The Boba Hoodie: Baby Wearing Genius (Review)

The Boba Hoodie: Baby Wearing Genius (Review)

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The leaves are turning orange, the temperature is dropping, there’s that crisp feel to the air, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are flowing. That can only mean one thing. Fall is here at last! Of course, just because the weather is cooling off doesn’t mean The Heir wants to spend all his time indoors. Petit Prince, being the baby, gets to come with us wherever we go, no matter the weather. Since it is the answer to everything, baby wearing is my go to solution for getting us all out the door (or car) quickly. Whether it’s a preschool drop off, a jaunt to the park, or a day at the zoo, Petit Prince is chilling out in the carrier. Speaking of chilling… Sometimes it’s a wee bit cold out there, but that’s not going to stop us. Why not? Boba Hoodie to the rescue!

The Boba Hoodie: Baby Wearing Genius (Review)

You might think that having a miniature furnace strapped to your chest is plenty warm enough. While on warm Spring days I’d totally agree with you, on cool crisp Fall days it’s just not enough. Enter the Boba Hoodie. This amazing piece of baby wearing genius is an absolute must have for anyone hoping to continue wearing their babies through the cooler days of the year. It’s a baby wearing game changer! Let me tell you how it works.

The Boba Hoodie: Baby Wearing Genius (Review)

Start with baby already up in the carrier. The Boba Hoodie has a zipper on the side that allows you to open it up to get it on and off. You simply unzip, roll it up a bit, put it over your head and baby’s head, pull it down over your back/baby carrier, and zip it closed. It’s quick and easy. There are two pocket openings, one on each side, each with an opening that goes right through the hoodie so you can tickle toes or pat baby’s bottom in the carrier (or am I the only one that does that?!?!). There’s also a zipper in the pocket opening that leads to an actual pocket. It’s the perfect spot for your phone and keys. If it’s windy out, put the hood on and you’re nice and toasty. Now here’s the ultimate feature of the Boba Hoodie… Drum roll please… Thumb holes! I LOVE that there are thumb holes on this hoodie. The Boba Hoodie is a great layering piece for those days that are really cold. Add a vest or a winter jacket over yourself and you’re good to go!

The Boba Hoodie: Baby Wearing Genius (Review)

The Boba Hoodie also works when you’ve got baby up in a back carry. The hood just rolls up into a funky cowl neck. I haven’t had the chance to give this a go as Petit Prince isn’t big/old enough for a back carry yet. Once he is, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts!

The Boba Hoodie: Baby Wearing Genius (Review)
See? Thumb holes!

If I could make any changes to this hoodie, I’d add a removable hood for baby. It would be nice to have that option built into the Boba Hoodie, but it’s fine to add a toque if baby’s head is cold. Or, if you’ve got a fully tricked out carrier with a custom made hoodie hood that matches your carrier print, you probably don’t want to cover that beauty up!

The Boba Hoodie retails for $109.99 CAD, and is available at Lagoon Baby.

How do you keep warm when baby wearing in the Fall?

13 Comments on “The Boba Hoodie: Baby Wearing Genius (Review)

  1. Steph, I am thoroughly enjoying all the informative articles and tips you are sharing!!

    This Boba hoodie is a really neat concept and will sure be checking it out. I assume the hoodie stretches to fit the baby as the baby gets bigger?

    I like baby wearing- but my shoulders tend to get tired easily and then later when I take it off my shoulders get sore and tense. If you can share, perhaps in another blog what exercises or stretches we can do that will be great. Or maybe I am just not wearing a good carrier for my body type? I have a baby bjorn.

    Thanks Steph!

    • The front panel of the hoodie has ruching up both sides which allows for it to stretch well as baby gets bigger.

      If you’re getting really sore/stiff from wearing baby, you may want to consider trying some other baby carriers. There are lots out there that offer excellent support, but not every carrier is right for every body! You can check out Babes in Arms here in Calgary. They have lots of different carriers you can try on with your baby and the staff are really helpful. They’ll be able to guide you in selecting a carrier that would provide the kind of support you’re after. (They also have the Boba Hoodie in stock).

  2. Wow!!! how cool is that!! I wonder how comfortable this would be for a short Momma?? 5′. bébé is 11 lbs 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • The Boba hoodie is just a hoodie, so you still need a baby carrier to wear under it. I’m only 5’3″ and I don’t find it too long at all.

  3. This looks amazing. I would have loved this with my first two for sure. I would love to have this for my next one. Thanks for all of the information. I am also glad someone asked about being short. I am 5′ 1″ and I always worry about things being too long.

  4. I have been eyeing these for a while, but the price is a bit of a deterrant. It looks really comfortable, though.

  5. this hoodie looks great, putting this on my list. really needing to get one.

  6. Oooh I love this!! Super cute too!! I love something that doesn’t scream function but functions amazingly!! Need one!

  7. I really like the look of this hoodie. This would be warm for both baby and for you since i is hands free. I like the style of it, and the way it looks like it fits comfortably.

  8. This sounds so nice. I think my niece would love this for her new baby girl. Thank you so much for sharing this

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