Be a Super Hero Mom with DK Books

Be A Super Hero Mom with DK Books

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To say that Super Heroes are a big deal at our house would be a gross understatement. I don’t even really know how it happened, but for a while now The Heir has been completely obsessed with Super Heroes. He’s got the LEGO sets, the costumes, to hoodies, and, of course, the books to go along with his passion. There’s only one small problem. His mom (that’s me) is not knowledgable about Super Heroes, like, at all. When that Batman vs. Superman movie came out, I didn’t realize that those two characters were part of the same universe. I also didn’t realize that Spiderman could never meet with Batman the way Superman could. In case you’re like me and aren’t sure why, apparently it’s because they are from different comic universes (DC vs. Marvel). So what’s a mom to do? Get reading, that’s what! I am determined to be at least a little bit knowledgeable about my oldest son’s latest obsession. I don’t have to know everything about Super Heroes and Super Villains, but it would be pretty great if I at least knew something. DK Books to the rescue! I’ve been completely immersed in my comic book character education thanks to a few excellent titles from DK Books, and you could be too!

Be A Super Hero Mom with DK Books

Let me start with my education on the DC Comics Universe. That’s where you’ll find Super Hero characters like Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern (among many others). You might be familiar with the Super Villains from the DC Comics Universe too: The Joker, Lex Luthor, The Penguin, and The Riddler, just to name a few. If, like me, you’d like to know more about these characters and get the low down on who they are, what they do, and who’s side they’re on, then the DC Comics: The Ultimate Character Guide is the book for you. This book is like a who’s who of the DC Comics Universe. It’s quick and easy to flip through and find any character you want to learn more about. The characters are organized alphabetically, and each character gets a full page with a brief bio, their vital stats, and a summary of their powers. Best of all, the images in this book are fantastic. They are beautifully drawn with rich colours, and they showcase the best (or worst) of each character. In addition, each page includes one comic book scene of a pivotal moment in that character’s storyline.

Be A Super Hero Mom with DK Books

If there’s one Super Hero I know a little bit about, it’s Batman. I have fond memories of watching reruns of the Batman tv series from the 1960s with my dad growing up, and I have actually seen all of the “Dark Knight” Batman movies (some I’ve even seen on the big screen!). So I’m not totally unfamiliar with the characters (heroes and villains) that make up this part of the DC Universe. Nevertheless, I don’t know all the characters. The Batman Character Encyclopedia fills in all the blanks! This book divides the characters with the heroes and their allies at the beginning, and the villains and their allies at the end. Each character (or group) is presented with a stunning image, a brief bio, vital stats, and a bat symbol to indicate their status as a hero, ally, neutral, or rogue character. That makes it really easy to differentiate between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. I loved finding some of the more obscure characters from Batman’s world in this book. Who knew there was a “Bat-Cow” that prompted Robin to become vegetarian! In case you’re wondering, Bat-Cow doesn’t have any special super hero powers.

Be A Super Hero Mom with DK Books

Moving on to the Marvel Comics Universe, because The Heir does not discriminate, I have a whole lot to learn about this group. I know a little bit about The Avengers, but not a whole lot. I think I’ve watched one Avengers movie recently, maybe two, but I’ll be honest. I don’t really know who is and who isn’t an Avenger, and what on earth is going on with them. Enter the Marvel Avengers Encyclopedia! Now this volume is intense. Whether you’re just learning all there is to know about The Avengers (like me) or you’re a diehard Avengers fan, there’s something for you to learn in this book. I love the way this one is laid out. The Marvel Avengers Encyclopedia is arranged thematically. Each section covers the members of The Avengers based on the types of powers they have. There’s the Greatly Gifted who were born with or developed superhuman powers. This is where you’ll find characters like Hulk and Spider-Man. The Upgraded are those who’s abilities are the result of scientific and technological developments. Iron Man is the best example of an “Upgraded” Avenger. The Mystic Ways section is where you’ll find those with magical powers, like Scarlet Witch. The Never Surrender characters are those particularly skilled in combat. Captain America is the classic example here. More Than Mortal is where you’ll find Thor. These characters all have powers based on their non-human biology. Finally there’s the Shoulder to Shoulder theme where the different groups and organizations are found. After each of these thematic sections, there’s a set of key storylines that include the characters from each theme. This is a great way to get up to speed on what’s happening with The Avengers, and why. The great thing about this book is that the major characters are covered in sections almost like chapters. No detail about their story is missed, and that’s great when you want to get up to speed. The book is packed with great images and scenes from the comic books, and it’s fun to see how certain characters have changed in appearance over the years.

Be A Super Hero Mom with DK Books

Now if you need more than just an education about The Avengers, The Marvel Encyclopedia is for you. This is the definitive guide to the Marvel Comics Universe. With an introduction written by Stan Lee himself, this volume is sure to please any fan of the Marvel Comics Universe. This encyclopedia is organized in alphabetical order making it really quick to find the character you’re looking for. With the major Super Heroes featured in two, four, and even six page spreads (Spider-Man gets six whole pages, of course), this book is jam packed with all the details about your favourite Marvel Super Heroes. The Super Villains aren’t left out either! I love that there are two page spreads about some of the major events in the Marvel Universe. You’ll find full summaries of The Age of Ultron, the Civil War, the Secret Invasion, and more! Maybe I’m the only one, but I had absolutely no idea that the X-Men were part of the Marvel Universe! No idea! I just assumed they were their own thing. Thankfully, The Marvel Encyclopedia has me all caught up and now I know they’re actually allies of The Avengers and Spider-Man! The Marvel Encyclopedia has colourful drawings of the Marvel characters, and includes images of some classic Marvel Comics covers. I love seeing scenes pulled right out of the comics themselves. It’s such a great way to showcase some of the most critical moments in each character’s development!

Be A Super Hero Mom with DK Books

I think I’m ready to assign myself the title of Super Hero Mom! I’ve finally got the DC and Marvel Universes sorted out, and I’ve got a few obscure facts about The Heir’s favourite characters at the ready for the next time he asks about a Super Hero. Consider my Super Hero (and Super Villain) education complete… until next time!

Be A Super Hero Mom with DK Books

To learn more about the comic book themed titles available from DK Books, you can explore their interactive website! If you’d like to purchase the titles I’ve mentioned here, you can grab them from Amazon in the US or Canada using my affiliate links! In the USA: DK Books’ DC & Marvel Titles. In Canada: DK Books’ DC & Marvel Titles.

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Be A Super Hero Mom with DK Books

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