A Winter Coat That’s Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

I received these items at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Winter weather is officially here. It’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s miserable fantastic! With the cold weather comes the dreaded season of layering and un-layering every time you take your kids to and from the car. They get cold, you get cold, and then nobody’s happy. It’s a necessary inconvenience in order to keep your little ones buckled up safely throughout the winter. But what if there was an easier way? What if there was a way to seamlessly go from the car to the playground/school/outdoor winter fun-filled activity and back to the car without ever having to remove a coat or risk your kids complaining about being cold? That would be a dream come true, right? Well, you can pinch yourself because you’re not dreaming and this is possible! I want you to meet the Cozywoggle. The Cozywoggle is a true winter coat that can be worn safely in a rear or forward facing car seat without interfering with the car seat’s harness. You read that right, a true winter coat. Forget the extra layers, forget packing a blanket forget taking a coat off and turning it backwards. The Cozywoggle is all you need this winter. 

The Details:

The Cozywoggle is a winter coat designed by mom of two littles, Cherlyn. When her children were little, she learned that it wasn’t safe to buckle them into their car seats wearing heavy coats or snowsuits. There simply weren’t any solutions on the market that looked and functioned as a proper coat while still being safe for use in the car seat. So, she invented one!

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

The Cozywoggle is constructed with a heavy duty 100% wind and water resistant polyester outer layer. The inner layer of the coat is lined with fleece, and in between it’s filled with a polyester fill for warmth. The front of the coat zips closed with a full length zipper, and has two pockets. The coat is equipped with a detachable hood that is also lined with fleece. For all intents and purposes, the Cozywoggle appears to be just a regular winter coat. Under each arm you’ll find a zipper that runs from the bottom of the coat right up to the cuff. This zipper can be unzipped completely so that the back of the coat can be flipped up behind the child in their car seat. In this way, the coat is out of the way of the car seat harness so there’s nothing extra sitting between your child and the back of the car seat, or between your child and the car seat’s harness.

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

How can you be sure that the Cozywoggle is truly safe to use in a rear or forward facing car seat? Cherlyn wanted to be sure that the coat she’d created was safe for children to use in their car seat. For this reason, the Cozywoggle was crash tested in a lab in both rear and forward facing car seats. The Cozywoggle passed the crash testing! It’s absolutely safe for use with your littles in their car seats.

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

The Cozywoggle is warm enough to be worn as a proper winter coat when out and about. Whether you’re making the mad dash from the car to preschool or daycare, or you’re heading out for some fun in the snow, the Cozywoggle has your child covered. With its 100% wind and water resistant exterior, you can be confident that your child is going to stay warm, cozy, and (perhaps most importantly) DRY even when they’re out rolling around in the snow.

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

The Cozywoggle is available in sizes 12 months, 18 months, 2T, 3T, 4, 5, and 6. It is available in four great colours: purple, green, blue with yellow lining, and grey with orange lining.

How It Works:

Now that you know what the Cozywoggle promises and how it’s supposed to work, the real question is, how does it perform? I have two Cozywoggle coats, one in size 18 month for Petit Prince and one in size 4 for The Heir. Let’s start out with the fit. When you first look at the coats, you might think they look pretty big. I was a little skeptical that the 18 month size would actually fit Petit Prince (he’s 16 months old now, but we have a long winter ahead of us). Let me just say that when I put these coats on my boys, I was blown away with the fit. Not only did they fit beautifully, but they actually looked really nice and not ridiculously bulky. The fit on Petit Prince is great! His hands actually make it all the way through the cuffs without me needing to bunch the sleeves up. Plus, his hands don’t really slip into the sleeves because the cuff is snug enough that his hands stay out of the coat sleeve. This is important because at 16 months old, he really likes to have access to his hands, so if they slip into a coat sleeve it’s a surefire way to start a meltdown. The length is great for him and covers his bum without being so long that it restricts his movement (being a relatively new walker and all). There’s still some room for him to grow into the size 18 month Cozywoggle which is key since it’s just the beginning of what promises to be a LONG winter (winter tends to last a good 6 months in this part of the world). How about the fit on The Heir? He’s four years old, and by all accounts is perfectly average sized for his age. The size 4 fits him really well. Again, there’s still some room to grow through the season, but it’s not baggy or too long on him. The Cozywoggle covers his bum, and is a nice narrow cut through the body. It looks pretty sharp, if you ask me!

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

Let’s talk about how the Cozywoggle works. At first, I was unzipping the sides completely when putting the kids in the car. That meant that when we reached our destination, I had the tedious task of putting the zipper back together at the cuff before I could zip the coat closed again. I quickly figured out that it wasn’t necessarily to completely undo the zipper at the side! What I do is unzip it to about an inch from the cuff. Then the boys just pull their hands out of the coat cuff and I can flip the back of the Cozywoggle up over the car seat. Then when we’ve arrived at our destination, I simply have the unbuckle the kids, they slide their hands through the cuffs and I can zip the coat closed in a jiffy.

