AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

I received this item at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Oh AppleCheeks! What have you done?!?! I will freely admit that I like my AppleCheeks cloth diapers. I’ve found such a great fit with my size ones on Petit Prince, and I love those ruffles at the legs. But AppleCheeks did something a couple weeks ago, and it has changed EVERYTHING. I went from liking my AppleCheeks diapers to LOVING AppleCheeks. Why did that happen? Two words: ONE SIZE! You can now consider me one those AppleCheeks fans. Send me a keychain, a tea infuser, and a shiny apple tattoo because I am ready! If what I’m saying sounds like crazy talk, then you must have missed the memo! Two weeks ago, AppleCheeks launched their very first one size cloth diaper, and Miranda of Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot asked me to give it a test run for her. Until now, AppleCheeks cloth diapers have been available in three sizes. But now they’ve added an all new one size diaper to their line up. If you’re thinking that a one size diaper from AppleCheeks sounds incredibly redundant given their sized diaper system, then you need to see this diaper. Let me take you on a little tour of this brand new AppleCheeks!

The Details:

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

The AppleCheeks One Size diaper is constructed much like the sized AppleCheeks diapers. It has a waterproof PUL outer and a microfleece inner. The microfleece inner has an envelope style opening located just slightly back from the middle of the diaper. The pocket has a nice wide opening, so stuffing the AppleCheeks One Size diaper is easy to do. Microfleece is a stay dry material, so when used as a pocket diaper, baby’s bum will have a nice dry feel even when the insert is wet. AppleCheeks diapers are known for their ruffles, and the One Size version of the diaper is no exception. There are elastics (and ruffles) at the front and back of the diaper, and around the leg openings. The diaper has a snap closure with a double row of white snaps across the front, and two snaps at the end of each tab.

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

The AppleCheeks One Size diaper fits from 6lbs to 35+ lbs. It accommodates that range of sizing with a 3×3 rise snap on the front of the diaper. Compared to a size one AppleCheeks diaper, the one size has a wider cut across the bum and through the crotch, and fully unsnapped is about two inches longer. When snapped to the smallest rise setting, the one size is about three quarters of an inch shorter than an AppleCheeks size one. Compared to a size two AppleCheeks diaper, the one size has a narrower cut across the bum and through the crotch, and fully unsnapped is about one and a half inches shorter. The AppleCheeks One Size diaper provides a more generous fit across the bum than a size one, a range of rise options, and a more trim fit through the crotch and around the legs than a size two. It is especially great for those babies who are busting out of their size ones, but aren’t quite getting a good fit with their size twos.

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

As with the sized AppleCheeks diapers, you can use the AppleCheeks One Size diaper as a pocket diaper or as an all-in-two. I’ve been using it with an AppleCheeks two ply bamboo inserts. You can tri-fold the insert and stuff it in the pocket opening, or you can lay the tri-folded insert on top of the shell. When used as an all-in-two, you simply toss the soiled insert into the wet bag and reuse the shell with a clean insert laid on top.

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

How It Works:

Before I tell you about how the AppleCheeks One Size diaper works on Petit Prince, I should really tell you a little bit about my experience with AppleCheeks size one and size two. The very first AppleCheeks diaper I bought was a size two in Orange You Glad. I bought it for The Heir when he was around 15-16 months old and weighing around 20lbs. In theory, the size two should have been a great fit as they are designed for babies from 18 – 40lbs. I was SO EXCITED to try that diaper, and unfortunately it didn’t fit The Heir. It was too big. I tried pulling up the wings so they stuck out, but no matter what I did, he’d start walking around and the legs would slowly sag until there were big gaps. Gaps mean leaks, so I put it away for a month and tried again. Still too big. I repeated this process of trying it and putting it away month after month until next thing I knew, The Heir was potty trained and his AppleCheeks size two was still too big. Fast forward to Petit Prince, and I knew I had to get a couple of size one AppleCheeks to try on him right away. Though they didn’t fit him right from birth (well, my vintage skinny apple AppleCheeks did), soon he was rocking his size ones like a champ. I love how trim they are, and I love the look of those ruffles around the legs. Now that Petit Prince is over 20lbs (he was 21.5lbs six weeks ago), I have tried my Orange You Glad size two on him a few times. It does fit, but it’s quite bulky on his frame and I find the crotch of the size two sits really low between his legs. If it’s on for a longer period of time, the legs do start to gape eventually. It’s not as bad as it was with The Heir (who was much leaner than Petit Prince), but if he really gets moving with his speed crawl, the size two just can’t stay snug. So Petit Prince has reached that awkward in between stage with his AppleCheeks sized diapers. He still has one more snap setting to go on his size ones, and I expect that when he starts walking he’ll slim down a little bit again and the size ones will last a good while longer.

