Bummis Prefolds & Simply Lite Cover Review

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

I received these items at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

I’ve been cloth diapering for a lot of years now and I’ve tried almost every style of diaper out there. I’ve tried pockets, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, fitteds, hybrids, flats, even wool! Yet there was one style of diaper missing from my repertoire of cloth diaper experience. Prefolds. If you’re a seasoned cloth diaperer you might wonder how on earth that is even possible. Prefolds are one of the most basic and affordable styles of cloth diaper. They are much loved throughout the cloth diapering community, and can be used in various ways in your stash. For some reason, it just wasn’t something I’d tried before and it’s something I felt I needed to do. After all, what kind of cloth diaper blogger would I be if I’d never used prefolds? To provide me with a thorough education in prefolds, I turned to Bummis, of course! What better way to learn about this cloth diapering staple than from one of my favourite Canadian cloth diaper brands. I’ve been using Bummis organic cotton prefolds with their Simply Lite cover, and this combination has been wonderful on Petit Prince. 

The Details:

Let me start out by explaining what a prefold diaper is for those who are unfamiliar. A prefold diaper is a rectangular shaped diaper that requires some folding to put it on baby properly. Most prefolds are made out of 100% cotton, and they are sewn with more layers of absorbency through the centre of the diaper than the sides. The typical number of layers you’d expect in a prefold are eight layers through the centre, and four layers on each of the sides. You can fan fold or bikini twist a prefold diaper and secure it to baby using snappis. With those methods the prefold is folded to look like a diaper. You can also fold the prefold into a smaller rectangle (a pad fold, if you will), and lay it inside a cover or stuff it into a generously sized pocket diaper.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

The Bummis prefold is made of unbleached 100% organic cotton. It is available in three sizes: preemie (4-9lbs), infant (7-20lbs), and baby (15-40lbs). The preemie sized prefolds consist of two layers on each side and six layers in the middle. The infant and baby sized prefolds consist of four layers on each side and eight layers in the middle. Each pack of Bummis prefolds comes with six prefold diapers.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

In order to use prefold diapers, you’ll need to use a cover to make the system waterproof. The Bummis Simply Lite cover is a great option for a waterproof outer layer over prefolds. The Simply Lite cover is a PUL cover with elastics at the front, back, and around the leg openings. The cover is a one size cover fitting from approximately 8 – 35 lbs. It accommodates that range of sizing with a 3×4 rise snap adjustment. The closure of the Simply Lite is a snap closure consisting of a single row of snaps across the front of the cover and two side by side snaps on each tab of the cover. There is a soft casing around the back and each of the leg openings of the cover that makes for a comfortable feel on baby that doesn’t dig into the skin. The PUL inside the cover is exposed to allow you to wipe the cover clean between changes as needed. Inside the front of the Simply Lite cover is an additional strip of PUL. This is in place to prevent wicking of moisture through the sewing seam at the front of the cover.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

How It Works:

As Petit Prince was around 22-23lbs when we started using the Bummis prefolds, we opted for the baby sized prefolds. The original measurement of the baby size is 14″ x 21″ and they are expected to shrink 20-25% after the initial prepping. After finishing five prep washes and running them through the dryer on high a handful of times, they have shrunk down to 13″ x 18″. I have used the Bummis prefolds folded in the fan fold and secured with a snappi, folded in the bikini twist and secured with a snappi, and folded in the pad fold and placed inside the cover. All three methods work for Petit Prince, but I much prefer the fan fold.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

How do these Bummis prefolds fit on Petit Prince and inside the Simply Lite cover? On his 23lb frame, they fit quite nicely on him in the fan fold. I will admit that it can be a bit challenging to get enough width to the Bummis prefold to get it to wrap all the way around Petit Prince’s hips. When I bring the front of the fan fold up through his legs, I pull the sides out a bit to add more width to the front of the prefold. This makes it possible for some of the wings (the fan part of the prefold) to overlap the front of the prefold. If I don’t pull that front open a bit, then the prefold wouldn’t be wide enough to wrap all the way around Petit Prince in the fan fold. The fan fold is my preference because it adds so many extra layers up from where Petit Prince needs them. Although I do get more width around his hips with the bikini twist, I prefer the added absorbency of the fan fold. When I use the fan fold for the Bummis prefold, the Simply Lite cover fits well over it on the large rise setting.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

I’ve also used the Bummis prefold pad folded and laid into the Simply Lite cover. This is a really easy way to use prefolds, especially if your baby is in the prime squirmy-during-diaper-changes phase. There’s no need to hold the prefold in position while reaching for a snappi, and you can have them folded up in advance and ready to slide into the cover. Because of the large size of the Bummis prefold in baby size, pad folding be quite bulky, but it still fits nicely into the Simply Lite cover. When the prefold is pad folded, I can drop the rise down to the medium rise setting on Petit Prince. If I was going to pad fold my prefolds all the time, I think I’d consider going down to the baby size to make them just a tad less bulky. Although that extra strip of PUL in the front of the Simply Lite cover is meant to prevent wicking at the top seam, I did tuck the top of the pad folded prefold under that flap. There was no wicking of moisture that resulted from doing this, and it helped to keep the thick prefold inside the front of the cover.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

