Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review

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Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper ReviewI received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably have figured out that I’m Canadian. Hey, if you didn’t know that, now you do! This little fun fact about me explains why I have soft spot for Canadian made products. I love supporting local businesses whenever I can, but what I love even more is supporting Canadian companies that opt to keep their manufacturing right here at home. Omaïki is precisely one such company! Omaïki is a cloth diaper brand based out of la belle province (that’s Quebec) that has been making cloth diapers since 2007. Now I’ve been in the cloth diaper world since 2012, and had yet to try an Omaïki cloth diaper. Blasphemy, I know. All that has finally changed and I’m ready to dish the dirt on the Omaïki AIÖ (that’s Omaïki’s cute name for their all-in-one, note that lovely umlaut). Find out what I really think about this Canadian made cloth diaper creation!

The Details:

The Omaïki All-In-One (or AIÖ) cloth diaper is a one size all in one style diaper. As with other all in one cloth diapers, the absorbency of the diaper is built right in. That means you don’t have to do any stuffing to get this diaper ready to go on the bum. The combination of bamboo and cotton soakers are sewn both into the shell of the diaper, and onto the front of the diaper. There’s also an additional booster included that snaps into the back of the diaper with two snaps. The outer waterproof layer is made of PUL, and the inner absorbent material of the diaper is a bamboo viscose and organic cotton blend. The Omaïki AIÖ also has a layer of athletic wicking jersey over the inner shell and the sewn in soaker to provide a stay dry feel for baby. The bamboo/cotton blend soakers in the Omaïki AIÖ diaper each consist of four layers. The soaker that’s sewn fully into the shell has four layers, the soaker that’s sewn only to the front of the diaper has four layers, and the booster than snaps into the back of the diaper has four layers. That means the diaper without the booster has eight layers of bamboo/cotton, and with the booster it brings it up to twelve layers of absorbency.

Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review

The Omaïki AIÖ cloth diaper is a one size diaper that fits from 8 to 35lbs. It accommodates that range of sizing with a 4×2 rise snap adjustment on the front of the diaper. The diaper has a snap closure which consists of two rows of snaps. The upper row and lower row of snaps are staggered slightly. The tabs on the front of the diaper are square, and can be crossed over to allow for a very snug fit around the waist.

Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review

How It Works:

The Omaïki AIÖ cloth diaper fits Petit Prince quite well. He is currently about 20lbs, and he wears this diaper on the smallest rise setting. I did try him on the medium rise setting, but I wasn’t able to get the diaper to fit without leg gaps at that rise setting. For this reason, I don’t think the Omaïki AIÖ diaper will fit babies from 8lbs unless they are particularly thick through the hips and thigh. The OmaÏki AIÖ is definitely a larger fitting diaper, but that’s not a bad thing! It’s always nice to have a cloth diaper that fits larger babies and toddlers. I have no doubt that the Omaïki AIÖ will fit right through potty training, even if the child isn’t learning to use the potty until after age 3. At the smallest rise setting, this diaper provides adequate coverage over Petit Prince’s bum. The rise does end up being on the lower side at the front, but I haven’t found this to be an issue at all! Sometimes when a diaper has just two snaps for adjusting the rise, the front of the diaper can pop out a bit when baby is more mobile. Well, Petit Prince is nothing if not mobile. He crawls around at a ridiculous speed so he’s putting diapers through an extensive work out. I do notice that the front of the diaper squishes together and puffs out a bit after a couple of hours. This does not affect the function for us here.

Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review

How about the absorbency? It’s really good! I primarily use the Omaïki AIÖ without the booster. I find that without the booster, the diaper lasts a solid 2-3 hours without leaking. That’s right around what I expect out of a cloth diaper, so I have no complaints there! When I add the booster to the diaper, I have found that it adds about another hour of absorbent life to the diaper. That would bring it up to a 3-4 hour diaper, which is pretty solid!

Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review

I love that the inside of the Omaïki AIÖ is lined with athletic wicking jersey (AWJ). This is one of my favourite materials for cloth diaper inners. It’s fantastic for pocket diapers because it has a stay dry feel and is super stretchy to make stuffing a breeze. As an inner for an AIO, it’s great for keeping baby feeling dry, it is more breathable and cooler than other stay dry materials (suedecloth or microfleece), and it’s a good option for babies who’s skin is sensitive to suedecloth. Something I really love about the Omaïki AIÖ diaper is that it combines a more natural absorbent material (bamboo/cotton) with a stay dry feel. This is something I haven’t come across in other AIO cloth diapers with bamboo or cotton absorbency. Another benefit to AWJ is that it dries super fast. Despite being an AIO diaper, I found the Omaïki AIÖ diaper dried fairly quickly when hung to dry. It took around 16 hours for the diaper to be dry and ready to go back on the bum.

Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review

The staggered snaps on the waist closure of the Omaïki AIÖ is one thing I didn’t love about this diaper. It works just fine when the front tabs aren’t crossed over, but when the front tabs are crossed over it ends up being a little wonky at the front. Because the lower snap is farther out than the upper snap, when the tabs are crossed over, the snaps don’t line up properly. This wouldn’t really affect function as far as I can tell, but it will make the front a little bunchy. The elastics of the diaper are also quite narrow. This has not caused a problem on Petit Prince, but the narrower the elastics, the more likely they are to leave deep red marks on baby. To prevent this from happening, you don’t want to over tighten the leg openings on the Omaïki AIÖ. You want it done up just tight enough to have no gaps at the legs, but not so tight that it’s digging deep into baby’s chunk.

Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review


  • Made in Canada
  • AWJ inner keeps baby feeling dry
  • Booster is included
  • One-size means it will fit through potty training
  • Combines bamboo/cotton absorbency with a stay dry feel
  • Dries quickly
  • Generous fit for larger babies
  • Up to twelve layers of absorbency when used with the booster


  • Larger cut may not fit most babies from 8lbs
  • Staggered snaps make the front of the diaper bunchy when the tabs are crossed over

Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I quite like the Omaïki AIÖ cloth diaper. I love that it’s Canadian made, and I love that it creates a stay dry feel for baby with my favourite diaper inner material: AWJ. It’s plenty absorbent on its own without using the booster, so it doesn’t create a massively bulky bum. It’s also great to have the booster included so it is good to go for heavy wetters just as it comes. Petit Prince is not nearly ready to move up to the medium rise setting despite being 20lbs, so it is definitely a larger fitting one size diaper. This is a wonderful thing for those of us with chunkier babies and especially for those who’s babies aren’t ready for potty learning until after age three. The Omaïki AIÖ will fit for a LONG time. I do wish that the snap closure wasn’t staggered so the front of the diaper would sit flat when the tabs are crossed over. This isn’t an issue for us as Petit Prince doesn’t need the tabs crossed over, but it would make for a nicer finish overall.

Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review

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Omaïki AIÖ Cloth Diaper Review

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  1. I am expecting my first baby and want to get my hands on cloth diapers. I like the AIO idea seems so easy! I can’t wait to get a few to try out! Thanks for your review! It’s really helpful.

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  4. You are spot on about the fit and the snaps. Those are my two main issues with it too. This diaper didn’t fit my daughter until she was 9 months since she has thin legs. At 23 months I still haven’t undone all the rise snaps when she wears it. My average sized son (he is 50th percentile) started fitting these diapers well in the tightest setting at 3 months and about 12 lbs. I like that these diapers are easy for grandparents to use, or for night time changes when I don’t want to mess around with a prefold.

  5. I think I would be most interested in trying the AIO. Thanks for this giveaway!

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  15. I love the fact that these diapers are Canadian, but I just can’t get over my hatred for AIO diapers The extra removable booster is a great idea though!

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