MommyCon in Canada? It’s Happening! (+ coupon code for all cities)

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MommyCon in Canada? It's Happening! MommyCon Vancouver

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When MommyCon announced that it was adding Vancouver, BC to its list of scheduled stops for 2017 I was overjoyed. No, scratch that, I was ELATED. You see, I’ve been following along with the excitement of MommyCon from a distance, always wishing and hoping that it would one day stop in Canada. I vowed to make it to the first Canadian MommyCon no matter where it was going to be held. Imagine my surprise when my very own hometown was chosen to host the first ever MommyCon in Canada! Now you’re probably wondering why I’m so darned excited about MommyCon Vancouver. What’s MommyCon anyway?

Here’s what I think of when I imagine what MommyCon will be like. Think ComicCon meets the parenting world minus all the costumes. Except, instead of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about comic books and entertainment, MommyCon is everything you’ve ever wanted (and needed) to know about a natural approach to parenting. In other words, it’s my dream conference. Some of the key topics they cover are things I love! These include birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, car seat safety, baby gear, and so much more! Oh yes, there will be seminars and workshops on all these subjects and so much more!

Canada’s first ever MommyCon is happening July 22nd, 2017 in Vancouver, BC. The event will take place at the Pinnacle Harbourfront 1133 W. Hastings Street. I am just buzzing with excitement! I hope my parents don’t have anything planned for July 2017, because I’m moving in with them for the MommyCon weekend.

Purchase your tickets for MommyCon Vancouver now and use code MONARCHMOMMY17 to get $5 off general admission tickets! This coupon is valid for ALL MommyCon events in 2017!

MommyCon Events for 2017:

For more information about the MommyCon stops for 2017, check out each of the MommyCon events below! Select the MommyCon you’d like to attend to find out more details (venue, hotel, parking, etc.) and to purchase your tickets:

MommyCon Chicago: March 3, 2017
MommyCon New York City: March 25, 2017
MommyCon Memphis: April 29, 2017
MommyCon Austin: June 3, 2017
MommyCon Vancouver: July 22, 2017
MommyCon Orange County: August 12, 2017
MommyCon Orlando: September 2, 2017
MommyCon Atlanta: October 28, 2017

What You’ll Find at MommyCon:

This will be my very first MommyCon, and I can’t wait to see what it’s really all about. What I know is that MommyCon is a day of the best educational panels and workshops that ends with a giveaway and everyone leaves with a MommyCon swag bag! All MommyCon events feature a Cloth Diaper Resource Centre, a Beco & ErgoBaby Babywearing Lounge, a Babyganics Safe Play Space, Changing Stations, an Evenflo Feeding Lounge, a Little Dippers Creative Station, a Naturpedic Sleep Consultation Area, and a Baby Care Area.

Buy MommyCon Tickets!

Use coupon code MONARCHMOMMY17 for $5 off.

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9 Comments on “MommyCon in Canada? It’s Happening! (+ coupon code for all cities)

  1. How awesome!! FINALLY!! Im shocked this didn’t happen sooner!! I hope they include some awesome Canadian baby brands too!!

  2. How exciting!! It is definitely about time that Mommy Con comes to Canada! 🙂 Hopefully they include the local companies as well.

  3. I went to MommyCon oc for the first time last year. I had a blast! I bought two super undies for my daughter to learn potty. She is still not ready but will have them ready for her some day.

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