Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations’ Hooded Bath Poncho

Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations' Hooded Bath Poncho

I received this item at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. 

This week on the blog I’m doing something special! This week is all about baby’s FIRST birthday! Petit Prince just celebrated his first birthday, and it reminded me of just how challenging it can be to find the perfect gift for a one year old. In fact, a friend of mine just emailed me asking for some gift ideas for her niece and nephew’s first birthdays. What’s that saying about right place, right time? I have lots of ideas for the perfect gift for those little babies that are turning into a toddler and this week I’m going to tell you about my TOP FIVE gifts for a first birthday. At the end of the week, there’ll be a GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY where one lucky reader will have the chance to win ALL FIVE of the gifts I’ll be featuring! Are you excited yet? I know I am! Without further ado, let’s get right to gift number one!

If you’ve spent any time kicking around my blog, you’ll know that I have a little soft spot in my life for Canadian made goods. Not only do I love supporting Canadian shops and businesses, but I also adore Canadian made baby products. Let me introduce you to Öko Créations. Öko Créations is a family run, environmentally friendly textile manufacturer based out of Montréal, Quebec. Started by two sisters in 2009,  Öko Créations makes some of the most luxurious textiles I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting my hands on. Not only are the items they manufacture sewn here in Canada, but the textiles and fabrics they use are also woven here in Canada too. How’s that for local? Öko Créations makes fabulous textile products for the whole family. From handkerchiefs to cloth pads, cloth diaper inserts to crib sheets, teethers to bibs, they have something for everyone! Though I love so many of the products that Öko Créations makes, there’s one in particular that stands out as a perfect gift for that baby in your life who’s turning one: the Öko Créations Hooded Bath Poncho!

The Details:

Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations' Hooded Bath Poncho

Öko Créations’ Hooded Bath Poncho is made right here in Canada out of 100% organic cotton. The terry cotton is incredible soft and supple, perfect for the tender delicate skin of any soon to be toddler. Not only is it soft, but it’s also thick. This isn’t your typical “baby towel” with the textured terry cotton only on one side. Oh no! Öko Créations’ Hooded Bath Poncho has luxurious organic cotton terry loops inside and out. That means both sides are truly absorbent so you can quickly dry off those feet before they are running off down the hallway.

Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations' Hooded Bath Poncho

The hood of poncho is trimmed with a woven organic cotton material in a variety of print options. The trim options available include Little Elephants: a green silhouette of elephants, Pink Flowers: dotted with a pink and red floral pattern, Little Bear: a grey silhouette of bears, and Magic World: an array of forest critters from porcupines to owls and butterflies to snails.

Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations' Hooded Bath Poncho

The front of the Öko Créations Hooded Bath Poncho opens up with a snap to allow even the largest of toddler heads to easily slip into the poncho. This may not be a concern for many of you, but somehow my children have particularly large heads, so this matters to me! The snap is embellished with a woven cotton strap that matches the trim around the hood of the poncho adding just the right amount of flair.

Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations' Hooded Bath Poncho

One of my favourite features of the Öko Créations Hooded Bath Poncho are the snaps at the side of the poncho. These snaps allow you to make an opening for your toddler’s hands. This creates a sort of sleeve for the child so they aren’t desperately trying to get their hands out of the poncho. It makes it really easy for them to reach up and grab onto the edge of the bath tub while they wait for it to fill, or grab hold of a piece of furniture to pull themselves up.

No detail has been missed with the Öko Créations Hooded Bath Poncho! The edges of the poncho are finished with a natural organic cotton jersey. This makes the edges nice and smooth and adds an additional layer of durability to the poncho. No need to worry that this poncho is going to unravel with extended use.

How It Works:

In a word? Beautifully. The length of Öko Créations’ Hooded Bath Poncho is perfect for a child starting from around age one. It’s not so long that it hits the floor, but it’s not so short that it won’t grow with the child easily to age three and beyond. It hits Petit Prince about an inch off the ground (he’s around 29″ tall), so he could walk in it (if he were walking already), and there’s lots of growing room. Despite the fact that he’s not yet walking, he can still crawl around in the Öko Créations Hooded Bath Poncho without getting all caught up in it.

Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations' Hooded Bath Poncho

I especially love the snaps at the sides that allow Petit Prince to easily access his hands. This makes banging on the edge of the tub while waiting to get in easy. Those snaps really make the hooded bath poncho much like a bath robe without the tie around the waist. All around, it’s just great!

Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations' Hooded Bath Poncho

I love how soft and cozy it is too. It absorbs moisture really well, and it keeps Petit Prince nice and warm after his evening bath. I also love the look of the natural 100% organic cotton with the trim around the hood. It’s one of those baby/toddler items that doesn’t scream “BABY” at you every time you see it.

Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations' Hooded Bath Poncho

Final Thoughts:

Hooded bath towels are fantastic for little babies, but as that baby grows into a toddler, there’s going to be a whole lot less rolling baby up in a towel and whole lot more chasing a dripping wet baby around the house! Öko Créations’ Hooded Bath Poncho is the ultimate luxurious solution to this problem. Now you can pop baby into their bath poncho and they can run around to their heart’s content without losing (or tripping on) their towel.

Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations' Hooded Bath Poncho

Öko Créations’ Hooded Bath Poncho is a fantastic gift item because it’s one of those splurges that parents may not think to buy for their own kids. It’s amazing quality, well made, Canadian made, and worth every penny. It’s also fully functional and something I’m really glad I have for Petit Prince! The Öko Créations Hooded Bath Poncho retails for $46.99 CAD and you can order one direct from Öko Créations right HERE.

The Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash GIVEAWAY is underway! You could win over $150 in prizes including one Öko Créations Hooded Bath Poncho! The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents, 18+ and closes on August 2nd at 11:59pm MST. Enter the Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash Giveaway.

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62 Comments on “Luxury for Baby: Öko Créations’ Hooded Bath Poncho

  1. This is a wonderful product! I love that it’s made in Montreal! It looks so soft and cozy and would be great after baths or swimming! The hood makes it extra special!

  2. I totally agree with you when you say the poncho desn’t screem baby. That is part of the reason I like the looks of it. It seems confy too! I wonder if it would fit my LO since he’s kinda big for his age. However, should I win the giveaway. I might make it a gift for my husband’s cousin. Her son is younger so he would benefit from it longer than mine! =)

  3. Oh its so adorable!! I love the hood and the little button!! I also love that its made from organic cotton!!

  4. I love that it’s made in Canada and that it’s made of organic cotton.

  5. Thank you for reviewing this! Seems like this product is made by a parent who knows kids run away wet down the hall and towels don’t stay on!

  6. This hooded bath poncho is so precious! It would make a great addition to baby’s bath time routine.

  7. I love the fact that this bath poncho/hoodie is 100% cotton and environmentally friendly. It looks so soft, I know that my granddaughter would love this.

  8. I love this! My son loves to run around after his baths! He would look adorable, and it’s great that it’s double-sided!

  9. This is a super cute product! I like the idea of the poncho over a regular bath towel. Thanks for the review.

  10. I love this!! Looks so snuggly warm compared to regular hooded towels

  11. Looks so cute and cozy. And made in Canada is the best part

  12. I’ve always used towels with my toddlers, but they don’t stay on. This looks GREAT!

  13. I love that this poncho is organic and made in canada. It looks amazingly plush and would love it for my littles!!

  14. I just love to snuggle the little ones in a hooded bath poncho, thank you for the giveaway

  15. The hooded poncho is brilliant! Snaps to make it easier to get a towel to stay on a wiggly little kid!

  16. I love that this is made in Canada, and is a wearable towel. My baby is quite the squirmer and busts out of her bath towel so easy. So a wearable one would be such a great idea!

  17. I love the design of this! The fabric looks so soft and comfy! 🙂

  18. This looks so soft and cozy, and it’s adorable! I love the trim on it too!

  19. Thanks so much for the detailed review,my daughter is expecting her first early in the new year so i am checking out products

  20. I love that this is made with organic cotton. It looks super soft!

  21. Love that it is made from organic cotton, that it is so cute, but most of all I love that it will make me quite a popular aunt as my niece just had an adorable baby boy!

