Tots Bots PeeNut Wrap & Day to Night Absorbent Pads Review

Tots Bots Peenut Wrap & Pop In Pads Review

My friend Lindsay over at Maman Loup’s Den gave me this diaper for free so I could try it out.

I’ve finally had a chance to try out a true AI2 style diaper and I want to share my thoughts on this particular system. It’s the Tots Bots PeeNut Wrap (aka cover) coupled with the Tots Bots PeeNut Day to Night Absorbent Pop In Pads (aka soakers). I love a lot of things about Tots Bots cloth nappies (doesn’t that sound no much cuter than diapers?). First, I love that they are made in the UK. Tots Bots are also known for their super fun prints, and I LOVE prints. The PeeNut wrap that I’ve been using is the Hey Diddle Diddle print and it’s just adorable. It may surprise you that this particular diaper is a velcro closure. But wait! Yes, I totally prefer snaps, BUT Tots Bots has the best velcro in the cloth diaper industry and it is amazing and strong. Amazing enough that don’t really miss my beloved snap closures. This stuff lasts, so don’t dismiss Tots Bots on account of its famed velcro. Want to know how the Tots Bots PeeNut wrap and Pop In Pads performed on Petit Prince (how’s that for alliteration)? Here’s what I think!

The Details:

Tots Bots Peenut Wrap & Pop In Pads Review

The Tots Bots PeeNut wrap is composed of polyurethane laminate (PUL). On the inside there are two PUL flaps: one at the back of the wrap and one at the front of the wrap. The soakers can be tucked into those flaps to help them stay in place. The wrap is marketed as a “one size” that fits from 8-35 lbs. It has three size settings adjusted with snaps on the front of the wrap. There is also a pair of snaps inside the wrap at the front where the PeeNut Pop In Pads snap into place. The wrap is fastened with a velcro tab closure that can be overlapped for the smallest fit.

Tots Bots Peenut Wrap & Pop In Pads Review

The Tots Bots PeeNut Pop In Pads come in a pack of two soakers. There’s one small and one medium soaker. The soakers are made of three layers: bamboo on the top and bottom, and microfibre in the middle. The small soaker has a pair of snaps that allow it to be secured to the wrap and the medium soaker has two pairs of snaps. That allows the small soaker to snap onto the medium soaker, and still leaves snaps for securing the medium soaker to the wrap. Tots Bots suggests that the small soaker can be used on its own for newborns, the medium soaker on its own for an older baby, and the two together when baby becomes a heavy wetter.

Tots Bots Peenut Wrap & Pop In Pads Review

As an AI2 system, the PeeNut wrap can be reused for multiple diaper changes. Simply remove the used Pop In Pads and snap new ones into place.

Tots Bots Peenut Wrap & Pop In Pads Review

How It Works:

I started using the Tots Bots PeeNut wrap and Pop In Pads when Petit Prince was 15 lbs 3 oz. I started with just the small Pop In Pad to see how long it would last. Let me just say this: these soakers are absorbent. Really absorbent. Petit Prince can be on the heavy wetting side at times, but I found that even the small soaker held up well for a good two hours without leaking. The medium Pop In Pad lasted 3-4 hours easily, and both together… Well, let’s just say he never saturated them both completely. I was very impressed with their absorbency. When I used just the small Pop In Pad, I snapped it into the wrap and that worked really well. With the wrap snapped to the smallest rise setting, I needed to fold down the front of the medium Pop In Pad. Since it was folded in front (for a boy), I couldn’t snap it into place, but I found that it stayed in position nicely just being tucked under the PUL flaps at the front and back of the wrap.

For EBF poop containment it did really well. As is the way with runny EBF poop, it didn’t exactly stay on the soaker, so I couldn’t reuse the wrap if Petit Prince had “soiled” the diaper. If only a little bit of poop got on the actual wrap, I could have wiped it off and reused it, but there was nothing little about the poops caught in this diaper. The inner flap of PUL at the back of the diaper worked really well as added protection from an up the back poopsplosion. Always a good thing to avoid! I was able to reuse the wrap for subsequent changes if it was just a pee diaper. I loved that! Some other AI2s that I’ve used have a fabric inner (microfleece, suede cloth, bamboo), so when that inner is wet I don’t really like to reuse the shell. That was not an issue with the Tots Bots PeeNut wrap as it is really just all PUL inside.

Tots Bots Peenut Wrap & Pop In Pads Review

Now for the fit of the wrap. It’s kind of big. I know that the packaging says it fits from 8-35 lbs, but at over 15 lbs I found I had to fasten the velcro almost as tight as it could be and really pull up on the wings of the diaper just to eliminate gaps in the leg openings. Petit Prince does not have skinny legs/thighs either. This left it a bit more snug over the tummy, but he didn’t seem to mind. I will say that overall I did like the fit on Petit Prince even though it was a bit more baggy in the bum than what I’m used to. Given the way it fits on Petit Prince at over 15 lbs, I just can’t see this wrap fitting snugly over the legs of an 8 lb baby.

