Get Into LEGO with DK Books

Get Into LEGO with DK Books

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To say The Heir enjoys LEGO would be a gross understatement. This kid loves LEGO, and really, who can blame him? He can spend endless amounts of time building and rebuilding LEGO sets, putting together and taking apart LEGO minifigures, and coming up with his own epic adventures that his LEGO figures get up to. Lately, The Heir has been all about the LEGO minifigures. He loves collecting minifigures, whether they’re characters from Star Wars, various incarnations of Batman and his foes, or the main players from the NEXO Knights, he’s gotta have them all (consider it his own offline version of Pokemon Go). One of the best ways to acquire new LEGO minifigures is through books! Did you know that DK Books offers many titles that delve into the world of LEGO? It’s true! Not only do these books cover a range of topics related to The Heir’s favourite LEGO sets, but they often include an exclusive minifigure or an exclusive LEGO set to build! We’ve got two new LEGO titles from DK Books that The Heir just can’t get enough of lately! The first is “LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure” and the second is “LEGO NEXO Knights The Book of Knights”! Both have proven to be great entertainment for The Heir, and I’m really enjoying them too! 

As a stay at home mom, I spend A LOT of time with The Heir each day. We do all kinds of things together, but there is one thing that is almost exclusively King Dad’s domain. What would that be? LEGO sets. It’s not that I can’t do them, because I can. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing them, because I do. It’s just that I think it’s really nice for The Heir to have something special that he does only with his dad. And thus building LEGO sets became one of those things that The Heir gets to do with King Dad. When the “LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure” book set arrived on our doorstep, The Heir was itching to open it up and build it right away. The suspense was killing him, and he was pretty well jumping off the walls with anticipation by the time Kind Dad got home from work. Of course the very first thing they did when they opened up this set was get to work building the exclusive Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter. The book included with this set includes an introduction to the character of Zin Evalon, and explains all the parts of his Y-Wing. I love that the instructions for building the Y-Wing are included right inside the book! If you’re a family with a LEGO habit, you’ll no doubt have a few pamphlets of building instructions laying around or even be missing the building instructions for a few sets. With the “LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure” book set, there’s not flimsy pamphlet of instructions to go missing! It’s all part of the sturdy hard cover book, so you can build and rebuild the Y-Wing set over and over.

Get Into LEGO with DK Books

The “LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure” set is intended for older kids (technically it says ages 8+), but this just makes it perfect for The Heir and King Dad to work on together. King Dad can help The Heir with the parts that are too tricky for his little fingers, but there’s still plenty of building that The Heir is capable of doing on his own. They spent the better part of half an hour working on this set together. That’s the perfect amount of time to fill before dinner after King Dad is home from work. Since then, The Heir had been playing with Zin Evalon and the Y-Wing Starfighter almost non-stop. He’s really enjoys taking it apart a little and then rebuilding it, and takes great pride in getting the build just right on his own.

Get Into LEGO with DK Books

There’s so much more to the “LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure” set than just the minifigure and Y-Wing set! The book is FULL of building ideas! It starts off with some key information for any LEGO builder: LEGO piece identification! I don’t know about you, but I did not know all the different types of LEGO pieces there were. Now we can take that giant box of LEGO from King Dad’s childhood, and identify all the pieces and use them to make Star Wars builds of our own! Included in the book are builds for Zin Evalon’s home base, Hoth, Tatooine, Cloud City, and Endor. In other words, this book contains hours upon hours of LEGO Star Wars building fun!

Get Into LEGO with DK Books

How about those NEXO Knights? If you’re not familiar with the NEXO Knights, the “LEGO NEXO Knights The Book of Knights” will tell you everything you need to know. The five NEXO Knights are all about protecting the kingdom of Knighton from Jestro and the Book of Monsters. With the help of their unique LEGO vehicles, and a little bit of magic courtesy of Merlok 2.0, the NEXO Knights are unstoppable. What better way to get to know the Knights than through a book that covers it all? The Heir happens to love the NEXO Knights already, so this book is quickly becoming a favourite. He loves spending an afternoon flipping through the “LEGO NEXO Knights The Book of Knights” and it’s fun for me to read all the pages that interest him. The book is divided into three sections. The first covers the Knights themselves (Clay, Aaron, Macy, Axl, and Lance), their main powers, their vehicles and base, and their allies. The second section covers the Knights’ enemies from Jestro and his lair to the Magma Monsters. The final section covers all the tools and powers that the Knights use to defend the kingdom. The Heir’s favourite page is probably the character gallery. Remember his love of LEGO minifigures? Well the character gallery has them ALL. Every NEXO Knight minifigure that’s available is shown there, and The Heir loves looking at them and asking about them. Then we flip back through the book to read all about each character. It’s a lot of fun!

Get Into LEGO with DK Books

“LEGO NEXO Knights The Book of Knights” also includes a handy set gallery. This part is really for the parents. As your child gets more into the NEXO Knights, this is where you can find the LEGO sets that are available and the recommended age range for the builds. When your child is ready to do the NEXO Knight builds, you can easily find the sets that correspond to their favourite characters, vehicles, or scenes.

Get Into LEGO with DK Books

Of course no LEGO book would be complete without an exclusive minifigure! “LEGO NEXO Knights The Book of Knights” includes the exclusive Merlok minifigure. At the back of the book, you’ll also find a fold out poster map of the Kingdom of Knighton. The Heir really enjoys looking over the map, folding it back up, and using it as a map to find the latest treasure around the house (whatever that might be).

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Get Into LEGO with DK Books


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  1. I love the idea of a set + a book. The best of both worlds! We’d love to try LEGO City: Build Your Own Adventure.

  2. Another LEGO book I would be interested in is the
    LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: The Book of Knights
    because my grandson would LOVE it!

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      The other LEGO book I would be interested in is the
      LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure”.

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  8. The other LEGO book I would be interested in is the
    LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure because it allows the reader to make their own imaginative play fun!

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  14. My son really wants this book and the Lego Star Wars Chronicles of The Force!

  15. I Love That Minifigure. My kids have a “small” collection of the figures and they love to look at them in books and read more about them.

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