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

Now that you know where Petit Prince is at with his sized AppleCheeks, let me tell you where he’s at with the new AppleCheeks One Size. He wears the AppleCheeks One Size on the medium rise setting. At this setting he gets excellent bum coverage, a snug fit around the leg openings, and a trim look overall. When I first received the One Size, I noticed that the leg elastics went right up the front of the shell to the base of the tabs. In other words, the elastics came up higher than the top rise snap. What that means is that when the diaper is snapped to the small or medium rise, some of the elastic gets folded up near the front of the leg openings when it’s on baby. I’ll admit that I was concerned this would lead to a gap in that spot. Did it? Nope, it sure didn’t. When I put the diaper on Petit Prince, I always fold the rise UP. That means that I tuck a finger into the rise fold up towards the top of the diaper to make sure it’s folded up. Once on Petit Prince, that extra elastic doesn’t end up bunching or sticking out, so there’s no gap created.

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

The fit of the AppleCheeks One Size is dreamy. This is the diaper that’s going to allow AppleCheeks lovers to stick with AppleCheeks when their long and lean babies outgrow their size ones. This is the diaper that’s going to bring new fans to AppleCheeks too! You see, not everyone is keen on a sized diaper system. Yes, it can work great and can provide a nice trim fit. BUT it also means making an investment in cloth diapers twice. The hope is, of course, that your child will seamlessly outgrow their size ones and immediately fit into size twos. If that happens, then you can sell your size ones to fund a stash of size twos and you can ride off into your Samoan Sunset on a path of unicorn tears and never look back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way! Based on my own experience and reading about others going through the same thing, some kids end up in that in between size limbo. The AppleCheeks One Size is for those families! AppleCheeks One Size is also for those who don’t want to even have to think about committing to a sized diaper system. The AppleCheeks One Size means you can invest in just one stash of AppleCheeks diapers and know they’ll fit from birth to potty training. Shop once, and diaper your baby without another thought! That is, until they release a new colour you just must have.

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

The AppleCheeks One Size is a perfect fit on Petit Prince. He gets nice bum coverage without a ton of bulk. I love the double row of snaps along the front for the closure. A double row of snaps is my personal preference for a closure. I find that it allows me to better customize the fit. If baby has chunky thighs and a skinny tummy, I can stagger the snaps so the bottom row is set wider than the top row. Skinny thighs and a chubby tummy? Stagger the snaps with the bottom row set tighter than the top row. With three rise settings to choose from, you can easily customize the size of the AppleCheeks One Size for you growing or shrinking baby. Now when your baby gets more mobile and starts to slim down, you can just go back down a rise setting. How about that small rise setting? I obviously don’t have a newborn baby to try this out on, but from what I can tell I really do think the AppleCheeks One Size diaper will fit right from birth. When snapped down to the small rise, it’s actually shorter than the size one AppleCheeks. Would it fit right from 6lbs? That would depend on baby’s build, but it really does look like it could fit more newborns right away.

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

If I could change just one thing about the AppleCheeks One Size diaper, it would be this. Make the rise snaps match the colour of the diaper. This is really only a cosmetic thing, but I like it when the open rise snaps blend into the PUL. It’s not even an issue on the smallest rise because you can’t even see them, but the bright white snaps are impossible to miss once you move to the medium or large rise setting.

