Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. 

Have you ever dreamed of a custom made diaper? Maybe you’re a fan of Harry Potter or Doctor Who, and you’d like a diaper that reflects that in some way? Or maybe there’s a children’s book that you read often to your child and you’d like a diaper that showcases that story? This is one of the many reasons why I love work at home mom (WAHM) cloth diapers. The ability to customize a diaper just for you and your baby is one of the many great features of WAHM made Just For You Baby Designs diapers. From the wrap around print to the PUL colour, and even the snaps, Jocelyn of Just For You Baby Designs can customize a diaper to create the perfect one just for you. Just For You Baby Designs is located right here in Calgary and her diapers are pretty great. I’ve been giving her pocket diaper a thorough testing here on Petit Prince and I’ve got lots to say about it. 

The Details:

Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

Just For You Baby Designs pocket diapers are made with a waterproof PUL outer and an athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) inner. There’s also a 100% cotton wrap around print that covers the back half of the diaper and the tabs in front. If you’re not familiar with AWJ, it’s a stay dry material used to create the pocket of this pocket diaper. Some of the properties of AWJ that make it so great for pocket diapers is that it is incredibly resistant to staining, and it’s quite stretchy. The stretch of AWJ make stuffing the diaper really easy, even when you’re adding extra inserts for overnight use. As a stay dry material, AWJ will keep baby feeling fairly dry even when the inserts are wet.

Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

Just For You Baby Designs’ pocket diaper is a one size cloth diaper that fits from 8-35 lbs. The diaper accommodates that size range with four different rise settings adjusted with three across snaps on the front of the diaper. The waist is secured with a double snap closure plus a hip snap on the tabs to ensure a nice snug fit over the legs and to minimize “wing droop”. The tabs can also be crossed over for fitting a newborn or smaller baby. There are two pocket openings on this diaper, one at the front and one at the back. The back pocket opening has elastic sewn in at the opening to keep inserts from slipping out. This pass through opening system makes stuffing the diaper really easy. Inside the back pocket opening, there’s a flap of AWJ that sits overtop of the back of any inserts preventing them from sitting up against baby’s skin. The front of the diaper has a strip of PUL sewn on the inside to help prevent leaks and wicking up onto baby’s tummy.

Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

The Just For You Baby Designs pocket diaper comes with two inserts: one large snap down insert and one small insert that can be snapped onto the larger one. The inserts are made of 65% organic bamboo and 35% organic cotton. The large insert is four layers, and the small insert is three layers. The large insert can be used fully unsnapped, or snapped to a small or medium setting in order to fit the diaper at the various rise settings of the shell. For a boy, you’d stuff the insert with the folded portion at the front, and you’d stuff with the folded portion at the back for a girl.

Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

How It Works:

Let’s talk about stuffing! I do love pocket diapers, but something that can make or break a pocket diaper for me is how easy it is to stuff. I don’t want to spend more than 15 seconds trying to get an insert into the pocket and laying flat. On this front, the Just For You Baby Designs pocket diaper really delivers! The AWJ is nice and stretchy providing lots of room for my hands to get into the pocket and get that insert flat. The front pocket opening allows me to hold the insert in place while I pull my other hand out, so I’m not inadvertently folding or tugging the insert out of position.

Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

The hip snaps on the waist closure are really great. I’ve discovered over my years of cloth diapering that a hip snap can be the difference between a good fit and a great fit. When hip snaps are in the lower position (as they are on this diaper), I always do them up on both sides first, and then go back and do up the double snaps on the ends of the tabs. This allows me to secure the diaper with the optimal fit around baby’s legs. Then I can do the double snaps on the tab ends fully extended for a more snug fit over the tummy, or right next to the hip snap to give a bit more room for a round tummy. There’s something else about this hip snap that needs to be mentioned. The hip snap is a female snap. What do I mean by that? Well, there are male snaps and female snaps. Male snaps protrude out a bit and female snaps do not. When the hip snap is a male snap, it can dig into baby’s skin once the double tab snaps are being done up on the two largest closures. This is because that hip snap won’t be in use anymore and will sit against baby’s hip. The female hip snap, on the other, is smooth and rounded so it doesn’t dig into baby’s skin even when the diaper is being used on one of the two largest closures. This is nothing short of amazing. It is this kind of attention to detail that sets Just For You Baby Designs pocket diapers a step above. It is a small detail, but a really important one if you’ll be using this diaper towards its upper weight range.

Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

A PUL strip on the inside of a diaper at the waist is something I love in a cloth diaper. There’s nothing I dislike more than wicking up the front of a diaper, but this is not an issue with Just For You Baby Designs’ pocket diaper. That PUL strip comes down to cover the front pocket opening, and provides great frontal leak protection.

