Geffen Baby Fladdle & Hemp/Cotton French Terry Wipes Review

Geffen Baby Fladdle & Hemp-Cotton Wipes Review

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If you’ve been around the cloth diaper community for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of Geffen Baby. Although I had never tried any Geffen Baby products before now, when I heard the name Geffen Baby, I immediately thought MEGA ABSORBENT. The absorbency of Geffen Baby products is the stuff of cloth diapering legend. I’d heard so many times that their products are among the most absorbent out there, and I’ve wanted to try them for some time. When I was given the chance to review a Geffen Baby Fladdle and their Hemp/Cotton French Terry wipes, I jumped for it. Wondering what a Fladdle is? In short, it’s a flat diaper, but it’s so much more than that. Had I used flat diapers before the Fladdle. Not even once. Did that scare me away? No way! I’m going to tell you all about the many features of the Geffen Baby Fladdle and Hemp/Cotton French Terry wipes, and tell you if the legend of Geffen Baby’s absorbency is truth or fiction. 

What is a Flat Diaper?

Before I get into the details of the Geffen Fladdle, I want to briefly cover what a flat diaper actually is. A flat diaper is just one layer of material cut into a square. There are a variety of ways to fold a flat to turn it into a functional diaper. I’m not going to cover that here (but don’t worry, that post is coming), but some folds are better for boys or girls, and some folds are better for older babies or newborns. Back in the day, flats would have been secured using diaper pins, and although you could still do that, there are products on the market for securing flat diapers without pins. The two most popular are Snappis and Boingos, but it is also possible to just put the flat diaper folded on baby and add a cover without using anything to actually secure the flat itself. It’s totally personal choice, and it can depend a great deal on what fold you’re using. Flat diapers are not waterproof on their own and must be worn with a cover over them. Whether you opt for a PUL cover or a wool cover, the choice is yours!

The Details:

The Geffen Baby Fladdle is a bit different from other flats on the market. For starters, it’s not just a flat diaper. It can also be used as a swaddle for newborn babies. Petit Prince was too big to use it as a swaddle when we received it (and I hadn’t swaddled him in a few months anyway), but I can definitely see how it would function well as a swaddle for new babies. It has a little bit of stretch, and is super soft; both features that make for a really nice swaddle! The Geffen Baby Fladdle is one layer of hemp (60%) and organic cotton fleece (40%), and it measures 30″x30″ brand new. The top of the flat is super soft and plush thanks to the cotton fleece. The Fladdle, like all Geffen Baby textiles, is made in the USA. It does shrink a little bit in the wash (as expected). Geffen Baby recommends washing the Fladdle three times to prep it, and to expect absorbency to continue to increase through the first 8-10 washes.

Geffen Baby Fladdle & Hemp-Cotton Wipes Review

The Geffen Baby Hemp/Cotton French Terry wipes are made of 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton. They measure 9″x9″ and have a fun yellow serged edge. One side of the wipe has a little bit of texture, while the other side is soft and smooth. The wipes are sold in a 10 pack.

Geffen Baby Fladdle & Hemp-Cotton Wipes Review

How it works:

Since the Geffen Baby Fladdle is my very first flat, I was expecting there to be a steep learning curve. Surprisingly, I actually found them fairly easy to get into! Yes, there was some folding involved, but I took the time to practice a few different folds before trying them on Petit Prince so I felt like I kinda sorta knew what I was doing. I could have easily just mastered one fold and used only that on him, but once I started trying different folds I found it a little fun to try something new to see how it would perform on the bum. I managed to master three different folds: airplane fold, origami fold, and kite fold. The airplane fold has lots of layers up front making it a great option for boys. The origami fold gives even absorbency through the middle and a narrower fit over the legs. The kite fold was the most challenging for me to get the hang of and a bit tricky on a squirmy baby.

Geffen Baby Fladdle & Hemp-Cotton Wipes Review
Left: The Geffen Baby Fladdle unfolded; Right: The Geffen Baby Fladdle folded into airplane fold.

Something that I really liked about the Fladdle as a first time flat user, was the stretch. It took a little trial and error to get the Fladdle folded so the rise and “wings” would be the right size for Petit Prince (something that would become like second nature through more frequent use I’m sure). That bit of stretch in the Fladdle made it more forgiving when it came time to secure the diaper on the bum. If the “wings” I’d left in the fold were just a little too short, the stretch in the Fladdle made up for it. This was especially handy when Petit Prince was trying to roll away mid diaper change.

One of my goals as a cloth diapering blogger is to push a diaper to its limits. I want to see just how long a diaper can last on the bum before it leaks. I feel like I owe it to my readers to be able to say how long a diaper should “last”. But here’s the thing. I could not get the Fladdle to leak. I could not. Believe me when I say that I tried to saturate the Fladdle. I really really tried. But no matter what, the Fladdle could always hold MORE liquid. I was truly amazed with the absorbency of this diaper. I know that hemp is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to not only absorbing liquid, but also retaining liquid, and Geffen Baby’s Fladdle is absolutely unequivocally no exception. Four hours on the bum? NO PROBLEM. Not only could the Fladdle have carried on absorbing even after four hours, but there were areas of the Fladdle that were still dry. Now that’s just crazy! This was the case regardless of which fold I used.

