Occupied Mind Creations: Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. 

Have you ever shopped from a work at home mom (WAHM)? You should. There are so many amazing products being made by WAHMs out there, and the quality can be amazing! One of the things I especially like about WAHM products is the ability to customize your order. How would you like to have a pair of Maxaloones in the perfect fabric print to suit your child’s wardrobe? Or a cloth diaper made with a colour combination that you picked out? Pretty great, right? This is exactly the type of options that Occupied Mind Creations (O.M.C.) offers her customers. O.M.C. is a shop run by Alicia, a WAHM of three boys in Ontario (near London). She makes a variety of products for moms and babies from nursing pads and cloth menstrual pads to cloth diapers and children’s clothing. I had the pleasure of trying out a pair of O.M.C. Maxaloones and an AI2 cloth diaper on Petit Prince, and I was impressed with the quality and the function. Want to know more about O.M.C. and how it worked for us? Here’s what I think!

O.M.C. Maxaloones “Grow With Me” Pants

I’m going to start by talking about O.M.C.’s Maxaloones. If you’re unfamiliar with what Maxaloones are, let me explain. Maxaloones are a type of “grow with me” pant that are sewn specifically to accommodate a fluffy cloth diapered bum. O.M.C. is an authorized seller of this style of pant that is made from the Max & Meena Maxaloone pattern. What makes these pants “grow with me” pants is that the cuffs at the ankle and the waist band are designed to fold over. This allows the pants to be very small when the cuffs and waist are folded and then nice and long when the cuffs and waist are all unfolded. O.M.C.’s Maxaloones fit from approximately age 1 to age 3. O.M.C. also makes “grow with me” pants in three other sizes: Squishaloones fit from newborn to 6 months, Miniloones fit from 6 months to 12 months, and Monsterloones fit from age 2 to age 5. Since Petit Prince was right around 6 months old when I was going to be trying them out, I opted for Miniloones for him.

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

This is the first pair of Maxaloones style pants that I’ve had for either of my boys, and all I can say is that I don’t know how I went without them for The Heir. Not only are there tons of colour combinations to choose from through O.M.C., but they are nice and stretchy making them easy to get on and off a fluffy bum. I don’t know about you, but I tried to get a pair of jeans on Petit Prince the other day, and I could not get them over his knees. His KNEES! Who decided babies should wear jeans anyway? Maxaloones are a much better option. As a cloth diapering mom, I also need to be careful of pants that are particularly tight over the waist. Sometimes this can cause some compression leaking around the waist, but with Maxaloones it is not a problem. You see, the pressure of the snug waist is much more spread out with the fold over waist band of Maxaloones, so compression leaks at the waist are eliminated. Fantastic! Another great thing about Maxaloones is that the fold over cuffs at the ankles mean you can lengthen the pants as needed to cover ankles when baby wearing. You know when you get baby into the carrier and inevitably their ankles are exposed to the elements? With Maxaloones this is not a problem. Exposed ankles? Just unroll that cuff a little and baby’s ankles are sure to stay warm (or protected from the sun if it’s summer time).

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

When I received Petit Prince’s Miniloones, I was immediately struck with the quality of the sewing. Now I’m no seamstress, but the edges of the fabric were all cut perfectly, and the stitches were straight and even. In consulting with O.M.C. about the print and design of the Miniloones, Alicia was always available and meticulous with her work. When she realized the dye lot of the print I’d chosen was slightly more of a taupe grey than the last batch she had, she contacted me immediately to suggest contrast colours for the bum panel, cuffs, and waist band that would work better than what we’d originally planned. I’m thrilled with how they look and find the colour combination to be perfect! One thing that surprised me about them was that the material was a little thinner than I’d imagined. This is something that likely varies from print to print, but it’s something I wanted to mention. If you’re looking for a heavier weight fabric for Maxaloones, I’m sure Alicia would be happy to guide you in your print selection so you can choose a fabric weight that meets your needs.

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review
Maxaloones are much easier to get over those knees and thighs.

Let’s talk about the fit. As you know by now, Petit Prince has got some thighs. Sweet, chunky, thick baby thighs. I love them dearly. The first time I put the Miniloones on him, they seemed quite snug and I was a little concerned that maybe I should have gone for the Maxaloones size (for age 1-3). I’m happy to report that after a few wears and washes I’m finding the fit to be perfect on him and don’t feel like they are too snug. I know that once he becomes mobile he’s likely to slim down a bit, so I appreciate that the Miniloones won’t end up baggy on him when that happens.

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

I’ve had the O.M.C. Miniloones on Petit Prince quite a few times since I received them and they’ve been washed lots too. They wash up really well and show no signs of wear at all. I even throw them in the dryer (on low) sometimes and they are holding up just perfectly. I think this is really key with any item of baby clothing that is meant to last for six months or even two years. If it doesn’t wash and wear well, then it isn’t worth the investment. These, however, are absolutely worth the investment. This brings me to my next point about O.M.C.’s Maxaloones. I find them to be affordably priced starting at $22 for Squishaloones, $27 for Miniloones, $30 for Maxaloones, and $33 for Monsterloones. Considering just how long these pants are going to fit (and last), I think the cost is really worth it.


  • Made in Canada by a WAHM!
  • Fits for at least six months or up to three years depending on the size you choose.
  • Custom design: you choose your print and contrasting fabric.
  • High quality sewing.
  • Hold up well to washing and wearing.
  • Fits well over fluffy cloth diapered bums.
  • Length can be adjusted on the go as needed.


  • Print fabric a little more lightweight than expected, but this would depend on the print you choose.

