Meet The Diaper Drawer & Their Lenny Lamb EXCLUSIVE!

Meet The Diaper Drawer & Their Lenny Lamb EXCLUSIVE!

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In today’s world of online shopping, there are so many different retailers to choose from. You can go with a big name retailer with big box stores everywhere, or you can go small with a family run business. When given the option, I always go small! There’s something really nice about supporting another family with my hard earned dollars, so whenever I can get what I need (and what I want) from a small family run shop, that’s what I do. Over the years my idea of what’s important to me in a retailer has really changed. Yes of course price matters, but more and more the customer service experience trumps all. There’s just something special about customer service that makes you feel important, know what I mean? That’s precisely the way I feel about The Diaper Drawer! I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jaclyn of The Diaper Drawer, and I asked her all about her store. Her passion for helping families find the right cloth diapers, baby carriers, and baby products is obvious, and I think you’ll love what she has to say! 

First, let me tell you a little about Jaclyn! She was born and raised in Sparwood, BC. If you don’t know where Sparwood is, it’s a small town of about 4000 people in the South-East corner of British Columbia (almost at the BC/Alberta border). Now, Jaclyn calls Lethbridge, Alberta home and that’s where you can find the brick and mortar location of The Diaper Drawer! (Don’t worry, the shop’s online too!) Jaclyn met her husband at the end of high school, and after spending eight years going to different universities, they married, and now they have two beautiful boys (one of whom is almost exactly the same age as Petit Prince so we always have a lot to talk about!).  I asked Jaclyn to tell me all about her shop, The Diaper Drawer, and how it came to be what it is today!

Meet The Diaper Drawer & Their Lenny Lamb Exclusive
Jaclyn and her two boys, aged 4 and 10 months.

Why did you choose cloth diapers for your kids? When did you make that choice?

Jaclyn: I decided on cloth before I was even pregnant! My friend posted a full breakdown of her experience, including the $1200 she had saved on her first child. That was it for me. The benefits are so many and it is truly very simple. My reasons for starting cloth were saving money and the environment to start. Now, my list is extensive and includes the community of friends I have made, the adorable fluffy bums, and so many more!

When did you decide to start The Diaper Drawer?

J: The Diaper Drawer was started on a trip with my parents. I don’t remember where we were headed, but I was in the back seat with my first son, who was about 3 months old. I came up with the idea and we spent the rest of the drive coming up with the name!

Meet The Diaper Drawer & Their Lenny Lamb Exclusive
The Diaper Drawer has changed a lot over the years!

Why did you decide to start a cloth diaper store? Was there something in particular that prompted you to do it?

J: I was looking for a little hobby to do while on maternity leave. I love helping people and really don’t like sitting still. There were a few factors that prompted me to start up. My passion for cloth diapers started from the moment I put one on my son. I immediately wanted to help people understand how easy cloth is! I had spent maybe 15 months researching cloth diapers and had trouble finding solid information. I wanted to be able to help parents locally to see how easy it truly is! There was no where in town to buy GroVia cloth diapers and there really were not many options in all of Canada at that time. So I just thought, hey I should contact them. They accepted me into their family and it has grown from there ever since! I finally got to meet the GroVia team in Las Vegas last August! They are all wonderful people. There may even be a GroVia event coming to Lethbridge soon!

When did you open The Diaper Drawer?

J: It started out of my home first. After running the business out of my home for one year, I had to go back to work as a pharmacist. There was no where in town that was a physical store where you could buy cloth diapers. I had a meeting with Stafford Pharmacy here in Lethbridge and voila! I created a store within a store. The Diaper Drawer is located within Stafford Pharmacy. I started with a tiny little space that has grown with me. I am very thankful that it has worked so well for everyone!

Meet The Diaper Drawer & Their Lenny Lamb Exclusive
Jaclyn baby wearing while picking up a shift at the Stafford Pharmacy!

How did The Diaper Drawer grow to be where it is now?

J: There have been many factors that have helped The Diaper Drawer grow. The first is the support from the Lethbridge community. Each new phase of growth and every addition of a new brand has really been a response to a request from a client/friend. I would not be where I am today without that. I have grown slowly over that past five years, one brand at a time. Cloth diapers and baby wearing are my passions, and it is my mission to make them simple, easy, and accessible for parents!

What do you at The Diaper Drawer offer customers that they may not find elsewhere?

J: Selection and Service. I try to ensure each customer knows exactly what they need. Trying to start a cloth diaper stash? I will help them figure out the numbers of what they need (how many inserts vs covers, day diapers vs night, etc.). The same goes for our baby carriers. There are SO MANY OPTIONS out there and even within The Diaper Drawer. It can be very overwhelming for new parents. We try to make it simple!

Meet The Diaper Drawer & Their Lenny Lamb Exclusive
A store within a store, The Diaper Drawer has a space within Stafford Pharmacy in Lethbridge, Alberta.

What’s the range of products that you sell?

J: We offer everything from cloth diapers (AppleCheeks, BumGenius, GroVia, Nuggles) to baby carriers (Boba, Beco, Chimparoo, Tula, Lenny Lamb, Beachfront Baby, Lillebaby, Wrapsody), and everything in between! EZPZ mats, Grow With Me pants, natural sunscreen, and natural skin care for littles!

It’s been a really exciting time for The Diaper Drawer as of late! First, their website has been completely revamped, and it’s awesome. It’s super easy to navigate, find exactly what you need and want, and make the purchase! There’s nothing worse than a clunky website when you’re trying to get some shopping done. The Diaper Drawer’s website is the farthest thing from clunky!

The next bit of exciting news for The Diaper Drawer is that they are now carrying AppleCheeks cloth diapers! I love my AppleCheeks and I especially love that they are made in Canada! AppleCheeks will be landing at The Diaper Drawer this week! You can start ordering your favourite AppleCheeks products RIGHT HERE!

This news is EPIC you guys! The Diaper Drawer is proud to announce that pre-orders are LIVE for their Lenny Lamb EXCLUSIVE!! Are you excited? Because I’m excited! “Love Moves Mountains” is a collaboration between Jaclyn and the Canadian artist Robbie Craig. Craig is an artist living in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Taking Jaclyn’s vision of a design that celebrated the outdoors and the Canadian Rockies, Craig turned it into a stunning reality. The “Love Moves Mountains” Lenny Lamb is ONLY available through The Diaper Drawer, and it is BEAUTIFUL! It will be available in the full range of Lenny Lamb offerings: Buckle/Soft Structure Carrier (baby & toddler), Wrap Tai (mini & toddler), Onbu (standard), Ring Sling (gathered & pleated shoulder), Wraps (2.6m – 6m), Drool Pads/Reach Straps, Doll Carrier, Waist Bag, Shopping Bag, Shoulder Bag, Hobo Bag, and Fabric (100cm x 70cm). “Love Moves Mountains” Lenny Lamb items will ship internationally! You can pre-order the “Love Moves Mountains” Lenny Lamb exclusives RIGHT HERE!

Meet The Diaper Drawer & Their Lenny Lamb Exclusive
“Love Moves Mountains” Lenny Lamb EXCLUSIVE! Only available at The Diaper Drawer, designed by profession artist Robbie Craig.

As a special offer for my readers, Jaclyn is offering a code for FREE SHIPPING within Canada on orders over $74.99! Check out The Diaper Drawer and take advantage of this free shipping offer with the code MonarchMommy.

If you’d like to connect with The Diaper Drawer, you can follow them on Facebook and join The Diaper Drawer Chatter Group where you can chat with Jaclyn about everything cloth diapering and baby wearing!

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