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It should come as no surprise that I love baby wearing! It’s something that allows me to bond with Petit Prince while still having two hands free to help The Heir as needed. It’s a very big part of my day to day life! Thanks to The Pierogie Mama, Maman Loup’s Den, and The Parenting Patch, I’m thrilled to help bring you one step closer to starting your baby wearing journey (or maybe just adding to your vast baby carrier collection)! Here’s your chance to win a Lenny Lamb baby sized carrier in Colors of Fantasy! Check out what Bianca of The Pierogie Mama has to say about Lenny Lamb, and then enter to win one of your very own! If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end, you can purchase a Lenny Lamb carrier from Lagoon Baby here.

If you are like me and love baby wearing, it’s hard not to want to try all the carriers! For my first child I was introduced into the world of baby wearing through a knit jersey wrap and a basic soft structured carrier (SSC). 4 years and mounds of experience later I have branched out and tried several carriers, including Lenny Lamb! And I am IN LOVE!

In comparison to the canvas style soft structured carriers that many of us are familiar with, Lenny Lamb is known for making some of the softest and most comfortable soft structured carriers! The soft jacquard fabric makes this carrier so buttery soft and mold-able from the very beginning, along with key features aimed at making the experience even more wonderful for both the wear-er and the wear-ee. Maman Loup takes her Lenny where ever she goes, you can read her review here to get the full details on what to expect! If you are looking for another parent’s perspective, you can find a few posts on The Parenting Patch’s experience with baby wearing. If you are interested in learning about the wrap side of Lenny Lamb, check out The Pierogie Mama’s Lenny Lamb Little Love Breeze woven wrap review!

A few key points about Lenny Lamb Soft Structured Carriers:
-weight range: 14 lbs to 35 lbs for infant sized carrier
-full buckle carrier with 3 adjustment points
-ability to carry on your front or back, as well as crisscross shoulder straps based in your comfort
-ergonomic seat to encourage proper weight distribution on baby’s hips (from “knee to knee”)
-form fitting hood
-proudly made in Poland
-two sizes available – infant and toddler
Lenny Lamb Giveaway

Enter to win a Lenny Lamb infant sized Colors of Fantasy soft structured carrier by entering in the giveaway widget below!

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10 Comments on “Lenny Lamb Colors of Fantasy Giveaway!

  1. I have not tried any SSC’s yet, and the look of the Lenny Lamb’s are pulling me in.

  2. Love the look of this carrier..hope I get to try it out soon..like all of the adjust ability it has..babywearing is so great for bonding with my baby…

  3. We love babywearing!! I would wear both my kids in this!! Its looks so comfy! I love being able to keep my kids close!

  4. I would wear my tiny toddler and the new baby who arrives this summer! I love that you get the cuddles and can still have hands free when you need. Lenny Lambs are so soft and this one is so pretty!

  5. My toddler is about 25 pounds, so she would get some time in this carrier, and I regularly babysit a little one who is almost 6 months and this would be great for her. Babywearing is the best, keeps baby snuggled near and content and usually puts them to sleep! This carrier is gorgeous and we have been wanting to try a Lenny Lamb!

  6. My friend has lenny lamb and loves it. I have a boba air, but would like something a little different for new baby who is due in July! So we would be using this on new baby. if we were lucky enough to win!

  7. I am eyeing Lenny Lamb carriers as I start my babywearing journey with my first little man. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  8. I would be wearing my son in this, or any future babies! I love being able to be so close to my baby while doing what I need to do, and have my hands free. I’ve never used a Lenny Lamb but I love the little adjustable hood, super cute and handy!

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