Tots Bots Peenut Wrap & Pop In Pads Review

I was somewhat confused about the size range and “one size” fit of the Tots Bots PeeNut wrap. The package insert says it fits from 8-35 lbs and that it is “one size”, but the tag on the wrap says otherwise. The tag says it fits from 9-35 lbs and that it is a size 2. After digging a little deeper, I found that the PeeNut wrap is actually sold in two sizes. Size 1 fits from 6-18 lbs, and size 2 fits from 9-35 lbs. I imagine that the size 1 wrap might have been a more trim fitting wrap on Petit Prince, but I haven’t had the chance to try it.

Tots Bots Peenut Wrap & Pop In Pads Review

What is great about the fit of the PeeNut wrap is how generously sized it is. Compared to a Funky Fluff LUX shell and a BumGenius 4.0 shell, it is both wider and longer. This is excellent for older toddlers that are close to outgrowing or have outgrown other “one size” options. It also makes it easy to fit the wrap over a fitted diaper. I tried this out with a Sprouting Jems hybrid fitted and the Tots Bots PeeNut wrap covered it nicely.


  • Generous fit for older or larger babies/toddlers.
  • Super cute print options.
  • Strong velcro closure.
  • Very absorbent soakers.


  • Just fitting at 15 lbs, so I can’t see it fitting at 8 or even 10 lbs.
  • Marketed as a “one size” when it’s not.
  • Size range on packaging doesn’t match the tag or details on the Tots Bots website, which is confusing.

Overall, I really do like the PeeNut wrap coupled with the PeeNut Pop In Pads. It’s a really great system that works well as a true AI2 diaper with a cover that is definitely reusable for multiple changes before needing to be washed. It’s also an excellent cover option if you’re intending to use fitteds and covers as it provides excellent bum coverage. The Tots Bots PeeNut and Day to Night Absorbent Pads are available at Nicki’s Diapers in the US.

Have you tried the Tots Bots PeeNut wrap or the Pop In Pads?

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11 Comments on “Tots Bots PeeNut Wrap & Day to Night Absorbent Pads Review

  1. I have to agree with you: those soakers are MIGHTY absorbent. I like to pair two large ones overnight- and they hold up splendidly!!! I find AI2 systems are much more reusable once poop isn’t so explosive. And… Tots velcro is the bomb diggity!

  2. I have never tried the Tots Bots cloth diapers. I have a pretty big dude, I also found those “one size” diapers didn’t fit, but the opposite, My 11 month old barely fits them and he has had lines on his leg because even on the biggest size it is too tight. I wonder if these would fit him better!

    • Some marks on the legs are normal and okay. If you’re wearing a snug pair of socks or a bra, you’ll be left with red marks around your leg/ankles or your back. They don’t hurt and fade after a short time. It’s the same for red marks from diapers. If the marks are very deep and dark red, then it’s definitely too tight.

      The PeeNut wrap is a good size and would fit larger babies well. Definitely worth a try!

  3. What a detailed review! I usually pull out the cloth diapers a few months before potty training in order to help my kids learn to feel wet, since disposables are so good at absorbing everything. Cloth diapers are so cute!! My set has built in liners, so I have to wash the entire diaper. Pop out liners would be handy. Maybe the next kiddo will get some new diapers!

  4. We are about to start on our cloth diapering venture this Spring when our little guy arrives, and this is the only H/L I would add to my stash. I have heard great things about their soaker system, (light, medium or maximum wetness protection with both pads). We are wanting some AI2’s with wipeable liners for traveling purposes, and these are number 1 on my list.

  5. How does the stitching hold up? I loved the AIO but found the stitching popped easily which I never had happen for any other brand or diaper..

  6. oh, i do like this print so much. wasnt sure on tots bots, but this review says yes!!

  7. Well strong velcro just sounds fabulous!! Maybe could convert some “only snaps” users around the world 😉 I do love the cuteness but wouldn’t have been happy about the OS either seeing it obviously would not fit the smaller kiddos!

  8. We’ve been using tots bots since our LOs cord fell off (couldn’t get the nappy to fold out of the way). With a birth weight of 9lbs, she should be bang on fitting the main size.

    We have had some issue with wee leaks out the sides and one wee leak out the back. May be because she goes frequently and doesn’t seem to be bothered by dirty nappies. But otherwise, the nappies seems to fit her well and they are definitely so easy to use.

    Any advice for fitting the sides better would be appreciated!

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