Geffen Baby Fladdle & Hemp-Cotton Wipes Review

Because I could not saturate the Fladdle during day time use, I just had to try it overnight. I folded with the airplane fold and folded a Geffen Baby Super Absorber Plus insert into the Fladdle. That diaper was on for a solid 12 hours, through a bedtime feed, a middle of the night feed, and a first thing in the morning feed. Did it leak? Nope. In fact, it was still dry at the back! Because I had to know, I actually weighed it in the morning to see just how much liquid it absorbed. 9oz. It absorbed 9oz and still had lots of room for more. I am certain that the Fladdle on its own (without the Super Absorber Plus) would have survived the night without leaking. The Geffen Baby Fladdle is an excellent overnight solution, even if you’re not going to be using flats during the day!

Now I know the whole folding flats thing is going to seem overwhelming or daunting to some. I get it, I really do. It’s a lot to learn and definitely more complicated than an all in one or pocket diaper. But here’s the thing: you don’t have to use the Fladdle as a flat diaper. It’s great to have that option, but you can also just fold the Fladdle into  a rectangle and use it as an insert for a pocket diaper. In this way, you can have the mega absorbency of the Fladdle without having to learn any fancy flat folds. How does it perform as an insert in a pocket? Amazingly. Again, I couldn’t get the Fladdle to leak even when folded up as an insert. Because you get to decide how wide or long to fold it into an insert, it will fit in ANY pocket shell.

Geffen Baby Fladdle & Hemp-Cotton Wipes Review

Something that I’ve really enjoyed about using flats is how easy they are to wash and dry. Because it is just a single layer of fabric, they wash up like a dream! No need to sniff test the Fladdle out of the dryer! Since hemp is such a thirsty material, it will typically take a little longer than other fabrics to dry. The single layer of the Fladdle makes it much more quick to dry than hemp based inserts where you’re drying multiple layers of hemp. With the Fladdle you get the benefit of multiple layers of hemp when folded into a flat or an insert, without the added drying time. Win win!

How about those Geffen Baby Hemp/Organic Cotton French Terry wipes? I like them! They are a generous size at 9″x9″, and I’d never tried a hemp wipe before. They did shrink up a bit through the wash down to around 8″x8.75″, but that didn’t affect their ability to clean a bum! I really liked the textured side for wiping a poopy bum. The texture clung onto the mess and really pulled it away from the skin. The smooth side was nice for pee diaper changes as it was super soft on baby. If I could change one thing about these wipes, it would be to add a second layer. I would have preferred a double layer of texture so that when I’m wiping a particularly messy bum, I can just fold the wipe in half and keep wiping. Instead, I needed to grab a second wipe. In chatting with a colleague, she had the exact opposite preference and likes single layer wipes over double layer wipes because they are thinner and fit better into the tiny crevices. I really think this comes down to your own personal preference in a wipe!

Geffen Baby Fladdle:


  • Made in the USA
  • 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton makes Geffen Baby the ONLY textiles in the industry with 60% hemp
  • INCREDIBLY absorbent
  • Organic cotton fleece makes it super soft and plush on top
  • Slightly stretchy for a flexible fit
  • Easy to wash, quick to dry
  • Great for overnight
  • Can be used folded as an insert in pocket shells
  • Use as a swaddle with a newborn
  • No need to size up as baby grows


  • Folding a flat comes with a bit of a learning curve

Geffen Baby Hemp/Cotton French Terry Wipes:


  • Made in the USA
  • 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton makes Geffen Baby the ONLY textiles in the industry with 60% hemp
  • Textured side is great for wiping dirty bums
  • Generous size


  • Only a single layer (though some would consider this a “pro”)

Final Thoughts:

I will admit that the thought of trying out my very first flat was a little daunting. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to really get it, but the Geffen Baby Fladdle was surprisingly easy to work with! I caught on really quickly with the different folds and had no trouble getting them onto Petit Prince with minimal fiddling at each change. I love that if folding a diaper is just not going to be your thing you can still use them stuffed into pocket shells or even just folded into a rectangle and laid in a cover. As an overnight solution, the Geffen Baby Fladdle gets top marks. I can’t even believe that I couldn’t get Petit Prince to saturate a Fladdle no matter how hard I tried. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I haven’t been able to push a diaper to its full limit of absorbency. Having the super absorbency of 60% hemp combined with the easy to wash and quick to dry features of a single layer flat diaper makes the Fladdle a force to be reckoned with. Consider the legend of Geffen Baby’s absorbency to be actual fact!

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Geffen Baby Fladdle & Hemp-Cotton Wipes Review

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