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

Let’s talk about that AppleCheeks two ply bamboo insert. First, it is buttery soft. I find that a lot of bamboo tri-fold style inserts tend to stiffen up after being washed. This is not the case with the AppleCheeks two ply bamboo. The first time I pulled it out of the dryer, I couldn’t believe how soft it was. I may have actually rubbed it on my face. Maybe. The two ply bamboo is super trim when tri-folded, so it doesn’t add a ton of bulk to the AppleCheeks One Size. As far as absorbency goes, I found it to be adequate for up to two hours. Petit Prince is 14 months old and not a super heavy wetter right now. The AppleCheeks two ply bamboo insert did last longer than two hours when Petit Prince took an unexpectedly long nap. Although the diaper itself didn’t leak, the insert was completely saturated and the ruffles around the legs of the AppleCheeks One Size were starting to wick a bit of moisture. Obviously, you’d want to change the diaper before it gets to that point, but all things considered, I thought it held up quite well. AppleCheeks does make a three ply bamboo insert, and I think that’s really the amount of absorbency Petit Prince needs for a more typical day time length of wear (I prefer to get 3-4 hours out of a cloth diaper during the day).

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!

The placement of the pocket opening on the AppleCheeks One Size is the same as it is on the sized AppleCheeks. I’ll admit that this isn’t my favourite pocket opening position. It’s really in the prime poop zone. AppleCheeks inserts are supposed to agitate out of the shell in the wash all on its own, so in theory you can just spray off the poop (unless baby is EBF in which case the whole poopy diaper just goes right into the laundry bag). However, I’ve never met an HE machine that could agitate an insert out completely from my sized AppleCheeks, and I had the same experience with my One Size. If you’re lucky enough to have an old school top loader with the central agitator, the inserts may agitate out in the wash for you. If you have an HE machine, you can do what I do. I toss the sprayed AppleCheeks poopy diaper into the laundry bag without unstuffing. After my prewash cycle is complete, I fish out the AppleCheeks diapers and unstuff them before starting my main wash cycle.

AppleCheeks One Size Diaper? Oh Yes They Did!


  • Made in Canada
  • One size fits from 6 -35+ lbs
  • Small rise setting should actually fit most newborns
  • Fit is more snug than an AppleCheeks size two
  • Fills the fit void between size one and size two
  • Provides more bum coverage than an AppleCheeks size one
  • Trim fit
  • Microfleece has a stay dry feel
  • Double row of snaps on the front closure
  • No need to buy a diaper stash in two sizes: shop once and diaper through potty training
  • Ruffles!


  • Pocket opening is in the poop zone

Final Thoughts:

I really love the AppleCheeks One Size. I wish this diaper existed when I was pregnant with The Heir way back when. I remember looking at AppleCheeks when I was trying to decide what kind of diapers to put on my registry. I decided against them because the two sized system seemed more complicated than a one size system. Now that AppleCheeks has a one size diaper, I actually want more of them! A LOT more of them! The AppleCheeks One Size has excellent coverage, no sagging, a trim fit through the legs, and an adjustable rise to accommodate all the growing (and shrinking) stages that a baby goes through from birth to potty training. For those of you that may think a one size AppleCheeks diaper is unnecessary, I have to respectfully disagree. The AppleCheeks One Size is slightly smaller overall than the AppleCheeks size two, and that is a GREAT thing. This one size diaper bridges the gap in fit that often happens when a child is on the lean side. If your baby doesn’t have chunky thighs, they may not fit into an AppleCheeks size two until they are well past the minimum weight recommendation of 16lbs. You don’t have to find a different brand of cloth diaper to get you through that stage. Now, you can stick with the brand you know and love! Better yet, the AppleCheeks One Size diaper snaps down to a smaller rise than the size one AppleCheeks. So if you’re still pregnant or trying to conceive and want to try cloth diapers, the AppleCheeks One Size is one of only a handful of one size diapers available that will actually fit right from birth. Skip the newborn stash and go for an AppleCheeks One Size stash instead! Sprinkle in a few size ones, and you’re sure to be an AppleCheeks fan mama for life!

In case you’re wondering, the AppleCheeks One Size diaper is an addition to the sized diapers. AppleCheeks are and will continue to be available in size one, size two, and size three, only now they’ll also be available in a one size too! Consider this a fabulous new way to spread all that AppleCheeks love!

The AppleCheeks One Size diaper cover is available to purchase from Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot for $24.00 CAD. Orders placed with Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot ship for FREE with no minimum order.
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  22. Although I prefer actual NB sizes in newborns due to bulk and leg gaps, this one seems to be ideal for trimmer thighs. That’s a big deal, since one of the only problems I’ve encountered in CDing is the leg holes being too large and/or the elastic giving out too quickly.

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