Love Child Organics Summer Adventure

Love Child Organics Summer Adventure

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Love Child Organics Summer Adventure

I received these items in my capacity as a Love Child Organics ambassador. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

I remember a time when planning a summer vacation was really simple. Pack a few tank tops, a few pairs of shorts, a bathing suit, and you were on your way. Those days are long gone for us now with two kids in tow! I end up packing for every eventuality with the kids. It’s a little more complicated, but we still have a lot of fun no matter where our summer adventure takes us! One thing that I think about when traveling with Petit Prince at one year old is food. The only thing worse than a fussy baby on an airplane is a fussy HUNGRY baby on an airplane. Or in the car, or on a boat, or really anywhere you might find yourself in the summer. For this reason, there’s one thing that’s always at the top of my packing list when we travel with the kids: snacks. It was at the top of my list when we went to Italy with The Heir when he was 13 months old, and it was at the top of my list for the vacation we’re on right now! When it comes to snacks for babies and toddlers, I want something quick, easy, convenient, and healthy. Ideally, those snacks will taste so good that the kids won’t even realize they’re eating healthy foods. It may seem like a lot to ask of a kids’ snack, but Love Child Organics ticks all the boxes and then some! Let me tell you how Love Child Organics has taken all the guess work out of choosing the best snacks for Petit Prince on our summer adventure.

For our summer adventure this year, I’ve packed a variety of great snacks for Petit Prince to munch on. We have no control over flight delays or summer traffic jams, so having nibbles on hand for Petit Prince is a must. It was a no brainer to pack Love Child Organics snacks for our summer adventure! There are so many great things about this line of baby food, and if you’re unfamiliar with them, let me introduce you! Love Child Organics was started by Leah and John Garrad-Cole. They’re two parents that were just looking for the very best in organic food for their own children, Poppy and Cam. When they couldn’t find what they wanted on the shelves, they started making it themselves. What resulted was nutritionally dense ingredients in every recipe! They use ingredients like quinoa and acerola fruit to pack every product with great nutrition. All Love Child Organics products are 100% organic and never contain any preservatives. There’s not even any ascorbic or citric acid in their purées, and you can taste the difference. Yes I’ve totally tasted them, and Love Child Organics purées taste like fresh fruits and vegetables. You can actually taste the different ingredients in each purée. There are no hidden ingredients or fillers used either. What you see on the front of the package is what you’ll see on the ingredients list too. No hidden surprises! There’s never any added sugar in Love Child Organics products, and they work to keep the naturally occurring sugars low too. Perhaps best of all, they’re a company that gives back to the community. One cent from every Love Child Organics product sold goes to First Book and First Book Canada, a non-profit that provides brand new books to children in need. You can feel good about feeding Love Child Organics products to your baby, and feel good about supporting a business that actually cares about children.

Love Child Organics Summer Adventure

The first Love Child Organics snack we packed along for our summer adventure was the teefies. Love Child Organics teefies are a teething biscuit, but unlike other teething biscuits on the market, there is absolutely no added sugar or salt in these. I completely avoided teething biscuits with The Heir for that very reason. Sure they were a convenient snack, but they also had added sugar and that was enough for me to leave them on the grocery store shelf. When Love Child Organics introduced teefies I was thrilled! Teefies are made with a multi-grain blend including rice, buckwheat, amaranth, and millet. They dissolve easily in baby’s mouth, but have a nice light crisp to them that makes them really fun to bite into. Teefies aren’t just for teething babies though! Even The Heir enjoys teefies as a base for crackers and cheese! You can even make little teefies sandwiches (nut butter and jam, perhaps?). As a snack on the road, teefies are perfect. One teefie keeps Petit Prince occupied for a good long time, making them ideal for keeping him busy on the plane.

Love Child Organics Summer Adventure

Love Child Organics Love Ducks are easily Petit Prince’s favourite snack. These light and crunchy organic puff duck snacks are the perfect size for baby fingers to grasp onto. Made from non-GMO corn flour, rice flour, sunflower oil, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. There’s no sugar or salt added, but these things taste great! Petit Prince loves to grab these right from the bag himself, and they make a great healthy snack when we’re on the go.

Love Child Organics Summer Adventure

Next up are the Love Child Organics Oaty Chomps and Fruity Chomps. These fruity snack bars contain real whole fruits (no fruit juice here) and superfoods like chia, amaranth, and quinoa. Perfect for toddlers, these bars are small enough for a little one to hold onto (and actually finish themselves), and they crumble up easily in baby’s mouth. Petit Prince can’t get enough of these bars. I always have a few in my diaper bag for those times when dinner or lunch is running late (which is pretty much always when we venture out to a restaurant). If I want an oaty chomp or fruity chomp bar to last a little longer, I break small chunks off for Petit Prince to pick up on his own, but he also does just fine holding the whole bar by himself.

Love Child Organics Summer Adventure

Then there are the Love Child Organics purées and entrées. Petit Prince is at a stage where he really just eats whatever we’re eating for his main meals, but sometimes we are on the go and need something easy to feed him. The Love Child Organics Super Blends are perfect for those times. I can squeeze some of these delicious combinations out onto a spoon, or I can hand him the pouch and let him slurp it up himself. The Super Blends come in a variety of great combinations. Some of them are just fruit combinations which are perfect for adding to plain yogurt or spreading on toast, and others are more heavily weighted with vegetables (kale, peas, & pears, sweet potatoes, apples, beets, & cinnamon, or butternut squash, corn, & apples). The veggie heavy Super Blends are the ones I like for complementing Petit Prince’s meals. They make a great side of veggies for him if he’s not into the vegetables the rest of us are having with a meal. The Veggie Protein meals are a new addition to the Love Child Organics line, and they are incredible! These are the very first spouted savoury protein baby food pouches in Canada. That’s right, you don’t have to rip open a package and pour it into a dish or attempt to dip a spoon into a messy pouch of food any longer. These are ideal for summer adventures. These are all plant-based meals with delicious and complex flavours sure to turn any baby into a foodie. Each pouch contains 4-5 grams of protein and they’re packed full of chickpeas, lentils, and beans. They’re also gluten free, and are vegetarian (the Veggie Casserole and Ratatouille are both certified vegan). These are perfect for a real meal for baby on the travel days. The Heir, King Dad, and I can wait for a late dinner on those days, but Petit Prince cannot!

Love Child Organics Summer Adventure

There’s one more Love Child Organics snack that I packed for our summer adventure, and it’s the Toodle O’s. Toodle O’s make s great snack and a great breakfast cereal while away on holiday. They’re multigrain O’s made of rice, buckwheat, amaranth, and millet that melt quickly in the mouth. These are fortified with iron, and like all Love Child Organics products they have no added sugar. The apple Toodle O’s that Petit Prince enjoys have a light apple taste and a great crunch. They make a great snack to tide him over while dinner is being made, and a great breakfast cereal option for The Heir to enjoy with milk in the morning. You can even use Toodle O’s in place of breadcrumbs in your favourite recipes. Use them to add crunch to baked zucchini sticks or home made chicken strips!

With all Petit Prince and The Heir’s snack needs covered by Love Child Organics, we can spend the rest of our time just having fun on our summer adventure! The quick and healthy snacks from Love Child Organics take all the stress out of keeping the kids happy on the road. I don’t have to spend all my time reading labels and comparing nutritional value charts at the store. With Love Child Organics, what you see is what you get. Simply put, it’s clean, honest, and better organic baby food!

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Love Child Organics Summer Adventure

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