Fluffraiser Auction for Fort McMurray


What is happening right now in Fort McMurray is heartbreaking. Thousands of families have been displaced and have lost their homes in the wildfire that is continuing to grow. I felt compelled to do something to try to help Fort McMurray in this time of need. Lindsay at Maman Loup’s Den and I have joined together to raise funds for The Canadian Red Cross’s Fort McMurray appeal. If there’s anything we can do, it’s bring the wonderful world of cloth diapering, baby wearing, and mom life goodies to YOU, for the purpose of helping Fort McMurray. Our Fluffraiser Auction is how we’re going to do it, with all proceeds going directly to The Canadian Red Cross. The federal government is matching all donations, so we will double our money.

In our Fluffraiser Auction, running May 9 – 11, 100% of the final bid on each and every donated item will go to the Red Cross. The winning bidder will donate the final price directly to the Red Cross (thus benefiting from a tax receipt), and send proof of that donation to the sponsor. Shipping requirements will be listed with each individual item, as some shops are generously covering the cost of shipping.

Get Your Bid On! 

There are auction items for EVERY budget:

  • Individual cloth diapers
  • Cloth diaper packages
  • A brand-new Lenny Lamb
  • A Tula blankets set
  • Gift certificates
  • Handmade items such as Grow With Me Pants, slippers and reusable produce bags (made by Maman Loup’s Mom)

A huge thank-you to our generous sponsors:

Visit the Fluffraiser for Fort McMurray Auction 


6 Comments on “Fluffraiser Auction for Fort McMurray

  1. Great idea and such a great cause! I’m going to check out the items now!

  2. Ughhhh I keep seeing the fires on the news. It’s so sad to see what’s happening :-/

  3. Thank you for doing this! My heart is broken for those impacted by this.

  4. This is such an awesome way to raise money. I will go check it out now. I’m so sad for everyone that has lost everything in the fire or impacted by it in any way.

  5. It is amazing what you and Lindsay are doing! Thank you! My cousins live in the area and are being evacuated. I feel like most people that I’ve talked to also have a connection. We’re a close-knit country and we need to pick each other back up.

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