First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

I received this item at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. 

For a third gift idea for my Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash, I’m focusing on a pretty BIG milestone for both baby and mom. What could that be? Baby’s first steps, of course! I have lots of ideas for the perfect gift for those little babies that are turning into a toddler and this week I’m going to tell you about my TOP FIVE gifts for a first birthday. At the end of the week, there’ll be a GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY where one lucky reader will have the chance to win ALL FIVE of the gifts I’ll be featuring! Are you excited yet? I know I am! Gift number one is Öko Créations Hooded Bath Poncho, and gift number two is Usborne Children’s Books’ Touchy-Feely “That’s not my…” board book, let’s get right to gift number three!

That moment when your baby takes an unsteady step all on their own for the very first time is pretty amazing. That little tiny squish you brought home is now up and on the go, ready or not! Some babies will take those first wobbly steps before their first birthdays, but a lot (most?) of them don’t reach this milestone until after they turn one. We are still patiently waiting for Petit Prince to take his first steps. Having experienced the thrill and excitement of The Heir taking his first steps and then promptly bolting all over the house at mach speed, I’m really in no rush for Petit Prince to start! Like it or not, that moment will be here before I know it, and there’s one thing I want at the ready. What could that be? The perfect pair of soft soled shoes for Petit Prince’s little feet. Have I found the perfect pair of soft soled shoes for baby’s first birthday? Why yes I have! They are Minimoc Shoes and I love them. 

First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

Minimoc is a Canadian company that makes the cutest little moccasins and shoes for babies and toddlers. Based out of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Minimoc moccasins and shoes are all handmade right here in Canada. Minimoc is run by a husband and wife team who started making moccasins as gifts for their friends’ babies. Fast forward to now, and Minimoc has over 40 styles and colours of moccasins and shoes to choose from! Each pair of Minimoc Shoes are crafted with high quality, durable leather that’s been hand inspected. The sole of a Minimoc is also made out of leather creating a perfectly designed soft soled shoe for squishy chunky little toes. The opening of a Minimoc is threaded with elastic making them easy to put on baby’s foot. Simply pull the top of the Minimoc shoe open, and baby’s foot can get right in. This elastic not only makes it easier to get the Minimoc on baby’s foot, but it also helps keep it on! There’s nothing more frustrating than having a super cute baby shoe that is easily kicked off every two minutes. This is not a problem with Minimoc Moccasins and Shoes.

First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

Minimoc footwear comes in two different styles. The Minimoc Moccasin style has a fun fringe all the way around the ankle of the shoe. The Minimoc Shoe style is a simpler look without the fringe. Both are ridiculously adorable. The variety of colours and patterns available in both Minimoc styles provide a look to suit any outfit and any taste! Looking for a pair of moccasins to match a certain outfit, or maybe you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will really stand out? Minimoc has a moccasin or a shoe to suit!

First Steps in Minimoc Shoes
Minimoc Moccasins in Coral on the left; Minimoc Shoes in Elk on the right.

The pair that I have for Petit Prince are Minimoc Shoes in Stingray. Stingray is a perfect grey, and it goes with everything! Although he hasn’t taken his first steps, Minimoc Shoes are the perfect footwear for early walkers. Let me explain why! Have you ever seen Bambi? Yeah, the Disney movie. You know when Bambi gets on the frozen lake and slips and slides all over the place? This is what a newly walking toddler looks like when they’re put in regular thick soled shoes. Babies spend a lot of their time on the floor barefoot (or maybe in socks). They learn to walk while holding onto a parent’s hand while stomping around in the living room or the kitchen. When they start walking on their own, they still need to feel the floor beneath them. This gives the toddler a sense of being grounded and of feeling more secure. This is why a soft soled shoe is ideal for early walkers. Minimoc Moccasins and Shoes have the perfect sole for early walkers. It’s enough to protect those little feet from all the different surfaces they’ll be walking on, but still soft and thin enough that they can feel their feet on the ground.

