Hopes & Dreams for the Future #MyLittleDreamer

Hopes & Dreams For The Future

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Just last week The Heir took a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Now this may not seem like a noteworthy occurrence, but since he hasn’t actually been taking a regular nap since way back in November, it was definitely out of the ordinary. When he finally woke up from his lengthy nap on the sofa, I asked him what he was dreaming about. These days, The Heir dreams about one of two things: preschool and superheroes. This time, he was dreaming about superheroes. Talking to The Heir about his dreams is something I do fairly often. At the end of every day when King Dad finishes reading stories to The Heir, I come into his room for my goodnight hug and kiss. It’s then that The Heir shares his favourite parts of his day with me and we talk about the things to come.

What he dreams of being when he grows up is one thing I love to talk to him about during our nightly chats. His concept of growing up and getting older is so funny to me. I’ve asked him what he wants to do when he grows up, and the answer is ever changing. My favourite answers are the ones where he starts with “When I was your age mama…” and then he carries on with whatever it is he wants to do. He does the same thing with King Dad. Just the other day he was telling us that “When I was your age dada, I liked to build things too!”. It’s no surprise that he wants to be just like his father! It always makes me chuckle when he tells us what he used to do when he was our age! His love of building most definitely runs in the family. He gets it from King Dad for sure, and often talks about making buildings just like his daddy. Maybe he too will be an architect when he grows up! For now, he’s satisfied to help King Dad with his projects around the house, and build houses and towers with his Lego!

Hopes & Dreams For The Future
The Heir loves to help King Dad with building projects around the house! Maybe he’ll grow up to be an architect, just like dad!

Another of The Heir’s dreams is of being Indiana Jones. Now, I can’t really blame him for that! Archaeology is pretty cool! He can spend hours creating obstacle courses for himself in the play room, jumping from couch cushion to couch cushion, telling me all the details about how he’s going to find the idol! He even somersaults out of the way of imaginary boulders chasing him out of the ruins. (If you’ve seen Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, you’ll know exactly what The Heir’s referring to). If he does eventually decide to become an archaeologist, I just hope he’s not disappointed that it’s really nothing like being Indiana Jones! Maybe his love of Indiana Jones will ignite a passion for traveling around the world! I would love nothing more than for The Heir to want to explore the world!

His dreams about being a superhero always bring out the most excitement from The Heir. When he talks about being IronMan, you can hear the excitement in his little voice. He’s got the IronMan pose down to an art! Though I haven’t broken it to him that he can’t actually be IronMan when he grows up, there are certainly some career options that have the potential to be just a little bit like IronMan. Maybe he’ll be an inventor or an engineer! He could spend his life coming up with new ideas and new ways of using technology. He could be the guy that invents a battery powered robotic suit that makes the wearer fly! That is, if it hasn’t already been done by the time he’s graduating from high school!

Hopes & Dreams For The Future
I have yet to tell The Heir that he can’t actually grow up to be IronMan!

I have a lot of dreams for The Heir too. In my dreams for him, I don’t see his career so much as I see his happiness. It doesn’t matter to me what The Heir chooses to do when he’s older. What’s most important is that he is happy in whatever it is he chooses. I want to be there to support him in whatever he wants to try and whatever path he decides to take. Whether he wants to be an architect, an archaeologist, an inventor, a scientist, or something else, I’ll be there at his side encouraging him along the way. Though I often wish for time to stand still so my boys will stay little for just a bit longer, I also can’t wait to see what choices they make as they grow up and what they ultimately decide to do with their lives! For me, part of ensuring their happiness is in providing them with the opportunity to reach their dreams and achieve their goals. If I can make that just a little bit easier for them by helping with the cost of their education when the time comes, then that’s exactly what I’m going to do. In fact, it’s something that King Dad and I are already doing.

Hopes & Dreams For The Future
I wonder what he’ll dream about next time he takes an unexpected nap!

What do your children want to be when they grow up? What kinds of things are you doing to encourage them to pursue their dreams?

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Hopes & Dreams For The Future #MyLittleDreamer

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Hopes & Dreams For The Future #MyLittleDreamer


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6 Comments on “Hopes & Dreams for the Future #MyLittleDreamer

  1. I will forever support my son’s dreams. I want him to have the support of family so that he can chase his dreams and believe in the possibility of being able to be and do anything.

  2. I always wonder what my 7 month old is dreaming about when he is smiling in his sleep!

  3. This is amazing!! Its so true!! I wonder what my son will be all the time!! I think he’ll do something physical like his dad. He has so much spunk and energy!! He swears he wants to be Spiderman though 😉

  4. My biggest dream for my children is that they grow up with a sound mind and strong in character.

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