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10 Things You Actually Need For Preschool

This post contains affiliate links. And just like that, summer is coming to an end and it’s back to school time! School doesn’t start back up until September here (after Labour Day), so there’s still almost a full… Read More

Little Passports Subscription Box Review

This post contains affiliate links.  Have you had the chance to do any traveling with your kids yet? The Heir has done a little traveling with his biggest trip being a visit to Italy when he was 13… Read More

12 Books My Preschooler is Loving Right Now

This post contains affiliate links. Do your kids enjoy books? The Heir loves books, and has a steadily growing collection that now overflows from the shelves in his bedroom (in part thanks to one of his grandmas who’s a… Read More

What To Do With All Those Art Projects

The Heir started preschool last fall, and with that came a flurry of preschool crafts. Before that, he was home with me full time, so although he coloured a fair amount with me, we didn’t really do a… Read More