First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

What about the quality of Minimoc Moccasins and Shoes? Top notch! These are really well made! You can feel the quality of the leather and see the workmanship that has gone into each pair. The leather is cut with precision, and every stitch is even and clean. I love the details on the Minimoc shoes. The tab at the back of the heel wraps up and around the ankle of the shoe making it not only secure, but also giving it a really polished look. The sole of the Minimoc shoes is SO soft and smooth. I could just rub it all day long. Inside the Minimoc shoes, the suede side of the leather is nice and supple, and definitely comfortable for baby’s bare foot to spend the day inside. There are no rough spots anywhere on a Minimoc, so you don’t need to be concerned that your toddler’s feet will be uncomfortable.

First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

How about the fit? I always find it hard to accurately measure Petit Prince’s feet, so I always err on the side of going a bit too big so he has room to grow into them. Petit Prince wears a size 3 in the Minimoc shoe style and (as predicted) he has a bit of room to grow into them. I found them really easy to get on his feet, and as promised, he wasn’t able to kick them off! He loves cruising the furniture in his Minimoc shoes and must find them comfortable as he has never tried to pull them off.

First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

What I love most of all about Minimoc Moccasins and Shoes is that they are handmade in Canada. I LOVE supporting local brands and companies. I especially appreciate it when those brands choose to keep manufacturing and production right here at home. The love that goes into each pair of Minimoc Shoes is so obvious. There’s so much precision and care taken with each pair, and the overall quality and durability of Minimoc footwear is superb. I can’t wait for Petit Prince to embark on his very first steps in his Canadian made Minimoc Shoes! Minimoc Moccasins and Shoes make the perfect first birthday gift for the toddler in your life! You really can’t go wrong with these! Minimoc Moccasins and Shoes retail for $45-55 CAD and are available to purchase directly from Minimoc right HERE.

First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

The Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash GIVEAWAY is underway! You could win over $150 in prizes including one $50 gift card to Minimoc! The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents, 18+ and closes on August 2nd at 11:59pm MST. Enter the Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash Giveaway. 

First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

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64 Comments on “First Steps in Minimoc Shoes

  1. These look nice and soft and perfect for baby’s tender feet!

  2. Those shoes seem confy! LO started to cruise around the house a month ago now. We already bought his first pair of shoes but we will need another one soon enough! His feet are thick and we are having difficulties to find a shoe that fits. Theese are now a new option to consider! I’ll be looking out to find some!

  3. Oh these are just adorable!! I love the soft inside suede and the quality materials!!

  4. These would be perfect, my girl is just starting to walk and we need shoes.

  5. I love that these are made in B.C! Proudly Canadian! They are so cute and I’d love a pair for my daughter. I have a grown-up pair, and we could match!!

  6. These are such sweet, adorable little shoes. They are perfect for little one’s feet and look so comfortable and stylish.

  7. I can’t say enough good about mini moc! I have one pair of Mocs and one pair of the warm shoes and LOVE THEM! And the fact we don’t have to pay out millions for international shipping like we do for everything else in Canada is the best!

  8. I can’t wait until our little bundle to be needs a pair of Minimocs!

  9. These would be perfect for my son! He has taken a couple steps, but isn’t fully walking yet. And these are super adorable!

  10. These shoes look good for the first steps. Soft soles are definitely best for babies who are just learning to toddle

  11. Before I had my first child, a mother of a large family told me of some of her favorite baby things. She mentioned a shoe similar to this (or perhaps this same one). I must not have been paying close enough attention, because I’ve not been able to find these. Now I’m excited to try them. Getting little feet into regular shoes is sometimes impossible, and these look so good!

  12. I LOVE Minimoc’s! My kids both have a pair and they are the cutest most comfortable shoes ever. They were my daughters first walking shoe and they will be my son’s too.

  13. these are soo cute, would look perfect on my new grandbaby. Thank you for the give away

  14. Love minimocs! I had a pink pair for my daughter and have yet to get a pair for my son!

  15. These are adorable! I love that they have an elastic front opening to make it easy to put on and prevent them from being kicking off. My baby is only 4 months old, but I’ve stopped putting shoes on her because she kicks them off. Every time.

