Smart Bottoms 3.1 All-In-One Cloth Diaper Review

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review

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Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper ReviewI received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

There’s nothing I love more than trying a brand of cloth diaper I haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying out on Petit Prince. There’s something really fun about opening up new fluff mail and getting that first glimpse of a new diaper. I love pouring over every detail and learning all there is to know about it! It was no less exhilarating when I opened up my very first Smart Bottoms 3.1 All-In-One diaper (AIO) from Lollypop Kids! Not only did I find the Heinrich print absolutely adorable (I mean, flying and fire breathing dragons? Yes please!), but the construction of this diaper is excellent. Did I mention that it is made in the USA? No? Well, it is! That’s really just the icing on the cake with this AIO diaper! If you’re not familiar with Lollypop Kids, allow me to make the introduction. Lollypop Kids is a family run online Canadian retailer with the “sweetest selection” of cloth diapers, baby carriers and wraps, clothing, teethers, accessories, and so much more! If you haven’t taken a peek at their shop, you really should! Just in case you’re swayed by a little sugar (who isn’t?), every order from Lollypop Kids does actually come with a lollypop! Want to know what I think of the Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO cloth diaper? Read on! 

The Details:

The Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO cloth diaper is an all-in-one style diaper. The absorbency for this diaper is sewn right into the shell, so there are no inserts or boosters to stuff or snap in, and no parts to match up out of the wash. The outer waterproof layer is made of PUL, and the inner material and sewn in soaker is made of 100% organic cotton. The inner soaker is sewn in only at the back of the diaper, and is long enough that it can be doubled when folded all the way back. You can also fold the soaker any which way you like to set the maximum absorbency in the heaviest wetting area for your child. The inner soaker consists of four layers of organic cotton, so when folded all the way back, it doubles to eight layers. The inner material of the diaper is comprised of two layers 100% organic cotton. When the soaker is folded in half, you get a total of ten layers of absorbency in the diaper. The construction of the soaker allows this diaper to dry fairly quickly when dried in the dryer. Since the soaker is only sewn in at the back, it is not tacked down or doubled over leaving too many layers to dry quickly.

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review
Why yes! Every order from Lollypop Kids does come with a lollypop!

The Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO has wide elastics at the leg openings and along the back of the diaper. The elastic at the back of the diaper is encased in the PUL (ie. sewn into a casing), while the leg elastics are not. The leg elastics are sewn into the outside edge of the leg openings without being run through any casing. This gives the leg openings a slight “puffy” appearance.

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review

The Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO fits babies from 10 to 35lbs. It accommodates that range of sizing with a 4×3 snap rise setting on the front of the diaper. The diaper closure is a double row of snaps, with two snaps on each of the tabs.

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review

There is a strip of PUL on the inside of the front of the diaper. This helps to prevent wicking of moisture up the front of the diaper. There is also a wide strip of PUL on the inside of the diaper across the back. This strip of PUL is as wide as the closure tabs and wraps right across the back inside the diaper. The sewn in soaker is attached at the seam of this strip of PUL where it meets the double layer of organic cotton that makes up the inner material of the diaper.

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review

How It Works:

Let’s start with the fit of the Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO diaper. Petit Prince weighs about 20lbs and wears this diaper on the medium rise setting. I have no trouble getting this diaper snug enough around the legs without being too tight around the tummy. One thing I immediately noticed about this diaper is how narrow and trim it is. The crotch of the diaper is much narrower than other AIO diapers that we’ve tried, and I love that! It just makes the diaper less likely to squeeze up and puff out between the legs. The bum of this diaper is also super trim. It’s also narrower than some other diapers we’ve tried, but this results in a really nice snug fit across the rear. By that I mean there’s no need to size up the pants to cover the Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO. Though the colours and prints are SO CUTE that you probably will want to skip pants as much as possible anyway! The way I fold the soaker does add a bit of bulk to the front of the diaper, but it isn’t enough that I’d consider it to be bulky up front, just slightly thicker than the back of the diaper. Overall, the Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO is one of the trimmest fitting AIO diapers I’ve had on Petit Prince. With the “puffy” non-encased elastics around the leg openings, you might be wondering if I had to tuck the cotton inner in around the legs when I put the diaper on Petit Prince. I did not. Not even once, not even a little bit. When this diaper goes on the bum, the elastics sort of roll inward all on their own a bit preventing any cotton material from sticking out around the legs.

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review

As far as fitting the weight range that is recommended for the Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO diaper, it looks pretty spot on to me. I can definitely see a 10lb baby fitting into this diaper on the small rise setting. As for a 35lb child fitting into it at the x-large rise setting? I think it would fit provided that the child isn’t particularly wide through the hips. The narrow crotch and narrow bum may be a smidge too narrow when getting up to those higher weight ranges. This, of course, will depend greatly on the child’s build. Narrower through the hips or flat bum like The Heir (32lbs)? It would definitely fit! Unfortunately (or not?), The Heir is long since potty trained and won’t let me anywhere near him with a diaper to check the fit!

