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No More Calgon? What To Do Now!

Visit our sponsor! This post contains affiliate links. Canadians with very hard water are collectively panicking as news that Calgon is no longer being sold in Canada travels through the cloth diapering community. Dramatic much? Sure, but if… Read More

Getting Rid of Yeast in Cloth Diapers

Your baby’s got a persistent diaper rash. It doesn’t seem to improve with your regular diaper cream, and even putting your baby in disposable diapers doesn’t make it go away. Sound familiar? It might be a yeast rash…. Read More

Washing Cloth Diapers in HARD Water

This post contains affiliate links. Does anyone else remember that ad about hard water that ran on TV during The Price is Right some time in the mid 90s? You know the one. A couple well into retirement… Read More

Cloth Diapers Stink? Could Be Ammonia!

If you’ve never experienced cloth diaper stink yourself, the odds are good you know someone who has. There are two main types of stink that can linger in cloth diapers. The first is barnyard stink. Barnyard stink is… Read More

How To Choose A Cloth Diaper Detergent

This post contains affiliate links.  There are a lot of detergent options out there. A LOT. It can be downright overwhelming choosing one for your clothing let alone choosing one for your cloth diapers. But guess what? It… Read More