To summarize my thoughts on the Miniloones that I received from O.M.C., I really like them! I can’t believe I haven’t owned Maxaloones style pants for the kids before now and I know this won’t be my last pair! If you’re interested in ordering your own custom Maxaloones from O.M.C., you can get started by clicking HERE.

O.M.C. AI2 Cloth Diaper

I always love trying out new cloth diapers, so when I saw that O.M.C. made AI2 diapers, I just knew I had to try one! As with the Maxaloones, the AI2 diaper is fully customizable. You can choose from a variety of PUL prints, velour colours for the inner, and even snap colours! I decided to just let Alicia surprise me with whatever print she wanted to send. She sent me a super cute winter inspired diaper and I thought it was perfect for the season! Let’s get right into my thoughts on the O.M.C. AI2 diaper!


Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

The O.M.C. AI2 diaper is an All In 2 diaper meaning that the soaker (absorbent part) lays in the shell and the shell can be reused by removing the soaker and snapping a fresh one in. The diaper consists of a waterproof PUL outer layer with a cotton velour inner. It fits from approximately 12lbs up to 40lbs and the rise has four size adjustments. The rise is a snap down rise with three rows of two snaps on the front of the diaper. The front of the diaper has a single row of snaps for closing the diaper, and the tabs each have three snaps to secure them to the front of the diaper. The tabs can also cross over to provide a small waist for a younger baby. Inside the diaper, the soaker is attached to the shell with two snaps at the back of the diaper. The soaker is a petal style soaker, meaning it is made of two layers sewn together only at the back. The soaker consists of one layer of cotton velour on top, and three layers of cotton fleece.

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

How It Works:

O.M.C. AI2 diapers come fully prepped and ready to go on the bum. Yes, you read that right. FULLY PREPPED. That means there’s no need to wash it 3-5 times to get it to reach maximum absorbency before using it. It is ready to go right away! I love that! It’s always so anticlimactic when you buy new fluff and are all excited for it to arrive only to spend a week getting it all prepped for use (as is the case with natural fibres). This is not the case with O.M.C. AI2 diapers!

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

I really liked how I could fold the petal style soaker to fit Petit Prince’s needs. As a petal style soaker, you can fold the layers of the soaker to put more absorbency where you need it for your child. For Petit Prince, I fold both layers of the soaker back part way so there’s more absorbency at the front of the diaper. For a girl, you could fold just the bottom layer of the soaker all the way back increasing the absorbency through the middle and back of the diaper. When snap in soakers have the snaps in the front, I have to choose between folding the soaker for maximum absorbency up front and snapping it in (since it’s usually impossible to do both). With the O.M.C. AI2 diaper, I can still use the diaper as intended (ie. with the soaker snapped in) AND fold the soaker for Petit Prince’s up front absorbency requirements. This may not be a big deal if you don’t have boys, but as a mom of boys this is a big deal!

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

Although the O.M.C. AI2 is technically an AI2 diaper in that the soakers can be snapped out and switched at diaper changes, it’s something I probably wouldn’t actually do. The reason for this is that the cotton velour inner is usually quite damp when I changed Petit Prince. I wouldn’t want to put a damp shell back on him, so I’d be more inclined to just wash the shell and soaker after only one use. If you didn’t mind hanging the shell to dry for a couple of hours, you could reuse it, so it can function as an AI2.

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

In terms of absorbency, I was quite pleased with it. I’ll be honest. At first when I saw the soaker I didn’t think it would be absorbent enough on its own as Petit Prince can be a fairly heavy wetter. I tested this diaper to the limits! It lasted for around 3 hours and even lasted through a long nap (one that went much longer than I had expected). Any diaper that survives an unexpectedly long nap is going to get my stamp of approval!

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review

Let’s talk about the fit. Petit Prince was around 16.5-17lbs when I had him in this diaper. It did not need to be as tight as it could go, so I’m confident that it would fit from 12lbs as it claims. I did have it on the lowest rise setting, and had the tab crossed over to one of the two overlapping snaps. I liked the amount of bum coverage that the diaper provided, and did not find the front rise to be too low on the smallest rise setting. One thing I did notice was that the front tabs have a tendency to fold up a bit around the snap closure. I think this is because the tabs are quite wide and there’s only one row of snaps for the closure. I feel like the tab is wide enough to warrant two rows of snaps and think that this would resolve the tab curling issue I was having. Despite that curling of the tabs, I didn’t find that it resulted in any leaking or wicking.

Occupied Mind Creations Maxaloones & AI2 Diaper Review


  • Made in Canada by a WAHM!
  • Customer can choose PUL print, cotton velour colour, and snap colour for a fully custom look.
  • Arrives FULLY PREPPED.
  • Petal style soaker can be snapped in AND still folded to maximize absorbency where it’s needed for boys and girls.
  • Cotton velour inner and top of the soaker is super soft.


  • Cotton velour inner gets damp so the shell needs to hang dry in between uses to be used as a true AI2.
  • Single row of snaps at the waist makes the tabs prone to curling.

All in all I think the O.M.C. AI2 diaper is a really nice WAHM diaper. It has a nice soft inner, a good fit, and an absorbent soaker. If you’re interested in ordering one, you can get started on your custom creation by clicking HERE.

What’s your favourite feature of the O.M.C. AI2 diaper and the O.M.C. Maxaloones?

Do you want a chance to try an O.M.C. AI2 diaper OR a pair of O.M.C. Maxaloones? You’re in luck! One lucky reader is going to WIN their choice of an AI2 diaper OR  a pair of Maxaloones of their very own! How great would that be? Just hop on over to my Facebook page HERE and enter the giveaway! GOOD LUCK! The giveaway is open from 7am MST January 8th 2016 and closes at 2pm MST January 15th 2016. Open to US & Canada 18+.




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