Five Items You Need for Baby

Five Items You Need for Baby

When I was pregnant with The Heir, I entered a new world. It was the world of baby gear and it was overwhelming. Was I going to need one of everything? How would I know what brands to buy? There were so many options I didn’t even know where to start. Sound familiar? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve waded through a ton of baby gear and have found some gems! This is by no means a comprehensive list of what should be on your baby registry (stay tuned, that’s coming), but these are just a few items that I’ve really loved having for baby!

1. A nasal aspirator. What is a nasal aspirator you say? It’s a device that allows you to suck snot and boogers out of your baby’s nose. I know what face you’re making. I made it too. “You want me to do what now?” This is just one of many many things you’ll soon find completely normal that might seem repulsive before baby arrives. You want to suck the snot out of baby’s nose. You really really do. And when you do, you’ll want to be absolutely certain that none of it ends up where it shouldn’t (read: in your mouth). This is why the Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator is number one on this list. It has one end for your mouth and one end for baby’s nostril. In between those two ends is a glorious filter! Now you can de-snotify your baby and know that their nose is clear. The receptacle portion comes apart in three pieces for easy washing, and the filters can be replaced as needed. The starter kit also comes with saline drops which are super handy when baby gets his first cold.

Five Items You Need for Baby

2. A baby bath tub. Not just any bath tub, the whale tub. No really. This may not be the most subtle piece of baby gear that you’ll own, but it will be one of the best. I’ve tried quite a few baby bath tubs over the last three years and none come close to the Fisher Price Precious Planet Whale Tub. It has a bum support for little babies that can be removed when baby is ready to sit up on their own in the tub. Baby’s back rests against a foam insert that helps prevent him from slipping. It has a drain in the bottom and comes with an orange fish for pouring water on baby as needed (here we call it the rain fish because it has holes in the bottom to let some water pass through like a little rain fall). The whale tub can be used over the bathroom or kitchen sink, in your regular bath tub, or on the floor. When used over a sink, the two feet on the tub have notches that rest on the edge of a sink to give it some more stability. It’s just all kinds of awesome.

Five Items You Need for Baby

3. Swaddle blankets. This is something we did not have for The Heir. We assumed we’d be able to swaddle baby in receiving blankets (we had A LOT of those), and then I birthed a 9lb 2oz baby. Have you ever tried to swaddle a 9lb baby in a receiving blanket? It’s neither easy nor unbreakable. Thank goodness The Heir preferred to be swaddled with his arms out or he’d never have fit in those receiving blankets. When I was pregnant with Petit Prince, I insisted on getting proper swaddling blankets. We opted for Aden & Anais Swaddles and loved them. Petit Prince was “tiny” (to me anyway) at 7lb 15oz, but these swaddling blankets are plenty large enough to swaddle a newborn well over 10lbs. They also make excellent sun shades for over the stroller, floor coverings for tummy time, and fold into great burp cloths. Having gone without once, I now consider swaddling blankets a must have item.

Five Items You Need for Baby

4. SwaddleMe Wraps. Yup, even though I love actual swaddling blankets, sometimes you just need something quick and easy. The Summer Infant SwaddleMe wraps are like a baby sleeping bag. If you have a Houdini baby that breaks out of a regular swaddle with ease, try the SwaddleMe. No need to master the art of origami to swaddle baby in these, and no matter how sleep deprived you are you can still get that baby snug as a bug.

Five Items You Need for Baby

5. A stretchy wrap. There’s a funny thing about newborn babies. Well, maybe not that funny… They have this tendency to only want to sleep on mom (and sometimes on dad or the grandparents). That whole spending nine months on the inside really lends itself to mega cuddles on the outside and all that. That’s all fine and good, and it’s oh so sweet, really, but at a certain point you do need to be able to get out of bed/off the couch and do something. This is where a stretchy wrap becomes your best friend (and maybe even where you enter the wonderful world of baby wearing for the very first time). Stretchy wraps allow you to tie that baby onto you so you can get stuff done. You know, go to the bathroom, prepare a bowl of cereal, get a cup of coffee, that sort of thing. In the early days I prefer a stretchy wrap for around the house because it is less constraining over your waist and hip area compared to a soft structured carrier (like a Tula/Ergo/Beco). For me, that means I can comfortably sit down in a stretchy wrap. It also makes bending and squatting to help out The Heir much easier. Being hands free with a baby sleeping on you is sheer bliss! The Moby Wrap is my preferred stretchy wrap, and I’m pretty sure Petit Prince loves it too.

Five Items You Need for Baby

What hidden gems did you find you absolutely needed for your baby?

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12 Comments on “Five Items You Need for Baby

  1. I had the baby tub, but actually none of the other 4 items. I have heard those aspirators are great though. I’d add a bassinet or cosleeper to the list!

  2. We had most of the items on your list when our four (now almost 5 year-old kids) were infants. I agree that these are great! We came home from the NICU with bulb syringes which are similar to the nasal aspirators and were a must-have that I never knew about before.

  3. Sooooo I actually have been very lucky that I own the aspirator thingy but have never had Cub’s nose so badly plugged that we’ve needed to use it. We have done well with just the manual kind… but I would totally suck snot if it came to that. And in a dream world, my kitchen sink would always be clear and ready for a baby bath, but… ya, no. So definitely a baby bath is a must. The only thing I didn’t have the first time around was the wrap, and I don’t know how I survived without it now that I have one for Little Miss!

  4. I loved those SwaddleMe wraps! My son loved being swaddled and didn’t want to give it up. We used to joke that our son was going to go off to college in one 🙂 LOL. Great list!

  5. What a great list! I don’t know what I would of done without swaddle blankets when my daughter was an infant! Those things are life savers!

  6. I had all of the items except the number 1. I used my breastmilk to clear out my babies noses.

  7. Before having my baby I think I read every post on the internet about what we would need. I actually got everything on this list before Tucker was born! This is an awesome article

  8. great post, i always over bought with my single babies, now with triplets, wondering what i need 3 of.

  9. I’d say my top 5, the swaddlers/swaddling blankets, more then one pair of nail clippers (I could never bite or file, they just bent and popped back up!) The ring sling, a swing/bassinet/bouncy chair (the bouncy chair got the most use as it can go room to room) and an E reader. …. okay that is for mom, but the long nursing sessions can be boring lol

    The others on your list barly got used here. I’m debating selling the tub, if we have a third, as I prefer the sink.

  10. Nice list! Times have changed since mine was small. There wasnt swaddling back then nor baby wearing. The nasal aspirator I used for ssure and of course the tub. Gosh I still remember how scared I was the first bath I thought she would slip.

  11. Good list for most babies. My grandson was kind of odd in that he could not stand to have his arms swaddled so we didn’t get to use most of his swaddles very much. He however did love to be wrapped in the Moby wrap on someone!

  12. These are all essentials we need for our babies. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

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