Top Five Moments of 2015

Top Five Moments of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close in just a matter of hours, I’ve been thinking back on the year it has been. 2015 was a pretty good year. I couldn’t possibly talk about every single thing that made it such a good year for us, but I can share my top five moments of 2015.

Let the countdown begin!

5. Hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. Up here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Normally, it’s cold and quite likely snowing on Thanksgiving weekend. Not this year. It was such a beautiful day and everything came together perfectly. The turkey was excellent and the company was even better. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon outside playing in all the fallen leaves. It was great!

Top Five Moments of 2015
That time when it was sunny and warm on Thanksgiving weekend!

4. Launching The Monarch Mommy! Of course launching my blog was a pretty big moment for me in 2015. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a couple of years, and 2015 was the year where I finally did it. Am I ever glad I did! It’s been so much fun sharing a little bit of my life with all of you, and the positive feedback I’ve received from my followers has been awesome!

3. The Heir’s first day of preschool. This was a moment of mixed emotions for me. The Heir LOVES going to preschool and seems to be thriving in that environment, and that made me so happy and so proud. At the same time I just could not believe my first born was old enough to go to school. How did that happen? It seems like he was just a little bundle of a baby yesterday, and yet there he was all ready for school. I was concerned that he’d be reluctant to leave me at the door, but he could barely contain his excitement when his teacher opened the door. Now I’m lucky if he even stops to give me a kiss before he dashes off with his friends into the classroom.

Top Five Moments of 2015
The Heir all grown up and ready for school.

2. Watching The Heir become a big brother. This was a process that started as soon as The Heir knew he was getting a baby brother or sister (we did not know the sex of the baby was until he was born). We read a lot of books about babies and being a brother, and talked about how things would change and how they would stay the same. Well before the end of my pregnancy he would ask me every day if today was the day his baby would arrive. He was EXCITED about the baby to say the least. The moment he first met Petit Prince was incredible. He saw him come out of the car in his car seat and asked if that was the baby from my tummy. Since then he has become an amazing big brother to Petit Prince. He loves to lay on the floor and play with him, show him his toys and books, and cuddle him whenever he can.

Top Five Moments of 2015
The Heir holding Petit Prince for the first time.

1. The arrival of Petit Prince. Topping the list of the best moments of 2015 has to be the birth of Petit Prince. He has made us a family of four and has changed our lives for the better. It’s hard to believe he wasn’t around just 6 short months ago. Adjusting to life as a mom of two was hard, but it has been so worth it. Petit Prince is the sweetest and happiest baby. He is completely captivated by his big brother and keeps his eyes on him at all times. And have I mentioned his thighs? They’re amazingly plump.

Top Five Moments of 2015
Just minutes after Petit Prince arrived.

There you have it! The top five moments of 2015 for me! What about you? What were the best moments of 2015 for you?

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful year. Congratulations on the arrival of your be little one. I hope your new year is filled with many blessings.

  2. Looks like we had a very similar year with children going to preschool and becoming offer siblings. What a great year!

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