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review

How about the absorbency, because if it isn’t absorbent enough, it doesn’t matter how perfectly trim it is, right? Good news here! The Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO diaper is nice and absorbent. Is it going to last you overnight without a booster? Definitely not, but that’s a pretty tall order for any cloth diaper. For daytime use, this diaper easily lasts 2 hours, and can last up to 3 hours. That’s right around the amount of time you want to go between diaper changes, so it’s definitely adequate. I do find that the soaker is quite narrow inside the diaper. This is most likely because the crotch of the diaper is quite narrow itself. If the soaker was just a little bit wider, I feel that this AIO diaper would be absorbent enough to go up to 4 hours between changes. I fold the soaker so that I get sixteen layers of absorbency up front and four layers from the middle of the crotch to the back of the diaper. This is what works best for Petit Prince. I get sixteen layers in the soaker up front by folding the soaker under so the end is about one third of the way down the shell, then I fold in the folded end so that it doubles into the middle. It’s hard to explain, but hopefully the picture below shows what I mean!

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review

I like that the inside of the diaper is made of 100% organic cotton. Cotton is a great inner material for an AIO. It is very absorbent, is not prone to compression leaks, is fairly trim in and of itself, and is a great natural fibre to have touching baby’s skin. The only downsides to cotton are that it doesn’t leave a stay-dry feel for baby’s skin (baby can feel the moisture in the diaper) and it is prone to staining. This is the case with any natural fibre absorbency, so it goes with the territory of this type of material. If your child is sensitive to wetness, you can use a reusable micro-fleece liner to create a stay dry feel for your baby.

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review

Let’s talk about drying this diaper! One of the biggest complaints I hear about natural fibre AIO diapers is that they take FOREVER to dry. Smart Bottoms claims that this diaper will dry in one cycle through the dryer on warm. Is it true? No, it’s better. I dry on low, and it does indeed only take one cycle on low for the Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO diaper to be COMPLETELY dry and ready to go back on the bum. I love that! Now in general, I prefer to hang dry my PUL shells and my AIOs. So if hang drying is your thing, you can expect the Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO diaper to dry indoors in about 36 hours. That’s not actually too bad for a natural cotton.


  • Made in the USA
  • Adjustable rise fits babies from 10-35lbs
  • 100% organic cotton absorbency
  • Dries quickly in the dryer with just one cycle
  • Soaker sewn only at the back allows for customizable absorbency
  • Narrow through the crotch
  • Trim fitting across the bum


  • Cotton inner does not offer a stay dry feel for baby
  • May be too narrow of a fit for older children with wider hips
  • Soaker could stand to be a bit wider to increase absorbency
  • Cotton is prone to staining

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I really like the Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO diaper. I love how trim it is, I love that it’s made in the USA, and I love that its absorbency is comprised entirely of 100% organic cotton. I’ve been on an organic cotton kick lately with cloth diapers and I’m loving the absorbency, trimness, and lack of compression leaks that a cotton soaker provides. With a fast drying time when using the dryer, this AIO diaper isn’t going to keep you waiting for days to get back on the bum. So go ahead! Toss it in the dryer! Smart Bottoms recommends prepping the 3.1 AIO 6-8 times before putting it on baby to ensure that it has reached its maximum absorbency. I prepped it six times (that’s just any six wash cycles with detergent), and found that it did increase in absorbency after a couple more washes. So it’s definitely worth prepping this one fully before putting it on baby. I also absolutely love the variety of prints and colour combinations that Smart Bottoms has for their 3.1 AIO diaper. There’s so many awesome choices, you’re sure to find one (or a dozen) that suits your fancy!

Speaking of prints and colours, have you seen the new completely updated Denim 2.0? It’s landing at Lollypop Kids on June 20th, and it’s so so cute. Seriously. Who needs pants or jeans at all when you can put Denim 2.0 on the bum?

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Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper Review

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71 Comments on “Smart Bottoms 3.1 All-In-One Cloth Diaper Review

  1. Smart bottoms are awesome. The fantastic hipster fox is my fav. Just love the fox bum staring at you

  2. I love Enchanted! It is a gorgeous print! I own 1 Smart Bottoms in 3.0 and love it!

  3. Heinrich is sooo cute! I’d choose that one since I already have the fox one! Love it!

  4. I’m honestly torn between Enchanted and Heinrich!

  5. It is too hard to choose one! Enchanted as a print, or Dublin as a solid 😛

  6. Allistair for the win! Very neutral, which is perfect for prince or princess!

  7. Enchanted or foxes!!! Oh I do not know, haha! Enhanted! Final answer.

  8. I would pick Enchanted! Love the print, it’s so pretty 🙂

  9. I would choose either Heinrich or Tie Dye. Such a hard choice!

    • I’m going to go out and be wild and pick Tie Dye! or Heinrich.. it’s really hard to choose!! I love the bright colors in the tie dye!

  10. Either Heinrich or Dublin. Dublin looks like a mint green, which was one of my wedding colors and I’ve been partial ever since.

  11. All the diapers and the snaps color combos are great! But I really love the cool fantastic fox print!

  12. I think I would choose Orchid! Thank you Monarch Mommy & Lollypop Kids!!

  13. I would have to go with Denim or Lemon Ice. Denim is just TOO cute and Lemon Ice is the perfect yellow – most yellow diapers I have seen are too bold for my taste.

  14. I am new to cloth diapering and expecting suprise twin girls. Would love to win this prize as financially were literally buying double of everything and would love to try before I invest alot of $ on cloth diapers ; )

  15. My favorites are Charlotte and Enchanted– I already have the former, so I’d pick the latter!

  16. I have yet to try this diaper, but like the fact that the insert is only sewn in at the back of the diaper. The print you have is SO cute.

  17. There is a lot to love about this diaper, especially the natural fibers in it. Although the length of the soaker is very adjustable, I’m not sure how I feel about having fold it that much with a wiggly toddler at the same time, especially if the width of it could be wider.

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