  22. It looks so fluffy and soft and would be perfect for my daughter!

  23. This towel is not only beautiful but super practical! I absolutely love it!

  24. I want this so bad it’s so cute and looks so soft

  25. This is absolutely adorable and the design is ingenious! I think I need one for my almost 10 month old. She tends to try to toss off the towel, but this looks like it would stay on her a lot better.

  26. If that is not the most darling thing. Does it come in adult? 😉

  27. I love that this towel is made in Canada. I try my best to source all my baby stuff from Canada.

  28. This is so cute! I love the coverage and flexibility – and it looks so soft!

  29. Love this poncho! Towels never stay on my toddlers. This would also be good for the pool!

  30. Well I didn’t think I’d find more reasons to love this poncho until I read your post! I had no idea Oko was truly 100% Canadian – I’m very impressed to hear that their fabrics are even woven here as well. I’m very much about the local goods as well so I’ll have to get my hands on something of theirs to try..Maybe I’ll add a diaper to my stash 🙂

    I honestly didn’t know hooded bath ponchos were a thing – I have a kinda scratchy hooded bath towel so that’s what I figured this was before opening your post. I love the fact that this has neck and wrist snaps – shows the creators put some serious thought and love into this idea.

    I would love to give one of these to my LO – first it was because of the comfort factor – it looks luxuriously soft and cozy – but now also because i know a bit about the company and that they are truly Canadian made – mad respect for that. Lastly, your pictures have just tipped the cuteness factor way too much – the one of your LO waiting for the tub with the hood on? My heart = full

  31. Lots of great features! Sugh a nice product and always like supporting canadian companies.

  32. Wow, sounds wonderful and perfect! Love all the details and natural fabric. I’m tired of “fake” fabric towels. 😉

  33. looks sooo comfy do they make them in Adults sizes tooo 🙂

  34. ok totally looks like a jedi robe haha i love it, love the choices and thought into what touches the babies skin too

  35. I love thos hooded towel 1 because its by two sister and i myself am very close to my sister. 2 its madenin canada and not in china! 3 love hooded towles for kids so they dont fall off! 4 love that its thick and absorbent unlike alot of children towels. And last reason the snaps! What a great idea!!

  36. Seriously, this product looks ah-mazing!! It’s soooo cozy & soft looking.. I think it’s become a need for our LO after he starts moving!!

  37. My LO hates normal towels. Like, I get her out of the bath and wrap her up so she doesn’t freeze to death and then she’s like “My hands are constricted, let me free, you demon towel!” So I appreciate that this is not only hooded, but has hand holes so an active baby flailing her arms everywhere wouldn’t freeze to death by throwing the towel off her arms and chest. 😀

  38. This looks like a great product – I would love one in my size too!

  39. This looks so cozy and soft. I love the fact that baby can get hands and and be mobile. Looks like an awesome product. A must have for my baby boy.

  40. I had no idea hooded poncho towels were a thing! This would be awesome as DD likes to run as soon as her feet hit the ground out of the tub.

  41. I love that it is made up of 100% cotton. I also love the fact that it comes with snaps

  42. This looks kind an excellent bath poncho! I love the double sided terry cloth! Would love to have it with the elephant trim!

  43. I want this! We have a couple of hooded “baby towels” that are absolutely useless. Its like the manufacurers were so focused on making it soft enough for a baby that they didn’t bother to see if it would get a baby dry.. This looks like the best of both worlds, and it’s gorgeous!

  44. Love Oko Creations! This bath poncho looks super comfy and is absolutely adorable. I’d love to pick one up for my boy!

  45. First, LOVE the cute bear pattern. It is hip and adorable, and also gender neutral. I love that the fabric is organic and it looks so comfy and cozy for little ones. The hood will help keep it in place for when the babes get squirmy. This looks like a great product!

  46. This is absolutely adorable. My daughter LOVES robes. I love its made with organic materials! 🙂

  47. I never heard of it before! Sounds awesome for my one year old. Thanks for recommendation

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