The AWJ inner is great at keeping baby feeling dry. This is especially important for babies that are sensitive to wetness against their skin. For overnight, I love having a stay dry material for the inner as I know Petit Prince is going to be spending a good chunk of time in a wet diaper. The AWJ helps to keep him feeling comfortable and not super damp. For babies with a sensitivity to suede cloth (a material often used for a stay dry inner), AWJ is a great solution. It’s also very stain resistant, which is great as Petit Prince is delving into the land of solid food!

Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

How’s the fit? Lovely. Just lovely. It’s a fairly trim fitting diaper, and it gets quite small. Although I didn’t have this diaper to try when Petit Prince was still 8lbs, I have no doubt that at its smallest rise setting with the cross over tabs this diaper would fit most 8lb babies. I love that I can get the diaper right up into the “underwear lines” (that’s all thigh meat out of the diaper) and secure it with the hip snap.

Now it’s time to talk about absorbency! For daytime use, I stuffed this diaper with just the large insert snapped down to the small size. As Petit Prince was around 17-18lbs while I was trying this diaper, I had the shell set to the second smallest rise setting. I found that the large insert on its own held up for a good four hours, even though Petit Prince tends to be a heavy wetter. Given how absorbent the large insert was all on its own, I decided to try adding the small insert and using the diaper overnight. That’s twelve whole hours with one overnight feeding. How did it hold up? Beautifully. I don’t often test out diapers overnight with only the inserts they come with because I know that more often than not, you’re going to need an added booster to make it through the night. Not the case here! Just For You Baby Designs pocket diaper can be used as it comes for overnight. If your child is a super soaker overnight, you will want to add a booster of some kind, but the good news there is that this diaper has a generous pocket with room for a booster. You may notice that the Just For You Baby Designs large insert is sewn with a large X through the middle. This allows the edges of the insert to be “open”. What that does is speed up drying time! Bamboo and cotton are not the fastest drying materials out there, but that X stitching means that insert is dry when it comes out of the dryer. No more hanging your inserts up to dry after a round in the dryer.

Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

Can I talk a bit about how this diaper looks? Jocelyn of Just For You Baby Designs showed me a huge variety of wrap around fabric choices. The “Where The Wild Things Are” inspired fabric jumped out at me right away! The Heir loves that book, and it’s one that I’m sure Petit Prince will love too, so it was an easy choice for me! From there I let Jocelyn do what she does and design the rest of the diaper for me. The snaps she chose are so cute and match the colours in the wrap around fabric perfectly. The white PUL lets the teal and grey of the wrap around fabric really pop! So aside from the really great fit and absorbency of this diaper, it’s completely adorable!


  • Made by a WAHM in Canada!
  • Hip snaps allow for a custom fit
  • Hip snap is female to prevent irritation/discomfort when the diaper is on the largest waist settings
  • Athletic wicking jersey inner is stretchy, resists staining, and is “stay dry”
  • Strip of PUL inside the waist prevents wicking
  • Pass through pocket opening for easy stuffing/unstuffing
  • Really should fit babies from 8lbs
  • Inserts dry quickly
  • Can be used overnight without purchasing an additional booster


  • Stitches on the label have come undone on one side (but Jocelyn has since changed the way she affixes the labels so this is no longer a problem)
  • Had some minor leaking at the seams, but this was easily resolved with a run through the dryer on high

Final Thoughts:

I’m really impressed with this diaper from Just For You Baby Designs. The absorbency is wonderful, the fit is really nice, and it’s incredibly adorable. I like that you can customize the diaper to your own personal taste. I love it when I find a great WAHM diaper from someone right in my own city! Jocelyn’s eye for detail and ability to create well considered designs make her diapers really special.

How would you like to have your very own custom pocket diaper from Just For You Baby Designs? I’m giving one lucky reader a chance to WIN one Just For You Baby Designs pocket diaper made with the in stock wrap around fabric and PUL colour of your choice! How awesome is that? Just hop over to my Facebook page by clicking HERE to enter the giveaway! GOOD LUCK! The giveaway is open from 7am MST February 19th 2016 and closes at 2:30pm MST February 27th 2016. Open to US & Canada, 18+.


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56 Comments on “Just For You Baby Designs Pocket Diaper Review

  1. I love the design of this diaper! In several ways… I like the sleek sewing job… The buttons( how they are not all the same) I also really love the insert and how it grows with baby!

  2. I love that this has two pocket openings and four rise settings. I would love to try one of these!

  3. I like that it Can be used overnight without purchasing an additional booster

  4. I like the variety of fits which means this diaper would likely fit my lo birth to potty trained!

  5. this diaper looks great. I love that its a pocket I have a lot of pocket diapers and just love them. The opening of the pocket at the back is great looking I’ve never seen it sewn like that. I also love it has hip snaps for a little snugger fit.

