Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

I received these items at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. 

It simply cannot be denied anymore. Winter has fully descended over Calgary, and my Facebook feed tells me that it has done much the same thing in other parts of North America. With temperatures holding steady around -20 C (that’s -4 F), it’s just darned cold out there. With The Heir at preschool three days a week, Petit Prince needs to be much better prepared for the cold weather than his older brother was at this age. There’s a post-preschool ritual that takes place regardless of the temperature outside. If it’s not raining, The Heir hangs out on the school grounds playing “mission” with his friends for at least 25 minutes. Petit Prince wants nothing more than to join in on all the fun, and that means he needs top notch winter gear. This is where Stonz toddler gear stepped into Petit Prince’s life and made me embrace the joy of playing in the snow with my kids!

I don’t think I ask a lot of toddler winter gear! Number one, it needs to keep Petit Prince warm in subzero temperatures. Number two, it needs to keep him dry for extended periods of time in the snow. Number three, it needs to stay on. That’s all I’m asking for, but until I found Stonz, I hadn’t found any toddler winter gear that could meet all three of my criteria. Seriously. How does Stonz do it? It’s a miracle, I tell you.

Stonz Infant Mittz:

Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

Let me start with the Stonz Infant Mittz. These Mittz are a mitten designed to go up over the child’s arm to provide superior protection from the elements. They are comprised of a 100% waterproof and breathable lining, a wind resistant 600D nylon  outer shell with a PSI of 5000*, and are insulated with 150g 3M thinsulate. Stonz Infant Mittz go over the child’s arm and around whatever coat they’re wearing to trap the heat inside. There’s no thumb, so there’s no struggle to get your baby or toddler to actually successfully get their thumb in the thumb of the mitten. The Mittz also have a nice wide opening to make pulling them on a breeze, and have two toggles that can be tightened to keep them on. There’s one toggle at the wrist and one at the arm opening so you can keep then snug and keep snow out. Stonz Infant Mittz are available in two sizes: 0 to 12 months, and 12 to 24 months.

Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

How do Stonz Infant Mittz actually perform when they’re being used on an active toddler? It’s perfection! Petit Prince’s hands stay toasty warm, even when it’s -20 C (and yes, I check to see how warm his hands are the moment I take the Mittz off). He can play in the snow for as long as he wants without any moisture seeping through the Mittz. We spent almost two hours playing in the snow (it was only -5 C that day), and his hands were totally dry afterwards. It was incredible! Now to get to the best part. They stayed on. I had to adjust his Mittz a grand total of ZERO times in all the times he’s worn his Stonz Infant Mittz. It’s a miracle. They slide on so easily without a thumb to try to direct his hands into, then I tighten up those two toggles, and that’s it! He toddles away as he does, and I never have to think about watching for a sliding mitten. It’s brilliant.

Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

Stonz Toddler Booties & Bootie Linerz:

The other essential piece of Petit Prince’s winter gear this year are his boots! He’s rocking Stonz Toddler Booties with Bootie Linerz. The Toddler Booties are a new addition to the Stonz line up for Fall 2016. What sets the Toddler Booties apart from the Infant Booties is the sole. Stonz Toddler Booties have a skid resistant, lightweight PLUSfoam sole which is made of 100% recyclable materials. This adds a little more structure to the Toddler Booties making them ideal for toddlers once they’re up and walking. The Toddler Booties have a water and wind resistant 600D nylon upper, and a soft fleece lining. They also have two toggles, one at the ankle and one at the top of the Booties. This allows you to get a custom snug fit every time. The Toddler Booties are great for Fall and Spring just as they are, but for use in colder climates through the winter, you’ll want to add the Stonz Bootie Linerz. The Bootie Linerz are made out of a warm sherpa-fleece and fit perfectly into the Toddler Booties of the same size. You simply slide the Linerz into the Booties, and your child’s feet will be toasty warm even in super cold subzero temperatures! Stonz Toddler Booties are available in Medium, Large, and X-Large sizes (the Infant Booties are available in Small), and the Bootie Linerz are available in sizes Small through X-Large.

Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

The Stonz Toddler Booties with Bootie Linerz have worked so well for Petit Prince! I got them in a size Large for him as it is meant to fit from age 1 to age 2.5. Although the Medium size should fit up to 18 months, winter here is long so I opted to go larger so he didn’t outgrow them before the season was over. It’s been too cold to wear his Stonz Toddler Booties without the Linerz, but I can see them being great without the Linerz on warmer days and even during Spring and into the Fall next year. Unlike other winter boots that always seem to be a struggle to get onto toddler feet, I have no difficulty getting Petit Prince’s feet into his Stonz Toddler Booties with Linerz. The opening is large, and all I need to do is guide his foot into the top of the Booties and give them a tug. That’s it! Once his foot is all the way does in the Booties, I tighten up the toggle at his ankle first. I do it up nice and snug to make sure it’s holding the Booties right up to his heels. Then I tighten up the top toggle and he’s good to go! I find they stay on quite well, and the only time I needed to adjust them was when I quickly added some snowpants to his outfit and didn’t take the time to properly adjust the toggles.

Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

I really like that there’s a thin flexible sole on the Stonz Toddler Booties. They are truly skid resistant, so even when he’s speed walking on slippery surfaces, he’s not losing his grip. They’re also ideal for new walkers. I remember The Heir’s clunky winter boots from his second winter, and he looked like Bambi on ice trying to walk in the for the first while. The Stonz Toddler Booties are so super lightweight and flexible, that Petit Prince has no trouble at all finding his footing in them. I’ve found the Toddler Booties with the Linerz to be sufficiently warm for Petit Prince even on those days when it’s -20 C outside. They also don’t let the moisture from the snow in, so his feet are staying nice and dry too. They do fit just a little big on him still, but the two toggles allow me to get them really snug on his feet so they aren’t sliding off. Plus, they will absolutely fit him right through May (and yes, it usually snows in May here).

Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I’ve been so satisfied with the toddler winter gear options from Stonz. I really wish I’d had them when The Heir was a toddler because it would have saved me a lot of grief! I love that I don’t need to continuously adjust Petit Prince’s Mittz. I love that his hands stay completely dry and toasty warm, even on the coldest of days. I love that he doesn’t even put up a fuss when he’s wearing them (he wants to put them on and keep them on). I love that they absolutely positively stay on his hands. The Toddler Booties and Linerz have been fantastic. Petit Prince only started walking a couple of months ago, so he’s not always really steady on his feet. The thin flexible sole of the Toddler Booties help him feel the ground beneath his feet, so he walks more confidently even in the snow. Winter boots for toddlers that are easy to get on, actually stay on, and keep his feet toasty warm check off all the boxes for me!

Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

Stonz Infant Mittz retail for $31.99, the Toddler Booties retail for $46.95, and the Bootie Linerz retail for $19.99. All are available to purchase from Lil’ Monkey Cheeks and directly through the Stonz website.

Winterize Your Toddler with Stonz

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  1. How do you find the size 4-8 year old mitts on the Heir compare to the infant mitts on Petit Prince? We have the infant mitts for our 2 year old but I’m considering buying the next size up (2-4 years) as she wants to move her hands more (e.g. shovelling snow, picking up sticks, etc.) and I’m wondering if the thumb would be flexible enough for her without the entire mitt overwhelming her hands.


    • Hi Rebecca!

      I love the Mittz that The Heir has. His are size 4-8yrs and they fit big, but he doesn’t find they inhibit his hand dexterity. For a two year old, I wouldn’t hesitate to go with the 2-4 yr size. Those will fit most kids well from age 2 through age 4. The toggles on them will make sure they stay on, even if they are a bit big at first. The thumb will allow her enough movement to grip a snow shovel for sure!

      • Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ll be watching for box in day sales then.

  2. I’ll have to look into getting my little one some of these next winter. 🙂 thanks for the review

  3. i’ve heard awesome reviews for stonz, now with your review they are on my list to buy.

  4. These products look amazing! I have the hardest time getting boots on my son’s chunky feet. And mittens are a pain as well. I definitely want to try these! Thanks for the info!

  5. Thanks for the review! Baby girl is one on Saturday and she will not keep shoes on! These look awesome to keep on and for these cold Michigan winters!!

  6. Omgosh I adore those gloves!! And those boots are too cute!! These would be perfect for our Wisconsin winters!! It gets SO cold here!!

  7. These gloves look like a definite win for those living way further north than me! But even in Texas you sometimes need a good glove. Most gloves get wet and become worthless. I love how they cover the end of the coat sleeve so no skin is exposed.

  8. I’m so glad I found this! My daughter had sensory issues, so if a mitten falls off she doesn’t care/notice at all. Plus when she’s with grandpa he has a hard time getting them on. I can’t wait to give these a try!
    Thank you!

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I have been looking for mittens that will actually stay on my toddler’s hands and these look like it. These also look super easy to put on which is a huge bonus for this mama with three littles to get dressed and out the door on these super cold winter days. I love the boots too. I really would love to have something like that in my size, ya know?

  10. love thowe toddler booties. we dont vet snow here but i might need to vet some when we take some day trips

  11. I have the mittens and have passed them onto baby 3 now !! They are awesome …I’ve been going back and forth on if I wanted to try the boots . Think I’ll have Santa bring a pair !

  12. Great review. We had our first snow recently and I wanted to bring my son out to see it. He’s one and I had only bought him little fleece boots than are obviously not waterproof. These are awesome and are on my list of things to buy. I love that they are waterproof and easy to put on. I didn’t want to buy a regular boot and have to struggle getting them on a little one that does not like to sit still for more than 20 seconds! Thanks for introducing me to these!!

  13. Stonz winter gear for kids definitely seems like the best out there! I have heard nothing but good things about them. All of their boots look so comfy, warm, and very durable which I love the most! 🙂 Thank you so much for your review!

  14. These look great. I’ve been trying to find some mittens that won’t fall off.

  15. I’ve never heard of the Stonz Brand! I really like the fox designs of the gloves and boots!

  16. I would feel trust a Canadian woman review a of a Canadian company’s winter gear. Not being sarcastic at all. I really wish I could afford something like this for my daughter and son if they go up to five years.

  17. Love it! These would so perfect for my grandson. He loves playing in the snow, but he always gets so cold and his mittens never quite stay on very good.

  18. wow this ws good na like the mit and boot and they are great to keep the kid warm

  19. I’ve had Stonz on a wishlist since making my FIRST baby registry in 2011!! I can’t believe that I still haven’t gotten any yet.

  20. Looks like we won’t have much winter here this year but I’ll have to keep these in mind for future use!

  21. They are so cute. They looks warm. Sadly where we live doesn’t snow.

  22. I have those same boots! My daughter had a different pair – an older pair – and the soles weren’t as sturdy. They have holes in them after a winter (she also wears them on asphalt and gravel, not just snow). The new soles on these ones are so much better!
    Now if I could only get them to stay on consistently…

  23. I really like the stonz booties,they would look so cute on my grandson !

  24. Warm looking boots I am sure many toddlers will enjoy.

  25. I have to get my little grandson a pair of these boots and mitts from Stonz!This was an excellent feature to read.Thank you.

  26. Thanks for the detailed review i will be picking up a pair for my grandson !

  27. I have looked at stonz wear in store and debated on buying and if so which size. It’s really good to know that with the toggles it’s OK to up a size to get thru long winters.

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