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

The whole idea behind the Cozywoggle is that you can simply unzip the sides, flip the coat up over the back of the car seat, and then buckle your child into the harness securely. It absolutely does all that. The Heir is downright obsessed with his Cozywoggle. He calls it his transformer coat, and the first time I “transformed” it for him he was completely blown away. I’ve never seen him so excited about an article of clothing before (except maybe his SpiderMan costume). I love that the Cozywoggle is completely out of the way of the harness so I can really see what I’m doing when I buckle the kids into their seats. I can access the harness to make sure it passes the pinch test, and I can easily lift the front of the coat to see that the chest clip is in the correct position at armpit level. Because the Cozywoggle is cut narrow through the body (this contributes to its stylish appearance as a coat), it doesn’t provide as much coverage over The Heir’s body as a blanket or poncho might. However, because the coat is so warm and functions as a winter coat, I don’t find this to be a problem. The Heir can tuck his arms under the front of the coat if he’s cold in the car, and when he warms up, the coat isn’t covering so much of him that he’s going to overheat.

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

For Petit Prince, I prefer to keep the detachable hood off when we’re going to be using it in the car. Unlike his older brother, he’s a little more, shall we say particular about some things. One of those things is a hood or hat in the car. He dislikes his toque at the best of times (if you’re American I believe you’d call that a winter hat), and hoods up over his head are a complete no go for him at this stage. I love that the hood of the Cozywoggle is detachable! I simply remove it so it’s a non issue for him in the car. I think in general, you’d want to remove the hood of the Cozywoggle for younger babies and toddlers anyway just because it is thick and might push your child’s head forward a bit more than you’d like.

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

What about the warmth factor? It gets pretty cold here in the winter, so I’m looking for a winter coat that will keep the kids warm for thirty minutes to an hour in temperatures as low as -10 C (that’s 14 F). It gets much colder than that here, but when it’s nearing -20 C (-4 F), we aren’t spending more than five to ten minutes outside at a time. The Cozywoggle is absolutely warm enough for playing outside in -10 to -15 C temperatures. It was -2 C the other day and both boys wore their Cozywoggle coats with just a regular shirt and sweater underneath. They were both warm enough even after playing outside for over an hour. It was great! When it gets to the -15 range, I’d probably layer a light fleece under the coat if the kids were going to be playing outside for a while, but I think that’s perfectly acceptable and expected with any winter coat.

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

The Cozywoggle is water resistant, but is that enough for playing in the snow? It sure is! After over an hour in the snow (and by that I mean Petit Prince spent most of the time rolling and laying in the snow), both kids were still dry under their coats. They performed beautifully as winter coats!

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!


  • 100% wind and water resistant exterior
  • Fleece lined interior
  • Functions as a proper winter coat
  • Safe to use in both rear and forward facing car seats
  • Does not interfere with the car seat harness
  • Detachable hood
  • Fits like a regular coat
  • Stylish cut
  • No need for blankets to stay warm in the car
  • Does not need to be removed before getting in the car seat
  • Great price!


  • Still need to do something at the car (unzip the sides)

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

Final Thoughts:

I’m actually really liking the Cozywoggle! I was a little skeptical at first that it wouldn’t look like a nice coat, or that it would be too much of a hassle to bother with at the car. Not only does it look pretty stylish and like an actual coat, but it’s surprisingly convenient and quick to make the necessary adjustments before buckling up. Unzipping the sides just most of the way to the cuff saves me from having to struggle to get the zipper started at the end of the cuff each time (I don’t know what it is about becoming a parent, but all of a sudden starting a zipper seems incredibly difficult). The Cozywoggle flips up and over the back of the car seat easily and doesn’t slide down and in the way when I’m adjusting the harness. It’s easy to check and see that the harness is positioned correctly, and the kids can stay cozy and warm even on the coldest of days under the front of the Cozywoggle. I really appreciate that the coat functions well as a winter coat. These are the winter coats for the kids this year, without a doubt. They’re warm enough and water resistant enough for the snowy winter ahead. When The Heir dashes out of his preschool class, I don’t have to insist he put on a bunch of layers before he can play outside only to need to remove those layers before he gets in the car to go home. Now, he just tosses on his Cozywoggle (or his transformer coat as he calls it) and off he goes.

The Cozywoggle is available to purchase directly through the Cozywoggle website and retails for $59.99 USD. Cozywoggle ships to both Canada and the USA.

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A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

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    Besos Sarah
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