  6. Love that you say it can be used overnight w/o a booster…I have a heavy wetter and NEED a diaper like this…we have had to resort to disposables for overnight! I also love the openings at both ends…:)

  7. My favorite feature is the absorbency which would make it a good nighttime option for my baby! I also love that the athletic wicking jersey helps to resist staining!

  8. I’ve never used a diaper with the pul inside the front like that. Don’t know if it would be favorite, but I’d love to try it 🙂 Also, the tunnel pocket, with two openings would be nice. Thank you!

  9. Thank you for this review, you are always so thorough when reviewing a product and as an avid reader I really appreciate the time and effort. I have been looking for a WAHM diaper and I love this. I am not a huge fan of having diaper inserts hanging all over my house in the winter because they didn’t dry in the dryer! I also love the female hip snap, I have on occasion missed the hip snap (don’t judge I am new at this. ) and the pee on my lap was nothing compared to the guilt from having the male snap dig into my son.

  10. I really love how trim it looks and how absorbent this diaper is. It would be a great nighttime diaper!

  11. Love the ability to customize. Great review! Wing droop is becoming an issue here so I am definitely planning on going with a diaper with a hip snap for baby number two.

  12. I really like that these diapers have a customizable panel in the back. Awj is awesome as well!

  13. That was one of he most thorough reviews I have ever read. Thank you. I really love that it can last through the night. I have a hard time finding good night wearing cloth diapers.

  14. I love that the pocket can be stuffed from both ends, and the snap-down inserts for a custom fit!

  15. Love the wild things design! And I’d be interested in trying some inserts too 🙂

  16. I like that it doesn’t need a booster for overnight and the female hip snap.

  17. I love that this has athletic wicking jersey and can go overnight! Thanks for the thorough review!

  18. I love that the material is awj! Its perfect for wicking and i love this material!

  19. I like that it has a strip of PUL inside at the waist. And the wrap around print style is something I don’t see very often. Thanks!

  20. I really like the extra wide strip of PUL in the front and having 2 pocket openings to use for stuffing/unstuffing.

  21. I don’t have a heavy night time wetter but I like a nighttime diaper for long excursions where frequent changes are not possible. This seems to have potential.

  22. I love the hip snap and overlapping front snaps for a better fit. 🙂 The pockets being able to be stuffed from both sides is a HUGE plus, because that is something I dislike about my current pocket diapers.

  23. This diaper looks FREAKING AMAZING. It’s like the diaper fairy decided to grant my every wish with sprinkles on top (female hip snap! I didn’t even know I wanted this and now I wonder why every other diaper doesn’t have it).

    I’m not waiting til the giveaway is over to go snag one, but winning another wouldn’t suck. However I don’t have a FB, is there any way to enter the giveaway without it?

      • The hubs doesn’t have a FB either. (I know. We’re the weirdest couple ever.) It’s fine though, if I get desperate enough I’ll give in and create one. Good luck to everyone else.

        P. S. Thanks for the link. 🙂

  24. I love that this has the AWJ lining. Been wanting to try that. And hip snaps are such a huge plus. Great review.

  25. There are so many awesome features of this diaper. How can I pick just one? I love the over lap snaps to give a better fit and the hip snap to prevent wing sag. I also love the awj inner for stretchy and breathability. Reminds me a lot of one of my favorite brands.

  26. I enjoyed this review! I hadn’t heard of this WAHM before, but now, I might have to check out her Etsy page! I love the pass through pocket, the AWJ for moisture wicking, and it comes with the inserts (which look super trim). I would love to try one!

  27. I am well past the diaper stage, but these look like great diapers. They would make a great baby shower gift.

  28. I love that it is AJW and has hip snaps. Looking for a nite time solution and I think I’ve found one.

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  32. First, I love that I have not seen this print before and the multi colored snaps match perfectly. Second, SNAPS hip snaps are always a WIN and the waste snaps are not far apart. All around this diaper looks awesome oh and the insert I’ve never seen them done that way it’s really smart and I feel it would work well for my heavy wetter.

  33. I love the double opening pocket, the AWJ liner, and the customizable designs!

  34. too late for the giveaway, commenting as i dont have other posts left, anyways… i’ve never heard of this brand. but love the print combo with solid, and love the inside layer make up.

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  36. Oooh I love the trim fit!! We have slender babies so a slim fit is amazing!! And look at all those snaps!!! Faaabulous!!

  37. I really like that this pocket diaper has an AWF liner that will keep baby feeling dry & the easy to stuff front & back pockets. I also like that it has a large front panel to prevent wicking & the female hip snap (genius). Bamboo/cotton is a absorbent fabric since it’s so soft & absorbent, & the snap down large insert is also genius. All in all it sounds wonderful!

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