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Let’s Get Physical: Charting 201

Visit our sponsor! I hope you’re not shy. If you are, you might want to shake that off before you dive into this one. I’ve talked about the basics of charting before (you can read it HERE if you missed… Read More

Pink or Blue? 7 Pregnancy Test Tips

This post contains affiliate links. It’s a pregnancy test, not rocket science! True. Very true, and yet sometimes interpreting the result of a pregnancy test can feel like a science experiment (and in some ways it totally is)…. Read More

Increasing the Odds of Conception: SMEP

I’ve talked before about how timing is everything when it comes to trying to conceive (TTC), and it’s a big one for sure. Knowing when (or if) you’re ovulating is key, and with that figured out you are better able… Read More

Timing is Everything: Charting 101

Just relax and it will happen. Don’t you just hate it when people say that? If you’ve ever spent any length of time trying to conceive (and you’ve actually told anyone that you are “trying”), you’ve probably heard this… Read More