HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted Review

HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted Review

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Have you ever felt a cloth diaper and been blown away with just how soft it was? If there’s ever a diaper that made me want to cuddle up and hug it, it would be the HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted. Maybe that makes me sounds just a little bit crazy, but you really need to feel one of these cloth diapers! That’s just one of the many things I’m loving about HumBird’s HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted cloth diaper! If you haven’t heard of HumBird, let me introduce you! HumBird is run by Dawn, a work at home mom from Bavaria, Germany. She’s been creating cloth diapers since 2010 after the birth of her first child. She wanted to create a line of diapers that were breathable, comfortable, and stylish, and she’s done just that! HumBird launched online in 2012, and since then she’s been shipping her beautiful creations all over the world. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted over the last few weeks, and I’m really loving it. Let me tell you all about this fabulous diaper and what makes it such a great staple in my stash!

The Details:

The HumBird HumBumHy is a hybrid fitted cloth diaper. What’s a hybrid fitted? A hybrid fitted is much like a fitted diaper with one difference. A fitted diaper is one that is made up entirely of absorbent materials. With a hybrid fitted diaper, there’s a hidden layer of fleece added into the outer layers of the diaper. That fleece helps to keep the moisture inside the diaper making it take much longer for moisture to be felt on the outside of the diaper.

HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted Review

HumBird’s HumBumHy is a one size hybrid fitted with a snap down rise. The HumBumHy fits babies from around 10 to 40 lbs. It accommodates that range of sizing with a 2×4 snap down rise. The HumBumHy has a single row snap closure across the front with crossover snaps on the tabs. The outside of the HumBumHy is made with a certified organic cotton jersey, and the inside is made with an organic bamboo velour material. In between that cotton jersey and the bamboo velour is a layer of 100% windpro performance fleece. Although not waterproof on its own, the layer of windpro fleece helps to keep the moisture inside the diaper. As a result, the HumBumHy can be worn without a cover for about four hours without feeling wet on the outside. For full waterproofing, a cover is required over the HumBumHy.

HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted Review

Each HumBumHy comes with two snap in soakers: one large snake style soaker and one small soaker. The large snake style soaker consists of two layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece topped with one layer of organic bamboo velour. This large soaker can be folded to create additional layers of absorbency in your baby’s wet zone. The small soaker consists of two layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece and one layer of polartec fleece. The small soaker can be snapped right into the outside of the diaper, or it can be snapped onto the large soaker.

HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted Review

How It Works:

I’ve been using the HumBird HumBumHy on Petit Prince and I’m really loving it! Petit Prince weighs somewhere around 22 to 23lbs, and he wears the HumBirdHy on the smallest rise setting. How does it fit? It fits really great. Despite being over 20lbs, I do still need to keep the tabs crossed over on Petit Prince. This makes the diaper fit nice and snug across the bum and around the legs. Since Petit Prince has become more active, I’ve found he’s really been slimming down. I doubt he would have needed to have the HumBumHy on this small of a setting back when he was closer to 18lbs and much more chunky. In terms of it fitting from 10lbs, that might be a bit of a stretch, especially for long and lean babies. I do think it would fit consistently well from closer to 15lbs.

HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted Review

How about that absorbency? You guys. It’s unreal. For daytime use, I snap in the large soaker only. With just the large soaker, the HumBumHy lasts for four hours easily. That even includes lasting through an unexpectedly long nap and then some! It’s incredibly absorbent even with just the large soaker. It did so well for daytime use that I absolutely had to try it overnight. For overnight I snap both the large and the small soakers in. Does it last? Oh yes it most certainly does. Not only does it last overnight for 12+ hours, but the back of the large and small soakers aren’t even wet after that length of time. This diaper can hold so much moisture it’s unbelievable. Petit Prince is a tummy sleeper, so it’s not completely unexpected that the back of the diaper not be as soaked as the front, but for it to still be dry? That’s just amazing. The HumBumHy would work so well for heavy wetters, even overnight!

HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted Review

One of the advantages of a hybrid fitted is that baby can wear it for a good chunk of time without a cover. I love this idea. This is something that really appeals to me, especially in the hot summer months. Not only is it really fun to be able to show off that super adorable outer print, but it’s nice to go coverless for increased breathability. How long can Petit Prince go coverless? He’s not getting four full hours without a cover, but he was getting at least two hours without the moisture being felt on the outside of the diaper. For me, that’s enough. These days we aren’t spending much more than two hours in a row at home anyway since we’re always on the go for The Heir. So two hours without a cover for some breathability is enough for me.

HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted Review

The certified organic bamboo velour inner of the HumBumHy is awesome. It’s so super duper soft. It’s velvety smooth, and it stays that way even after repeated washings. It is the perfect material to have sitting directly against baby’s skin! Although it doesn’t provide a stay dry feel against the skin, it also doesn’t stiffen up at all when damp. It’s going to stay soft against baby even when it’s wet.

HumBird HumBumHy Hybrid Fitted Review


  • Made in Germany
  • One size fits up to 40lbs
  • Snap down rise accommodates a wide range of sizing
  • Organic cotton and bamboo materials
  • Super soft
  • Incredibly absorbent
  • Absorbent enough for overnight use
  • Large snake style soaker can be folded to increase absorbency where your baby needs it
  • 100% windpro fleece keeps moisture inside the diaper


  • May not fit right from 10lbs
  • No stay dry feel

Final Thoughts:

The HumBird HumBumHy is an incredible hybrid fitted cloth diaper. This diaper is the solution for heavy wetters. This diaper has never let me down. Even with just the large soaker snapped in, it lasts and lasts. It’s not every day that a diaper has enough absorbency to be used overnight just as it comes, but the HumBird HumBumHy does just that. It has a great fit, Petit Prince is so comfy in it, and it’s cute to boot!

The HumBird HumBumHy starts at $34.99 and is available to purchase directly from HumBird. If you’d like to learn more about HumBird’s diapers or find out about special deals you can join the HumBird Chat Group on Facebook.

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  1. LOVE the amazing absorbency!! I had a heavy wetter in my son so anything absorbent that could contain him got a gold star from me!! I love how soft it looks!! I want to snuggle it too!!

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