Let’s talk about absorbency, because this is where the Bummis prefolds really shine. These prefolds are extremely absorbent. Does your baby have a particular time of day where they seem to wet a ton? For Petit Prince, that happens first thing in the morning. For that reason, the Bummis prefold is the perfect morning diaper. It has never leaked and never been fully saturated front to back no matter how much Petit Prince pees. It’s amazing. Not only that, I don’t find that the organic cotton gets stiff when it’s wet. That means it’s not becoming increasingly uncomfortable for Petit Prince the more he wets the diaper.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

How does the Simply Lite cover perform? Beautifully. What I love about this cover is that it’s surprisingly trim. I find it to be no more bulky than a pocket diaper when used over a fan folded baby sized prefold. Despite its trim fit, it’s also large enough across the bum to cover bulky prefold folds. If you were planning on using a Bummis prefold with a booster overnight, the Simply Lite cover is roomy enough to accommodate it. The inside of the Simply Lite is just the exposed PUL. What that means is that you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth between diaper changes and avoid having to wash it completely every time. This allows you to pare down the number of covers you’ll need in your stash. If the cover does get soiled with poop, then you’ll need to wash it with the rest of your diapers. If that doesn’t happen, a quick wipe is adequate, and you can wash your covers once or twice a week.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

I typically prefer a double row of snaps across the front of a diaper for a closure, but the single row on the Bummis Simply Lite cover works great! I was expecting the cover to end up being too snug over the tummy when it was adequately snug around the legs, but that didn’t happen. Somehow Bummis have created a single row snap closure that fits both the tummy and the legs at the same time. Brilliant, really. I’m certain that the elastic at the front of the cover has something to do with this as it provides just the right amount of give to the cover. Speaking of that front elastic, it is perfect for containing the front of the prefold. Without that elastic, I could see how the top of the prefold might creep out of the front of the cover a little, but that elastic allows the cover to envelop the top of the prefold nicely.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

One of the greatest benefits of prefold diapers is their affordability. With Bummis prefolds, the overall investment you need to make to cloth diaper your baby is considerably smaller than what it would be with other diaper styles. You’re still getting a premium product from a reputable brand, but you’re going to be able to get a complete stash of prefolds for under $150. The preemie size Bummis prefolds retail for $11.99 for six prefolds, the infant size Bummis prefolds retail for $21.99 for six prefolds, and the baby size Bummis prefolds retail for $34.99 for six prefolds. For a complete stash, you’d need 24 diaper changes, so at their most expensive (the infant size) you’ll spend $140 for the a full stash of prefolds. That’s an incredible savings compared to more expensive pocket and all-in-one style diaper stashes. Of course you’ll need to add the cost of covers to that, but at $16.95 for a Bummis Simply Lite cover, your entire cloth diaper stash can come in under $250 if you purchase 5-6 covers. Since the Simply Lite is a one size cover, you won’t need to worry about buying multiple sizes of cover throughout baby’s diapering days.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

Bummis Prefold Pros:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Affordable
  • Very absorbent
  • Can be used in various folds
  • Available in three sizes
  • Very soft

Bummis Prefold Cons:

  • Baby size could be wider
  • Bulky when pad folded

Bummis Simply Lite Cover Pros:

  • Made in Canada
  • PUL inner is wipeable
  • One size fits from 8 to 35 lbs
  • Comfortable trim around the legs and back
  • Elastic at the front of the cover
  • Trim fit, but still roomy

Bummis Simply Lite Cover Cons:

  • None!

Final Thoughts:

I’ve actually really enjoyed using Bummis prefold diapers on Petit Prince! I’ve found myself reaching for them during those times when Petit Prince is known to be a super soaker, and they’re putting an end to any leaking during those times. Although I wish the baby sized Bummis prefold had slightly different dimensions (wider and a bit shorter), it’s still a size that functions well for Petit Prince. There’s no denying the incredible absorbency and softness of the Bummis prefolds! These prefolds work hard and keep baby comfortable at the same time. The Simply Lite cover is wonderful. It’s trim fit combined with good coverage across the bum makes it the perfect choice to use over prefolds. With its adjustable rise, this cover will fit well from around 8lbs. Despite my preference for a double row snap closure, the single row snap closure on the Simply Lite cover works really well. I don’t need to compromise on the fit across the tummy to get the fit I want around the legs (or vice versa). I love that the inner is completely wipeable making this cover absolutely reusable for multiple diaper changes without needing a full laundering in between. Finally, the price point on the Bummis prefold and Simply Lite cover is fantastic. A full stash of cloth diapers (24 changes) from a high quality and reputable brand for under $250? Unbelievable! It’s even more unbelievable when the incredible absorbency and functionality of the Bummis prefold and Simple Lite cover combo is taken into consideration.

Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review

Bummis prefolds and Simply Lite covers are available to purchase from Lagoon Baby.

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Bummis Prefolds & Simply Lite Cover Review

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Bummis Prefold & Simply Lite Cover Review


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