight cloth diaper that will not let you down (or soak your sheets). This is it folks! You no longer need to piece together inserts and boosters from a variety of other diapers and different brands. Now there is a one stop solution for the heaviest of wetters. It’s the HumBird HumCloud and it will blow your mind with how absorbent it is. 

The Details:

The HumBird HumCloud is a fitted cloth diaper. What’s a fitted? A fitted diaper is one that is made up entirely of absorbent materials. The outer layer of the diaper is absorbent, and the inside is made up of a variety of soakers and boosters that can be used individually or all together (or in any combination you can dream up) to maximize absorbency where your baby needs it most. A fitted diaper does require a waterproof cover over it to ensure moisture doesn’t wick onto baby’s clothing. You can use a PUL cover or a wool cover, but my preference is to use a wool cover over fitted diapers.

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

The HumBird HumCloud is a one size fitted cloth diaper with a snap down rise adjustment. It fits babies from approximately 12/15 lbs to 40+ lbs and accommodates that range of sizing with four rise snap settings. The HumCloud has a single row snap closure with snaps on the tabs that allow them to be crossed over to fit babies with smaller waists. The outside of the HumCloud is made with three layers of a premium organic bamboo cotton fabric and comes with three soakers that can be used in combination to create an unbreakable overnight diaper no matter how heavy of a wetter your little one is. The three soakers included are the flare soaker, the doubler, and the booster.

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

The flare soaker has two snaps on one end which can be snapped into the shell of HumCloud. In consists of three layers of bamboo organic cotton fleece and is topped with one layer of organic bamboo velour. This velour layer is incredibly soft, cloud-like really, and will sit against baby’s skin providing a slight stay dry effect. The flare soaker can be folded to increase the layers in the front for a boy or towards the middle/back for a girl. The doubler is made of two layers of super heavy cotton bamboo fleece and can be folded and placed under the flare soaker. The booster is made of two layers of super heavy cotton bamboo fleece and requires no folding.

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

The HumBird HumCloud has been independently tested to hold 42 ounces of liquid. 42 ounces! No other diaper has proven to hold more!

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

How It Works:

The HumCloud is a serious diaper. It is designed to be incredibly absorbent, and in order to achieve its massive absorbency it is a bulky diaper. This isn’t something that I find to be a problem since it is strictly an overnight diaper. I have no trouble getting Petit Prince’s wool cover over the HumCloud, and I don’t need to size up his sleepers to fit them over his bottom when he’s in the HumCloud either. There’s a lot of diaper going on with the HumCloud, but that is precisely what makes it unbeatable in its absorbency. Petit Prince wears the HumBird HumCloud on the medium rise setting and weighs 22 lbs 3 oz and is 32.5 inches tall. There’s no doubt that this diaper will fit him for a long time to come! When I first started using the HumCloud, I was trying to get the leg elastics snugly in the underwear lines and with absolutely no gaps around the legs. This is, after all, how I put on every other diaper in Petit Prince’s stash. Because the HumCloud is so absorbent and a substantially thick diaper, it’s not necessary to get it on so snug. In fact, I found that putting it on a little more loosely worked better, and leg gaps were really a non issue. With the absorbency of the HumCloud, liquid is never going to get the chance to escape those many layers inside even if there’s a gap at the leg.

