My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX (Review)

My Favourite AI2 - Funky Fluff LUX

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I know I’ve said that pocket diapers are my favourite style of diaper, and they are, truly. Nothing has swayed me away from my beloved pockets until now. Enter the Funky Fluff LUX. Funky Fluff LUX diapers are technically an AI3 (All In 3) style, but they can be used as an AI2 and that makes them fabulous. What is an AI2 diaper, you ask? Allow me to explain.

My Favourite AI2 - Funk Fluff LUX
Funky Fluff LUX Stay Dry shell in the Maritime print.

Unlike a pocket diaper where you stuff the absorbency into a pocket in the waterproof shell, with an AI2 (All In 2) you lay an absorbent soaker on top of the waterproof shell. There’s no stuffing required at all, and as long as the shell doesn’t get soiled, you can simply remove the soaker and lay a new one in. AI2s are great for a number of reasons. For starters, you don’t have to buy quite as many shells as you would with pocket diapers since you will often be able to reuse the same shell for multiple changes. Sometimes smaller babies get leaks in pocket style diapers because they don’t put enough pressure on a pocket inner to push liquid through to the insert. That’s not an issue with an AI2 since the soaker sits right against baby’s skin. You can still customize the absorbency with an AI2 style by adding boosters or additional soakers as needed. If you use microfibre for absorbency in your diapers, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t sit directly against baby’s skin, so while you can still use it with an AI2, you want a booster or reusable liner between the microfibre and baby.

My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX
Funky Fluff LUX has four different rise settings: (L to R) Newborn, Small, Medium, Large.

What is it about the Funky Fluff LUX system that has me loving AI2s all of a sudden? Oh so many things. For starters, have you seen these diapers?!?! They are beautiful. Not only are the solid colours vibrant and fun, but the prints are ridiculously cute and exclusive to Funky Fluff. Looks aren’t everything, of course, but anyone that cloth diapers knows that cuteness is always a factor.

My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX
Left: LUX bamboo soakers, small and large; Right: deLUX hempboo soakers, small and large.

The best part of the Funky Fluff LUX is the absorbency. When you buy Funky Fluff LUX as a system, you get your choice of shell (Stay Dry or Bamboo) and it includes a pair of LUX bamboo soakers. The large LUX soaker is made of six layers of super soft bamboo terry and the small LUX soaker is made of five layers of the same luxurious bamboo terry. These soakers are super absorbent. I often use just the small LUX soaker with a Stay Dry shell for Petit Prince and it lasts a good three hours. When I use the large LUX soaker, they last for four hours or more without leaking. Awesome. For overnight, I can snap the large and small LUX soakers together, fold them over, lay them on the shell, and have a fabulous overnight solution.

My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX
Use both LUX bamboo together on the newborn or small rise settings by snapping and folding like so.

The absorbency of Funky Fluff LUX doesn’t stop there. Oh no. You can also purchase deLUX soakers in a set of two (one small and one large). What is a deLUX soaker? Only the best cloth diapering innovation of 2015. The Funky Fluff deLUX soaker combines hemp with bamboo (I call it “hempboo”). The two most absorbent materials used in cloth diapers together at last in one convenient quick drying soaker. Yes, I said quick drying. The deLUX soakers are two layers of bamboo fleece and two layers of hemp fleece sewn together in the middle. The way they are sewn together makes them dry super quickly.  The deLUX soakers are ultra trim and very absorbent. I used to use just the small deLUX when Petit Prince was only one or two months old. It was plenty absorbent and so so trim fitting on him.

My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX
Funky Fluff LUX with one small deLUX hempboo on Petit Prince at 11lbs.

One of my favourite features of the Funky Fluff LUX diaper shell is the hip snap. I find the hip snap allows for a truly customized fit. I always do the hip snap up first to get the leg nice and snug, and then I do up the two waist snaps. You can even pull the hip snap in closer to centre and do up the waist snaps right beside the hip snap to get a really snug fit over skinny legs. The hip snaps also prevent the dreaded wing droop that can happen when babies are up and walking around, so that’s a real bonus. Funky Fluff LUX shells have four rise settings that are adjusted using the snaps on the front of the diaper. They fit from 7-35+ lbs, and they really do get tiny enough to fit a newborn with the cross over tabs at the waist.My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX

My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX
Inner snaps in the top and bottom for attaching soakers.

Funky Fluff LUX is actually an AI3 diaper, meaning soakers can be stuffed in like a pocket, fully snapped in like an AIO (All In One), or placed on top of the shell like an AI2. It’s the AI2 option that I love on Petit Prince and here’s how we use them on him. I take the soaker and lay it on top of the shell, tucking the front of the soaker under the pocket flap at the front of the diaper. Then I snap the soaker in at the front and put it on Petit Prince. If I’m using both LUX (or deLUX) inserts together, I snap them together, fold them over so both soakers are the size of the small soaker, tuck the folded end under the front pocket flap, and snap the bottom soaker in at the back. Petit Prince has a tendency to kick around a whole lot while I change his bum, so being able to snap the soaker in place keeps him from kicking the soaker across the room.

My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX
Funky Fluff LUX with small LUX bamboo soaker used as an AI2.
My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX
Funky Fluff LUX with one small LUX bamboo soaker on Petit Prince at 15lbs 1oz.

If you haven’t tried Funky Fluff LUX (or haven’t tried your Funky Fluff LUX as an AI2) you really should! They’re fun, cute, trim, super absorbent, and offer a great customizable fit!

Funky Fluff LUX diapers are available at Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company.

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  1. These look great! I use AI1s right now..have tried Grovia hybrid as well..I want to try all the cloth diapers though lol!! Will check them out, thanks!

  2. LOVE that there’s no stuffing required!! Also love that as long as the cover doesn’t get soiled that you can just change out the soakers!! Genius!! Super easy too!!

  3. I can’t believe how well made cloth diapers are now. I remember when I babysat when I was a teenager and the cloth diapers were a piece of fabric folded a certain way and then you put rubber pants on top and that was it, my how the times have changed

  4. All the AI2s I have tried have not been able to keep up with my heavy wetter. I would be interested to see if the hempboo inserts would be enough absorbency, but with only 5 layers I have my doubts.

  5. I always used cloth diapers when my boys were babies. Diapers have come a long ways since then. These are so nice and so convenient. Thank you so much for sharing this article

  6. I’m new to cloth diapering and recently purchased one of these. I did one prep wash (and now recently I should have done more) and my daughter pooped using the diaper pocket-style and it’s still quite stained after washing. Any advice to get it out? She’s been exclusively breastfeed for six months and just started on some cereal a day before this happened. Thanks in advance for any help. I want to make sure I’m protecting the investment and taking care of these right from the start.

  7. I’m glad to have read the review. Although we have to wait until April to try the one we own out this eases my mind on the newborn fit.

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