A Wardrobe Update from Momzelle Nursing Apparel

A Wardrobe Update From Momzelle Nursing Apparel

I received these items at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. 

As a stay at home mom, I have a little tendency to put my kids first and forget about doing much of anything just for myself. I’ve been putting off buying new clothing for myself for almost two years, despite my ever changing postpartum shape and size. At first, we were trying to get pregnant, so it seemed silly to buy any new clothing if I was just going to end up in maternity wear anyway. Then I was pregnant and between my maternity wardrobe from my pregnancy with The Heir and some items borrowed from a friend, I was not lacking in the maternity wear department. Then Petit Prince arrived and my body was, well, a postpartum body that carried two lovely boys into the world, and didn’t really fit into anything quite right anymore. As my body has continued to change over the last year since Petit Prince was born, I’ve continued to put off getting any new items for my wardrobe. Until now. It was time for a little update to my wardrobe and this time I was going to try breastfeeding apparel for the very first time. I know what you’re thinking. The very first time? How is it possible that I’ve spent almost three of the last four years of my life breastfeeding and have never owned any breastfeeding apparel? It’s true. Sure I’ve had nursing tanks to wear under regular shirts, but I’ve never worn a shirt that was designed to be worn by nursing mothers. Enter Momzelle. Now that I’ve tried some nursing apparel I can’t believe I didn’t do this FOUR YEARS AGO when The Heir was born. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Here’s what I think about Momzelle’s nursing apparel and why I think it’s a must for breastfeeding moms everywhere!

A Wardrobe Update From Momzelle Nursing Apparel

Momzelle is a Canadian nursing apparel brand based out of Montreal. They have a really wide selection of breastfeeding friendly clothing options from nursing tanks and t-shirts, to dressier tops and dresses, and they even have nursing bras and some pieces that will take you seamlessly through a pregnancy to nursing. What makes Momzelle’s nursing apparel so special? So many things. First, let’s talk about the most obvious element of nursing wear: boob access. This is a pretty big deal. Not only do you need to be able to drop cup and access the boob with ease, but you also (ideally) want your shirt to manage this while still looking stylish. Momzelle has wonderful boob access, even for breastfeeding moms like me who are, shall we say, blessed with very large breasts while nursing. I have three different tops from Momzelle to show you, and the openings for the boob are not only easy to access, but they are also large enough to provide full boob access for Petit Prince. This means there’s no fabric getting caught up in his latch so the shirts aren’t getting soaked with milk while Petit Prince is having a snack.

A Wardrobe Update From Momzelle Nursing Apparel

The first shirt I’d like to show you has become my wardrobe staple. It’s summer, so it’s usually pretty hot out and a nice tank is an absolute must. The Mia tank is the perfect tank for me. I’ve got a thing for stripes (who doesn’t these days, am I right?), and I’m loving the irregular stripes on the Mia tank (the stripes are thicker at the base of the tank and get thinner as they get towards the top). The cotton and spandex blend mean the tank is breathable and cool, and maintains its shape even after repeated wears. Let’s be honest here, I’m wearing this tank more than once before tossing it in the laundry, so it needs to hold its shape! The boob access for breastfeeding on this tank is really well camouflaged because of those snazzy stripes. When I need to feed Petit Prince, I just lift the top half of the tank front up and there are generously sized openings. They are large enough that I can easily reach in to unsnap my nursing bra and drop cup without needing to pull the lower layer of the tank out of the way at all. Despite the large breast openings, there’s no risk of those openings being visible unless you’re lifting the top layer of the tank up for nursing. I don’t have to worry that my bra will be hanging out of the shirt even if I’m reaching for something on the top shelf at the grocery store.

A Wardrobe Update From Momzelle Nursing Apparel

A Wardrobe Update From Momzelle Nursing Apparel

Next up is the shirt that has become the backbone of my wardrobe. I’m a v-neck t-shirt and skinny jeans type of mom. It’s my “uniform” if you will. My wardrobe would be incomplete without a black v-neck t-shirt in it, but having that spot filled by a Momzelle t-shirt that I can nurse in? Yes please! The Christine t-shirt from Momzelle is brilliant. It’s long enough to hit right around mid bum/hip on me, and the liftable top layer hits far enough below my bust line that it sort of blends away into the shirt. I do find the break in the shirt more noticeable with the solid black than I do with the stripes of the Mia tank, but I don’t think it’s really that noticeable to anyone that wouldn’t be looking for it. The Christine shirt has the same style of opening for nursing as the Mia tank, so it has those same generous openings that are visible only when you lift the upper layer of the shirt up over a boob. The Christine shirt is a cotton and spandex blend, so again it’s breathable and cool while maintaining its shape quite well.

A Wardrobe Update From Momzelle Nursing Apparel

A Wardrobe Update From Momzelle Nursing Apparel

The third shirt I have from Momzelle is probably my favourite. It’s the Ashley tank. The material is just a little bit lighter than the Mia and Christine tops, so it feels even cooler making it perfect for scorching hot days. It’s made with a rayon and spandex blend, so it’s very light and quite stretchy. The Ashley tank has a scooped hem and is a bit longer in the back than it is in the front. It has just the right amount of bum coverage that I might actually consider wearing it with leggings when summer is over. This is one of the Momzelle tops that can be dressed up quite nicely if you’re looking for an option to wear to the office. The front of the tank is sort of pleated and drapey, so it’s really flattering to the postpartum figure. I feel really comfortable wearing the Ashley tank. The breast openings for this top are different from the ones on the Mia and Christine tops. The openings for the Ashley tank run straight up and down the shirt. The front panel with the pleating that drapes down is actually open on both sides. The lower layer of the top is open in the centre underneath so you pull the top and bottom layers apart from the side rather than lift a panel upwards. When you open it up, you have another generous opening for nursing access without running the risk of getting milk all over the shirt. With the Ashley tank, I’d avoid putting it in the dryer (even though in says it can be tumble dried on low). I found that the edges of the pleated/drapey front panel got a little wavy after going in the dryer.

A Wardrobe Update From Momzelle Nursing Apparel

Overall, I am beyond thrilled with my first experience with breastfeeding apparel. Momzelle’s nursing wear allows me to easily drop cup and feed Petit Prince without feeling super exposed, and without having to double layer my shirts so as not to expose my stomach. I’m not the type to nurse with a cover no matter where I am, but I have always felt the need to wear a tank under my shirts so I can lift my shirt up to feed baby without exposing my stomach (because I care more about random strangers seeing my postpartum stomach than random strangers seeing a bit of my boob). With Momzelle’s breastfeeding apparel, I don’t need to do that. Not only is it way easier to not have to lift my whole shirt up from the bottom to feed (especially if Petit Prince is in a carrier), but for the summer months it’s much cooler to be able to ditch that second layer! I also find that the way the breast openings are designed on Momzelle tops allow you to breastfeed discretely without much skin being exposed.

A Wardrobe Update From Momzelle Nursing Apparel

If you’re looking to update a few pieces of your wardrobe for summer, don’t wait until you’re not breastfeeding anymore! Head on over to Momzelle and take a look at their beautiful selection of nursing apparel! There’s bound to be something there that you’ll love! Until August 31st 2016, there’s an exclusive coupon code just for The Monarch Mommy readers! Use code “MONARCH15” for 15% off your order with Momzelle!

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  1. I love the Monica nursing dress in graphite.
    I’ve been breastfeeding for over 5 years and counting and I’ve only worn a dress once in that entire time because it’s so hard to breastfeed in them. Wish I had discovered these clothes a long time ago!

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