The Sweetest Teething Accessory from SweeTooth

The Sweetest Teething Accessory from SweeTooth

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From somewhere around 3 months old the telltale signs are all there. Drool? Check. Fingers in the mouth all the time? Check. More irritable than usual? Check. Not sleeping so great? Double check. Is it teething? Maybe, maybe not, but either way there’s one thing baby wants to do. Chew something. There are a lot of things your baby might want to chew on, and a few things you’d prefer he not chew on (the crib rail, for example). The quest for something baby wants to chew and you want baby to chew on can be challenging. There are so many things to consider. Obviously it needs to be safe and non-toxic, and something that isn’t going to break into sharp or small pieces, but what other features matter? When Jennifer of Lollypop Kids asked me if Petit Prince was still teething, I laughed (to myself). He’s been teething since some time in December 2015. It’s all a bit of blur, really. Jennifer had a great new product that she was bringing in to Lollypop Kids. It’s a SweeTooth ice cream teether, and she thought Petit Prince might like to give it a go. Was I game to try it? Oh yes I was! I was also getting a little tired of having my fingers bitten, and the idea of a sweet new teether was music to my ears. This SweeTooth ice cream teether has turned out to be Petit Prince’s favourite thing lately, and me and my fingers are eternally grateful! Find out what we love about this teether!

What is it that sets the SweeTooth ice cream teether apart from other teething toys? So many things! Let me start by covering the features that make it a top pick for the discerning mom. If there’s one thing that matters the most to me about a teething toy, it’s what its made with. This is something that my baby is going to put in his mouth a lot. More than that, it’s something he’s supposed to put in his mouth and bite down on. He’s going to bite it with just his gums at first, but eventually he’ll be biting it with those razor sharp baby teeth. So you can bet I have very high expectations when it comes to the materials used. SweeTooth absolutely hits the mark with this. It’s made out of 100% medical & food grade silicone that meets and exceeds the safety standards in Canada, the USA, and Europe. It’s also completely non-toxic. There’s no BPA, PVC, or phtalates in the SweeTooth teethers, they guarantee it. Another thing you won’t find on this teether is glue or adhesive. The SweeTooth ice cream teether is made of one solid piece of silicone. How can you be sure these high standards are met with every single teether SweeTooth makes? Simple. SweeTooth’s teethers are made in the United States. Now that’s what I call a commitment to safety.

The Sweetest Teething Accessory from SweeTooth

What makes the SweeTooth ice cream teether a top pick for your baby? The design of this teether is fantastic. First of all, it’s adorable and your baby will be drawn to it. The ice cream cone design has so much to offer your little one, and the bright ice cream swirl colours are really eye catching. Those ice cream swirls are the perfect surface for baby to gnaw on. It’s hard to describe, but there’s a great density to it along with a nice cushiony feel. It’s going to depress well under the pressure of your baby’s teeth and gums with just the right amount of give without it feeling flimsy. The cone part of the teether is great too. It’s more firm than the ice cream swirl, and the cone has a nice texture that is great for encouraging fine motor skills. That texture means that even when it’s covered in baby drool, it won’t slip out of baby’s hand. This change in texture from the smooth ice cream top also provides a different chewing experience for baby. What about its size? It’s optimally sized to fit a baby or toddler’s hand. This means your baby can hold it easily and carry it around with them as they crawl or walk around.

The Sweetest Teething Accessory from SweeToothSometimes just chewing on something isn’t enough relief for a teething baby. The SweeTooth ice cream teether has one more little trick up its sleeve. It’s is freezer safe! You can pop this teether into the freezer to cool it down for even more relief on baby’s achy gums.

The Sweetest Teething Accessory from SweeTooth

Did Petit Prince like using the SweeTooth ice cream teether? Oh yes he did! He ended up carrying this teether around with him everywhere he went. It basically became his latest fashion accessory! It was perfect timing too as his seventh tooth finally broke through his gums just three days ago. No wonder he was going to town on his SweeTooth teether over the last week! He seemed to prefer biting down on the cone part of the teether, and who can blame him? With a tooth that close to the surface of the gums, it must have felt pretty good to chew on that firm textured side of the teether. I loved that I was confident in the construction of this teether from the materials to the way it was manufactured. There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve chosen the best for your baby, especially when it’s something they’ll be chewing on for a while!

The Sweetest Teething Accessory from SweeTooth

Final Thoughts:

There are so many things that make the SweeTooth ice cream teether such a great choice for a teething accessory for your baby. From a safety standpoint, this teether meets and exceeds Canadian, American, and European safety standards. The 100% medical and food grade silicone is completely non toxic, free of BPA, PVC, and pthalates, so you don’t have to worry about the materials used. I have a soft spot for products made in North America, and SweeTooth’s US manufacturing is awesome. Perhaps most importantly, Petit Prince really loved this teether and it isn’t hard to see why. It’s eye catching for him, the textures on it are appealing to the touch, it’s the perfect size for his hands, and it doesn’t slip out of his grip when it’s covered in drool. SweeTooth has designed a great teething accessory that’s sure to be a hit with any baby or toddler.

The Sweetest Teething Accessory from SweeTooth

The SweeTooth ice cream teether is available in four colours: Growing Green, Baby Blue, Pretty Pink, and Yummy Yellow. It retails for $19.95 CAD and is available to purchase now from Lollypop Kids.

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The Sweetest Teething Accessory from SweeTooth

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