  16. My grand daughter took her first steps in these.Look forward to seeing her sister do the same.Great brand,stylish and comfortable.

  17. These little Moccasins are absolutely precious! I love all of the different patterns and colors that they have. So many to choose from!

  18. I always worry about finding something comfortable for baby’s little feet and these look so buttery soft!

  19. I love these shoes. They look nice and comfy and not rigid like other baby shoes!

  20. These are so cute and seem like great first shoes

  21. These are so cute! My little girl is a few days shy of 10 months and starting to try to walk. I think these would be great for her.

  22. I think these moccasins would be a great first shoe for my little boy who has just started to walk.

  23. These are incredibly cute and stylish, and I like that they are soft soled! Thanks for the review!

  24. These are adorable! And soft-soled shoes are so nice for baby’s learning feet – the cuteness is just a definite plus!

  25. Thanks for the detailed review on these shoes,they look and sound like very good quality.Minimoc is a Canadian company i really like that !!!

  26. These are adorable! I’ve been wanting to get a pair just like these for my baby. Fingers crossed!

  27. These are so cute and make the transition to shoes so much easier!

  28. When my oldest was born someone gave us a pair of Robeez and we were sold… now however, I think there is a new pair that needs to be checked out. How cute!!!

  29. These look so soft and comfortable. I love leather shoes for myself too. These would be perfect for inside or outdoors!

  30. Thanks for this review! Our LO is going to be walking soon and these would be perfect!

  31. My little girly could really use these! She’s not quite 1, but stands up without holding anything, bounces, and balances, and has taken a few little steps here and there.

  32. I love how comfy these are for baby…the pink are adorable!

  33. These would look soooooo cute on my little grandson aweee

  34. They are cute but id definitely love a synthetic version as being a vegan

  35. Love that thwy are durable! Love that they have over 40 designs and colors! And the elastic around the top not only makes it easy to get on but also helps them to stay on! awesome! NOTHING is more annoying then one lost baby shoe! Or having to run around backtracking the store trying to find a lost baby shoe lol

  36. Okay, we love the moccasins that we have currently (only two pairs) but these minimoc shoes We need those!! I love the moccasin look, but sometimes I want something a little different, but still wears like a moccasin.. & this is it!!

  37. They look soft but still supportive 😀 I like the pink ones, exactly what I think of when I think moccasins, but much more comfy!

  38. My daughter had these for our first little love.Very cute and helpful for babys’ first steps.

  39. These are adorable. Look great for learning to walk. Not hard soled like other shoes. Wonderful!

  40. We had a pair of moccasins when. DD first started walking at 9 months and she loved them! I would love a new pair that fit!

  41. These are so cute!! I love handmade items! And being primarily native American, the cultural aesthetics of a moccasin appeal to me a lot. I love baby shoes, but my baby is only 7.5 months and I don’t expect to see her walking anytime soon (and in no rush)! But I tried newborn shoes with her and she ALWAYS kicked them off. So it’s nice to know there’s a “kick proof” style out there! I will definitely consider these as she nears her first birthday!

  42. I love the looks of these little shoes. They look comfortable enough for babes to leave alone, and the slip-on style makes it easier for parents to put on squirmy kiddos. I love the deep colors; I like how gender neutral they look. Great product!

  43. How awesome my kiddo is always re-velcroing her shoes. She would be so stoked on these.

  44. I love moccasins but I’ll be honest, these did not do anything for me when I first saw a photo of them – they didn’t look very soft or comfortable, and looked like they would be a struggle to put on. I’m glad you featured them though because you have proved my doubts wrong in your review! Just goes to show you certainly can’t judge a book by it’s cover! I’m thankful for your thoughtful reviews. What I personally love the most is that they are BC MADE! I’m on Van Island and love hearing about the amazing baby products that are made in my beautiful province!

  45. i love minimocs, glad to hear they are great quality, and worth the money.

  46. These mini moccasins are just so cute and I love how they come in different colours

  47. I’m currently thinking about what to get my grandson for his first birthday and moccasins are a great idea! Good review.

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