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

So let’s talk about that absorbency! Now Petit Prince is not the heaviest wetter out there by a long shot. He does occasionally leak out of some of my other overnight diaper solutions, but he’s not what I would call a super soaker. He wets most heavily on those nights where he wakes to nurse more than just once, or he sleeps in unexpectedly. For him, “sleeping in” is staying in his crib for more than twelve hours. For Petit Prince, I use the flare soaker and the small booster in the HumCloud. There are a variety of ways that I could fold the flare soaker, and although Petit Prince is a tummy sleeper, I find that folding the flare soaker evenly so there are three layers of the flare soaker front to back works best for him. Those three layers of the flare soaker result in nine layers of bamboo organic cotton fleece and three layers of organic bamboo velour. I also add the small booster placing it underneath the flare soaker near the front. The addition of the two layer booster results in a grand total of SEVENTEEN layers of absorbency (counting the three layers of the shell, of course). I have not needed to make use of the doubler (which is itself two layers, but would be folded to create four layers of absorbency). If you were to use all three soakers together, you’d end up with twenty one layers of absorbency (depending on how you fold the flare soaker and doubler). With the flare soaker and booster, the HumBird HumCloud is a fortress of absorbency. Petit Prince has never leaked out of the HumCloud and he’s never woken up with so much as a damp sleeper. Never. One time Petit Prince nursed twice in the night (more than normal) AND slept for over 14 hours, and the HumCloud held up no problem. In fact, almost the entire back half of the HumCloud shell and soakers were still dry. I’m certain that I don’t even need to use the booster in the HumCloud for Petit Prince, but I tuck it in there anyway since it really doesn’t add any extra bulk. If Petit Prince is an average overnight wetter and doesn’t even soak a HumCloud half way without using the doubler, just imagine how much the HumCloud could absorb with all three soakers together!

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

Since the HumBird HumCloud has quite a few layers, it does take a little while to dry. I put mine in the dryer on low with the rest of my cloth diaper inserts for 1 hour and 40 minutes. After that, the soakers are all dry, but the back of the HumCloud shell is still damp (where the double snaps are for snapping in the flare soaker). Hanging the shell up (indoors) for 12-16 hours seems to do the trick, and then it’s nice and dry. If I was in a hurry and needed to put it on the bum, I could give it another 30 to 45 minutes on low in the dryer and it would be good to go.

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

Let’s talk about the price of the HumBird HumCloud. The HumCloud retails for $48 USD. Although at first that may seem like a high price to pay for a single diaper, consider the cost of creating an overnight cloth diaper solution for even a moderately heavy wetter. My regular overnight diaper combination consists of a bumGenius 5.0 cover stuffed with large bamboo soaker and a large hemp insert. In order to make one of those combinations, I have to buy all the components. Just to get one overnight solution for a moderate wetting baby, I’d need to spend $36 USD and that combination doesn’t always hold up for Petit Prince. For $48, getting a completely leakproof overnight fitted diaper that’s hand made using organic materials by a wonderful WAHM in Germany seems like a worthwhile investment to me! I don’t need to purchase any additional boosters or inserts with the HumCloud! In order to use the HumCloud exclusively for overnight use, you’d need three of them (if you wash every other day), and two covers (either PUL or wool). The good news is that Dawn, the mama behind HumBird, offers a special package price when you purchase three HumClouds that brings the cost down to $43.20 each (or $129.60 USD). Use coupon code Cloud3 to take advantage of the special pricing.

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review


  • Handmade in Germany by a WAHM
  • Made with organic materials that are CSPC compliant
  • High quality construction
  • One size grows with baby to fit through potty training
  • Includes all the soakers and absorbency you could ever need
  • Special package price when you purchase three HumCloud diapers (use code Cloud3)


  • Can take a long time to dry
  • Does not fit from birth (though you wouldn’t need it to as newborns would be changed a few times overnight anyway)

Final Thoughts:

If you have an overnight super soaker and you’ve had no luck finding a cloth diaper that lasts all night, the HumCloud is your friend! The wonderful thing about this overnight fitted diaper is that it can be completely customized to meet the absorbency needs of moderate wetter to extremely heavy wetters. Because babies and toddlers often go through phases of being heavier wetters, the HumCloud will work for them through every phase! I can’t tell you how many overnight cloth diapers I’ve tried (and created out of a variety of components), but to date, none of them come close to the absorbency and holding power of the HumCloud. Does it add a lot of extra fluff in the trunk? Sure. But it works flawlessly! With the HumCloud you don’t have to just hope it will be absorbent enough to last through potty training, you can know it will be. Stop creating a bunch of overnight options that only last for short periods of time before they’re outpeed! Investing in the HumCloud will end up saving you money over the long term! No more trial an error, just a solid overnight fitted that can take anything your little one throws at it.

The HumBird HumCloud is available to purchase directly through HumBird. You can follow along with the latest news from HumBird by joining the HumBird Chat Group on Facebook.

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